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app Sex Positions Guide – Demo logo

Sex Positions Guide –...


The Internet's most popular Sex Position Guide - loved by millions - is now available on mobile phones and tablets!Features:- 39 sex positions from SexInfo101- Make & manage your own favorite play...

app Car Sex Positions logo

Car Sex Positions


CarmaSutra Sex Positions is car version of KamaSutra.Car Kamasutra contains pictures and description of sex positions which you can practice in your car.You can enjoy different sex positions everyday ...

app Sex Positions Animated logo

Sex Positions Animated


Enjoying your sex life in a better way with this app. It has over 100 different sex positions that you can enjoy with your partner.Features :1.) 100+ positions with animation2.) Full description , ins...

app GetSome Positions logo

GetSome Positions


The very best sex positions app for Android. GetSome Positions features over 70 sex positions complete with fun pictures that are sure to keep things fresh. The app allows you to check off the positio...

app Sex Positions (lite) Kamasutra logo

Sex Positions (lite) Kamasu...


<div id="doc-original-text">SexMotel - largest collection of love positions<p>Over 2 million downloads on iPhone and Android!, Largest collection (180) of categorized sex positi...

app Sex Positions logo

Sex Positions


Find out which are the most popular sex positions in the world and what do others say about them. * Most popular positions are now animated!!! * Password protection * Illustrations and description * G...

app Sex Positions Hidden logo

Sex Positions Hidden


This is a copy of "Sex Positions Social", except that it has a non related icon and name (hide it from unwanted eyes)<br /><br />*79 illustrated sex positions with descriptions&l...

app Phineas and Ferb logo

Phineas and Ferb


This is an Update to my previous Phineas and ferb App, I couldn't do a normal update, due to some "Difficulties". This was the description on the app. It's like Whac-a-Mole, where a "mo...

app Swapper logo



SWAPPER is a logic game for 1 player. Player can swap the balls in selected column/row and have to solve a task which depends on selected Play mode/Start from option. All swaps are counted and display...

app Smart Soccer 3D logo

Smart Soccer 3D


Smart Soccer is a 3D free kick game with top quality graphics and realistic physics. Flip the ball by finger towards goal post to score goal!Shot from many random positions. Target the middle of round...

app Pure Sets logo

Pure Sets


Pure Sets is a program for determining sets of single digit numbers. Level one is for numbers between 1 and 4 in fixed positions. Level two is for numbers between 1 and 4 in random positions. Level th...

app BA Power Hour logo

BA Power Hour


Use your own music to create your own power hour game! By default, BA Power Hour automatically plays minute long clips of 60 songs from your entire music collection. You also have the option to use on...

app Ball Game Two logo

Ball Game Two


Our second game that uses the accelerometer built into almost all Android devices. This app runs on top of the Adobe AIR Android runtime, and if this runtime is not already installed you will be asked...

app Roulette Slots logo

Roulette Slots


Do you wanna play the special slot machine? Try this one (Roulette Slots) right now. It is very easy and fun, it is a popular and classic slot game in Asia. There are 8 item kinds in the game. You can...

app Target Shooting Practice logo

Target Shooting Practice


Simulate and calculate wind drift and trajectory of a bullet's path.Features:Shooting Gallery ModeManually Enter ConditionsRandom Condition Mode3 or 5 - Shot GroupStandard(US) or Metric UnitsNew: Shoo...

app Mega Simon – 80’s Memory Game logo

Mega Simon – 80’...


This is Mega Simon - a faithful recreation of the classic 80's memory game, with a couple of new twists. ** NEW UPGRADE PRICE ** Upgrading to Pro has been slashed - remove the adverts and unlock addit...

app Mega Simon Pro Upgrade logo

Mega Simon Pro Upgrade


This product enables the download of the extra content - 3 additional skins, 6 High Quality backgrounds, 2 extra Tone Sets - and no more adverts.Mega Simon - a faithful recreation of the classic 80's ...

app Millenniumbcp logo



What stands between you and Millennium bcp? Only an Android mobile phone.Check your credit card and account balance and transactions, pay bills, make transfers or top up your mobile phone: here are so...

app Block Shuffle logo

Block Shuffle


Block Shuffle is a challenging touch screen game.Move the free blocks up and down and push them into the stack left and right to shuffle the stack of blocks. When you push the blocks in one side of th...

app Finger Bowling logo

Finger Bowling


Play bowling with your finger. Throw the ball with flick. When a frame starts, the ball is automatically placed in a random position. To throw, merely flick the ball in the direction of the pins. The ...

app Block Shuffle Lite logo

Block Shuffle Lite


Block Shuffle is a challenging touch screen game.Move the free blocks up and down and push them into the stack left and right to shuffle the stack of blocks. When you push the blocks in one side of th...

app PuzzleQube 3D picture puzzle logo

PuzzleQube 3D picture puzzl...


A great way to spend some time, PuzzleQube is a picture puzzle in three dimensions. The cube has 6 pictures that have been scrambled up and your task is to unscramble the pictures as quickly as possib...

app qx|TRACKER logo



Real Time Position Tracking - track your android phone, worldwide!Using the free quoox tracker service with its Google Maps web interface, you can track any android phone in real time with any interne...

app Feeding the Pet logo

Feeding the Pet


Feeding the Pet, Easy and funny, The food is falling from the top, You have to pick the right pet to feed.Simple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging! Training your reaction, especially fun for...


Are smartphone component shortages here to stay?

broadcomm chips modems smartphone components [aa]  (2)We already know that the reason behind the Snapdragon 600 and Exynos Octa split in the Galaxy S4 came down to production issues, and how can anyone forget the HTC One’s component shortages. It’s obvious that there’s a growing trend with production difficulties in the smartphone market, and it seems that other component manufacturers are a...

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app Sunny Seeds 2 Free logo

Sunny Seeds 2 Free


"Sunny Seeds 2" is a very simple, but truly thrilling game. Does it look simple? Just try! You will forget everything else for a few hours! Now more than one million people enjoy the first v...

app Help me out! logo

Help me out!


Help me Out เป็นเกมฝึกสมอง โดยจะมีเลขให้ทายอยู่ 3 ตัว 4 ตัว และ5 ตัว ซึ่งตัวเลขจะไ...

app Classic Chess logo

Classic Chess


With thousands of players worldwide, the game features online multiplayer games against friends or random opponents.★★★ Features★★★ ✓ Superb computer AI with six levels of difficulty✓ ...

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