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app Keyboard Android QWERTZ DE logo

Keyboard Android QWERTZ DE


If your bluetooth or usb keyboard don't work correctly, if it's recognized as a QWERTY keyboard this sowftware corrects that. Without virtual keyboard....

app Clavier Android QWERTZ CHU logo

Clavier Android QWERTZ CHU


Fonctionne pour tous les claviers externes QWERTZ, USB ou bluetooth.Faites simplement fonctionner votre clavier externe en QWERTZ. Cette application se charge de faire en sorte que votre clavier QWERT...

app SlideIT Czech QWERTZ Pack logo

SlideIT Czech QWERTZ Pack


?eská klávesniceCzech QWERTZ Language Pack Plugin for the SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 and up.After installing, go to SlideIT settings and set it as one of your SlideIT languages.This is only a...

app SlideIT French QWERTZ Pack logo

SlideIT French QWERTZ Pack


clavier françaisSwiss French QWERTZ (Swiss) Language Pack addon for the SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 and up.After installing, go to SlideIT settings and set it as one of your SlideIT languages.This is...

app SlideIT German QWERTZ Pack logo

SlideIT German QWERTZ Pack


Deutsch TastaturGerman QWERTZ Language Pack addon for the SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 and up.After installing, go to SlideIT settings and set it as one of your SlideIT languages.This is only an addon. In or...

app Multiling O keyboard (beta) logo

Multiling O keyboard (beta)


Super lightweight (~MB) yet flexible and powerful. Plus an English plugin still less than 1MB. (Swype ~15MB)- All in one, multilingual ( >130 languages)- Accurate gesture input (swipe) - What a PC...

app Lite keyboard on demand logo

Lite keyboard on demand


Here fastest touch keyboard with priority set to performance and simplicity. Keyboard require little memory space, have no dictionary, therefore multilingual and reliable. Added all LATIN accent to EN...

app EasySpell logo



I wrote this app for my father wo has had a stroke.He cannot speak anymore, so after using a sheet of paper with letters on it quite a while. Where he could spell words by typing on the letter.We fina...

app Catalan – Adaptxt Add-On logo

Catalan – Adaptxt Add...


<div id="doc-original-text" >Adaptxt - Intelligent Keyboard! Faster, Smarter & Fluid texting in 40 Languages<p>___________________________________________________________<...

app TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard logo

TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard


Type 25% faster than your current keyboard!Going back to fix typos and "damn you auto-correct" interrupts your thought process and groove. With TypeSmart, your ideas just flow onto the scree...

app External Keyboard Helper Pro logo

External Keyboard Helper Pr...


PLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS!INSTEAD CONTACT ME ON: keylayouts@apedroid.comA non visible soft keyboard (Input Method) intended to be used with hardware Bluetooth and USB keyboard...

app Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard logo

Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard


instruction for installation is also a donation version. Please look in the more apps from the same developer section.Detailed Specifications:Features in Free Version:- Multit...

app ICS keyboard full logo

ICS keyboard full


Detailed Specifications:Features in Free Version:- Multitouch keyboard- User dictionary, built-in dictionary- Configurable auto correction- Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style- Speech t...

app TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard FREE logo

TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard FREE


Type 25% faster than your current keyboard!*** This app is a 30-day free trial of TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard ***TypeSmart takes the pain out of typing on a mobile device. Going back to fix typos and "...

app Perfect Keyboard Free logo

Perfect Keyboard Free


Take command of your Android device's touchpad keypad with a Perfect and smart Keyboard for android. You can customize the look of the keyboard with eight different themes and add additional function...

app Mobile Accessibility DEU logo

Mobile Accessibility DEU


Diese Anwendung wurde speziell für Blinde und Sehbehinderte entwickelt. Mobile Accessibility ist eine Anwendung, die es Blinden und Sehbehinderten ermöglicht, ein Android Handy auf intuitive und ein...

app Mobile Accessibility Demo DEU logo

Mobile Accessibility Demo D...


Diese Anwendung wurde speziell für Blinde und Sehbehinderte entwickelt. Diese Demoversion kann 30 Tage lang kostenlos getestet werden. Mobile Accessibility ist eine Anwendung, die es Blinden und Sehb...

app InterWrite Keyboard logo

InterWrite Keyboard


Simplicity is The Way!Simple keyboard with large buttons makes your everyday typing much easier.+ 26 Language layouts with all National characters:English, Czech (QWERTZ and QWERTY), Danish, Dutch, Fi...

app Plugin French logo

Plugin French


A plugin for MultiLing keyboard app.Beside Azerty, you can choose qwerty, T9, dvorak, colemak, qwertz and etc.français, langue françaiseinstall this version if you want some basic Englis...

app MultiLing Keyboard logo

MultiLing Keyboard


Try O Keyboard (beta) with gesture/swipe input! All-in-one light-weight keyboard★★ No INTERNET permission = No data/password can be sent out★ Emoji keyboard: Now supports ios 6 emoji (Android 4....

app Flit Keyboard logo

Flit Keyboard


Light weight soft keyboard to improve typing accuracy without rely on auto correction.===Description===Using 4 to 8 big buttons with tap & slide typing approach, even big fingers can type on small...

app Magyar AnySoft Keyboard logo

Magyar AnySoft Keyboard


Magyar billentyűzet kiosztás és szótár AnySoftKeyboard-hoz. FIGYELEM! Ez egy kiegészítő, ami csak az eredeti programmal együtt működik. Önállóan nem!Telepítési útmutató lentebb. OLVA...

app Czech for AnySoftKeyboard logo

Czech for AnySoftKeyboard


Czech(qwerty,qwertz) for AnySoftKeyboardThis is an expansion layouts pack for AnySoftKeyboard.Install AnySoftKeyboard first, and then select the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard's Settings->Keyb...

app KeyPro – Android Trial logo

KeyPro – Android Tria...


Bluetooth® keyboard manager. Process text input wirelessly using your compatible QWERTY & QWERTZ SPP keyboards.Supported keyboards: ThinkOutside Shasta, Freedom Pro, Freedom Universal (I & II...


Moto Milestone gets long-awaited Android 2.1 upgrade –

Gizmosync (blog)Moto Milestone gets long-awaited Android 2.1 upgradeAfterdawn.comMotorola Milestone owners in the UK have finally gotten their long-awaited Android 2.1 update this weekend, weeks after American DROID owners got the update ...Motorola's Android 2.1 upgrade for Milestone releasedTopNewsMotorola Milestone: The QWERTZ Android Smartp...

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