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app Quick Challenge Test logo

Quick Challenge Test


Quick Challenge Test is a fun fast action training game.Click the objects in the playing field in the order shown at the top of the screen.Click all objects in the correct order before time runs out t...

app Beijing Air Quality logo

Beijing Air Quality


This application list about latest 40 hours Beijing Air Quality Index.It includes the PM2.5, AQI data and the levels of health. and the data is refreshed every 10 minutes....

app COMPUTERBILD Netztest logo



Does your mobile data connection feel slow and sluggish? Do you have problems with dropped calls? The COMPUTERBILD Netztest shows the REAL performance of your mobile network. Instead of sending cars w...

app 50 greatest ringtones logo

50 greatest ringtones


The 50 best original, amusing, funny and family friendly ringtones optimized to sound great on your Android phone offering loads of fun assigning these tones to your friends and family when they call ...

app FateStayNightJigsaw logo



She is a hero.She is the king.She is a beautiful woman.A legend war between Masters and ServantsBetween Alexander, Gilgamesh, King ArthurIt’s Fate Stay Night. 7 heroes hunt for Grail, to satisfy the...

app Core quality logo

Core quality


Ever since Daniel Ofman in his first book Core Qualities, a Gateway to Human Resources (1992) introduced the Core Quadrant as an easy, simple and very effective way to discover your core qualities, pi...

app Test de Velocidad logo

Test de Velocidad


Test de Velocidad llega a tu dispositivo Android! Con esta utilidad gratuita, puedes medir la velocidad y latencia de red de la conexión a Internet de teléfono, ya sea mediante la conexi...

app Falling Moron Test logo

Falling Moron Test


Falling Moron Test brings you a fun guess question game.Download it today and find out yourself why 100,000 other players are addicted to this game.The moron test brings all the epic fun questions and...

app GLNetTest logo



The GL Communications Automated NetTest provides both automated and manual data/voice testing using the mobile device network connection (3G, 4G, WiFi supported). Available tests include TCP, UDP (cap...

app Geography Test logo

Geography Test


Test yourself with this fun Rivers quiz, suitable for SAT or A-Level students! Since when was ignorance cool?! Fun, free interactive trivia quizzes from SilverQuality give you knowledge on-the-go.A ri...

app GLVideoTest logo



Tests video quality....

app Greatest Christmas Ringtones logo

Greatest Christmas Ringtone...


Amusing, funny and family friendly Christmas themed ringtones optimized to sound great on your Android phone and they will make sure you get into the xmas holiday mood when your phone is ringing - and...

app PSAT Ace from TestSoup logo

PSAT Ace from TestSoup


PSAT Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the PSAT exam. Study with over 540 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. PSAT Ace will give you a solid math, verbal, cri...

app Hotest Sexy girls album logo

Hotest Sexy girls album


Wallpapers of the most sexy model in Asia! We select the most beautiful high-quality(HD) photos from her newest Album, just for you!Beautiful, Sexy, the dream of all the men!The app is easy to use, an...

app Speaker Test logo

Speaker Test


Whether you want to buy new speakers or just want to test yours, this is an indispensable program for testing the speakers. It's is a simple sound generator that generates simple sine wave (20Hz-20kHz...

app ATSI Tester logo

ATSI Tester


This is an app to help ATSI users contact ATSI directly through their Android based phones and tablets. You can check out information on all of our latest products and services.ATSI manufactures prof...

app QIP Speed Test logo

QIP Speed Test


QIP Speed Test is the program to measure your current Internet connection speed. Hundreds thousand users already checked the quality of their mobile & home Internet using it. All data are being ga...

app Advanced Software Testing logo

Advanced Software Testing


This book is written for the technical test analyst who wants to achieve advanced skills in test analysis, design, and execution. With a hands-on, exercise-rich approach, this book teaches you how to ...

app PET – Pile Echo Tester logo

PET – Pile Echo Teste...


This app is now in full-support mode.Fully supportedThe PET (Pile Echo Tester) uses the Pulse-Echo method (PEM) for quick quality control of a large number of piles.The pile top is struck with a light...

app 3D Moron Test V3.0 HQ logo

3D Moron Test V3.0 HQ


Are you a complete idiot? Download the 3D Moron Test V3.0 HQ now and find out!#1 Fun App - download now for free! Graduate from Moron to Genius and watch your friends fail!Features:-Full original vers...

app The Greatest General Knowledge logo

The Greatest General Knowle...


What does the average human head weigh? From where in the United Kingdom did the Titanic set off on her maiden voyage? Can you name the manager who took charge of the England football team in 1977? In...

app The Greatest Football Quiz Boo logo

The Greatest Football Quiz ...


Do you know everything there is to know about football? Are you familiar with all the players and managers who have played an important part in the beautiful game during the past 20 years? Can you rec...

app SAT Ace from TestSoup logo

SAT Ace from TestSoup


SAT Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the SAT exam. Study with over 550 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. SAT Ace will give you a solid math, verbal, critic...

app AP US History Ace TestSoup logo

AP US History Ace TestSoup


AP US HISTORY Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the AP US HISTORY exam. Study with over 500 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. AP US HISTORY Ace will give yo...

app ACT Ace from TestSoup logo

ACT Ace from TestSoup


ACT Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the ACT exam. Study with over 325 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. ACT Ace will give you a solid math, English, readi...

app ASSET Ace from TestSoup logo

ASSET Ace from TestSoup


ASSET Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the ASSET exam. Study with over 325 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. ASSET Ace will give you a solid math/verbal co...

app Cognitive Styles CBT Test logo

Cognitive Styles CBT Test


LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF & IMPROVE YOUR LIFEThis app is based upon research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is sponsored by a clinical psychologist. It is meant for personal assessment to ai...

app Alcohol Test logo

Alcohol Test


English versionThe most complete and entertaining Alcohol test on Android.Main features:- Standard Test based on official alcoholic tables, user-friendly manageable without having to resort to the key...

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