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Honda Prototypes Wallpapers


Enjoy this collection of Honda's finest, some production models, others are concept vehicles, that are emerging on the consumer market.Features:¤ Set as wallpaper¤ Updated regularly...


Amazing Applications of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality is perhaps the biggest breakthrough of this century. The technology is blurring the lines between real and virtual in a big way. So, what exactly is Virtual Reality and how is it going to affect casino games? Virtual Reality is a term used to describe 3 or more-dimensional, computer-generated image or environment with which a person...

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Samsung’s Foldable Phone

For years rumors have been circulating about a foldable phone from Samsung. Ever since the company displayed its flexible screen prototypes. 6 years after the CES event held in Los Vegas Samsung’s foldable phone will finally hit the market. Samsung have been pioneers in mobile technology for the greater part of this century. Most of their ...

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Nokia Still Working on the Mountain View Android Prototype

mountain view After the last week article from the New York Times, in which Nokia was revealed to be working on an Android device(the Mountain View project), as an alternative to their Microsoft running line of Lumia smartphones, now we just found out that Nokia didn't completely dropped the Android project, even if Microsoft's acquisition of their mobile busi...

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8 distinct Galaxy Note 3 model numbers spotted online

Samsung Logo A wild rumor made the rounds through the blogosphere yesterday, sparked by a report in the Korean publication ETNews. According to the report, Samsung is preparing no fewer than four distinct variants of the Galaxy Note 3, including a “limited edition” premium variant with an unbreakable display, an AMOLED version, an LCD version, and an LCD v...

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LG Will Build Flexible Displays in 2013

flexible displays Yeah, you got that right, LG is currently developing flexible displays this year and it is expected that the first smart phones with flexible displays will be released before the end of 2013. This announcement was made today by a company spokesman interviewed by Korea Times. According to Frank Lee,  the person who gave the interview, LG is curr...

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Qualcomm Brags With its New Mirasol 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch Display for Smartphones

mirasol We all know about Qualcomm, one of the world's top dogs when it comes to mobile processors, now they are entering  in a completely different  field of battle showing off their latest creation, Mirasol, a 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch display . Massive cool, man, forward Qualcomm! What's up with that, you may ask, what seems to be wrong? Actuall...

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app Berita Malaysia Terkini logo

Berita Malaysia Terkini


Inginkah anda membaca Berita Malaysia terbaru kegemaran anda di dalam satu tempat. Anda harus DOWNLOAD APLIKASI INI !! Kami menyenaraikan hampir 28 akhbar berita malaysia dalam 5 bahasa utama iaitu Ba...

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Berita Indonesia Terkini


Ingin dapatkan berita Indonesia secara terus dari satu aplikasi ? Anda harus download aplikasi ini ! Hampir 18 sumber berita seperti:1) Kompas2) Detik 3) Inilah4) Republika5) Tempo 6) Vivanews7) Bolan...


HTC M7 partially seen in a Video

The HTC M7 is accumulating some serious attention these days; people are excited to see what the next flagship will do after the amazing HTC Droid DNA/ Butterfly. And the more the product is hyped, the more the leaks, same is with the HTC M7. We have seen renders, photos and specs leak, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. Now we have to ta...

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app Super Constellation(星座) logo

Super Constellation(星座)


In astrology, the zodiac constellations of the universe 12 position synonymous with representatives of 12 basic personality prototypes, when a person is born, the stars fall into the position of the e...

app ABC – Letters and Numbers logo

ABC – Letters and Num...


With ABC - Letters and Numbers, you get a letter tracing and learning game optimized specifically for children in the preschool age. It's absolutely free of commercials!Kids can practice to draw and r...

app ABC Letters and Numbers Light logo

ABC Letters and Numbers Lig...


With ABC - Letters and Numbers, you get a letter tracing and learning game optimized specifically for children in the preschool age. It's absolutely free of commercials!Kids can practice to draw and r...

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Prototyping, published by Rosenfeld Media, LLC Buy this DRM-free ebook today! Powered by Aldiko.With this book, Todd Zaki Warfel shows how prototypes are more than just a design tool by dem...

app Mockups for Android logo

Mockups for Android


Mockups for Android is a vector-based sketch wireframing tool for web site prototyping and creating UI design concepts. Developers, web site designers and project planners - with Mockups for Android e...

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Mockups Lite for Android


Mockups Lite is a sketch wire-framing tool for GUI or website prototyping.Developers, web site designers and project planners - this product for you! Experiment with concepts and draw visual prototype...


Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting Personal – New York Times

Earthtimes (press release)Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting PersonalNew York TimesApple sees Android phones like the Motorola Droid, right, as iPhone clones. Google says some prototypes predate the iPhone, left. ...Android mobile performs well in testEarthtimes (press release)Apple sues HTC over phones with Google softwareTMCnetNew York Times...

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