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app Rapid Inventory, Unlimited logo

Rapid Inventory, Unlimited


Rapid Inventory - Unlimited Edition with barcode support for an arbitrary number of items. Now with item categories / labels!Rapid Inventory simplifies stocktaking and inventory management. Create, ma...

app Rapid Inventory, Free logo

Rapid Inventory, Free


Manage inventories and item stock lists with up to 100 items for free! The app is intuitive, optimized for easy and fast handling, provides import and export capabilities (Google Drive, CSV, XML), and...

app Rapid Tab Guitar Tab Editor logo

Rapid Tab Guitar Tab Editor


Create and play back guitar tabs. Up to 15 simultaneous tracks, including multiple drum tracks.Supported features:*Two input modes*128 instruments*Independent string tuning*Volume swells*Independent ...

app Rapid Tab Free Tab Editor logo

Rapid Tab Free Tab Editor


Create and play back guitar tabs. Up to 15 simultaneous tracks, including multiple drum tracks.This is the free version, which doesn't support saving tabs. It does allow export to midi.Two note input...

app Dead Pixel Detect and Fix logo

Dead Pixel Detect and Fix


For the people who could't see the traditional Android Menu, Please "Long Press" the bottom of the front page logo to bring up the context menu selection.Detect any stuck or dead pixel on yo...

app Random Colors logo

Random Colors


Random Colors is a cool and addictive game that will make you think!. Where you have to touch the color that appears to gain points and break your record, have fun and challenge your friends. Show you...

app SironECD logo



SironECD for Android allows fast and immediate access to your management cockpits and other analytical applications on the SironECD server. Benefit from the full cockpit functionality 'on the go' and ...

app Galactic Wormhole Free Version logo

Galactic Wormhole Free Vers...


Travel through space in a spectacular wormhole through Nebula!Features:- Smooth 3D GPU acceleration- Tablet support- Moving Star fields- Parallax effects with homescreen movement (depending on launche...


HWY Pro: New App Makes Trucking More Efficient

HWY Pro: New App Makes Trucking More Efficient The life of a trucker is not just about driving. Even in 2017, the trucking industry is heavily dependent on an archaic system based on paperwork and making long phone calls. For drivers, navigating this outdated system means spending long hours arranging loads and dispatches, wastingthe precious little time left for rest. A new app called HWY Pro ...

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How Tech Environments Can be Transformed Through Project Management

Project management is the careful planning prior to a project beginning and the consistent monitoring which is needed to keep a project on track. There are five key principles which apply to any project regardless of the sector it is being used in. Initiation, where a means of addressing a problem is established; planning; execution, where the proj...

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Live Betting simply adds to the fun factor!

Betting on sporting events is a popular pastime that adds to the excitement when watching sporting events live. For most, sports betting is a hobby but there are bettors that regularly turn a tidy profit. The rapid development of the internet has made betting quick and easy. Whatever sport you wish to bet on, no matter how obscure it may be will b...

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The Benefits of Mobile Trading

mobile tradingMobile trading is the latest facility available for investment and trading. It includes trading in stocks, forex and commodities. In the last couple of years, it has grown by leaps and bounds, bringing it into prominence. Telecommunication technology has improved rapidly because of which smartphones have become faster and more efficient. Apps are n...

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Phone upgrades up to twice a year? That’s exactly what you get with T-Mobile’s new JUMP program

T-Mobile Store Logo-w600Twenty-four whole months just to get your hands on a new handset? That’s not exactly an ideal situation considering the speed at which mobile phones evolve, but it seems to be the industry standard in the United States. The good news is that one of the major carriers is looking to do away with this standard and instead give us more options.As you...

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Google reportedly working to build wireless network, aimed at emerging markets in Africa and Southeast Asia

Google logo aaThe Internet is a powerful tool. Used in the right hands it can oust corrupt governments, allow better collaboration and communication, and inspire us in ways that were impossible just a few decades ago. Those of us that have easy access to the web often take this gift for granted. We forget that out of roughly 7 billion people, only around 2 ½ bi...

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HTC ONE sales lead to 2 months of growth and a possible future

htclogo During the 3rd quarter of 2011 HTC was the top selling mobile phone manufacture in the U.S. and had taken 24% of the market even out selling Apple at the time. When the iPhone4 was released HTC basically was shouldered aside and began a steady decline. The reviews are now out and it has been stated by many that the HTC ONE is currently the best sm...

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app Spring nature HD wallpapers logo

Spring nature HD wallpapers


Spring nature HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality, hand-confiscation of images spring nature.More than 60 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication makes it...

app ADP 6-22 Army Leadership logo

ADP 6-22 Army Leadership


Leadership is paramount to our profession. It is integral to our institutional success today and tomorrow. As we transition to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and uncertain environment...

app OnTah? Rastreador de Encomenda logo

OnTah? Rastreador de Encome...


O OnTah? é um aplicativo que permite rastrear suas encomendas sem dores de cabeça, evitando o desgaste desnecessário da tecla F5 de seu teclado. Além disso, o OnTah? lhe avisa através de notifica...

app Filtro de Internet – Android logo

Filtro de Internet – ...


TUtilizar como un navegador independiente, o utilizar como un programa de control de acceso a internet.Contiene características de filtrado de Internet gestionados desde la nube.1. Instalar software ...


Google Play closes the gap with Apple App store

googleplayvsapple During November last year the Google Play store was literally 4 times behind in the struggle for mobile app distribution dominance. Since then Google Play has closed the gap in download and revenue generation to almost nothing. The Apple app store continues to grow. The game changer, however,  is that Google Play grew incredibly fast and has now...

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app Libro: Así Habló Zaratustra logo

Libro: Así Habló Zaratust...


TÍTULO: Así habló Zaratustra AUTOR: Friedrich NietzscheIDIOMA: EspañolTIPO: LibroCuando Zaratustra tenía treinta años abandonó su patria y el lago de su patria y marchó a las montañas. Allí ...

app Dogana & IVA CH logo

Dogana & IVA CH


Regolamenti doganali sono per la maggior parte dello shopping d’opportunità oltre il confine una macchia scura. Cosa si puo prendere oltre il confine duty free? Come faccio ad avere di nuovo il rim...

app Vintage Barometer (Network) logo

Vintage Barometer (Network)


The barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology for more than three centuries to measure atmospheric pressure. By tracking changes in pressure it is possible to predict the weather with s...

app 우리투자증권 티엑스(tx) Smart Tab logo

우리투자증권 티엑...


티엑스 스마트가 개편되었습니다!"모바일 일사천리" 서비스를 이용해 계좌개설 후 곧바로 태블릿PC상에서 ID와 공인인증서를 발급하여 즉시 서...

app Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman logo

Stickb Fish Shooter Stickma...


Stickb Stickman needs to shoot as many fish as possible to survive his island adventure. Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter is a 3rd-person shooter game for all ages with fun graphics, tropical music, and ...

app Politique Live logo

Politique Live


"Pour ceux qui aiment l’actualité brûlante, l’application Politique Live permet de suivre l’actualité en temps réel... "--- Le Parisien ★★★★"Parfaite pour ceux qui ne ...

app Efficient Backup (root) logo

Efficient Backup (root)


***ROOT USER VERSION***An EFFICIENT soft for root users to backup and restore apps with data/settings in Android device. Different to any other App Backup soft, Efficient Backup uses powerful Linux to...

app Vianavigo logo



Vianavigo: Your public transport system for Ile-de France--The Vianavigo application is designed for all transport users in the Île-de-France region, enabling users to easily organise any journe...

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