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app MindSights Question-It 2.0 logo

MindSights Question-It 2.0


Power up your individual and team thinking with Question-It. Use this app to enhance thinking productivity in these ways:1. Meeting participants use Question-It in real-time to facilitate better think...

app Earth The Biog The Rare Planet logo

Earth The Biog The Rare Pla...


A truly stunning 5 part documentary - Earth The Biography - The Rare Planet.This documentary provides a stunning insight into the World we all live in. How does it work? Where did it come from. The...

app Best Of Timmy Time Episodes logo

Best Of Timmy Time Episodes


Free App To Watch Your Favorite Timmy Time And Friends Shows, Songs & Videos in HDTimmy Time was a British animated pre-school children's comedy series created by WGBH-TV and Aardman Animations. I...

app HD Panorama+ logo

HD Panorama+


High definition and fast panoramic camera:- Highest resolution- Fast and smooth panorama stitching- Easy to use- Augmented reality helps to get perfect panorama- Up to 360 degree panorama (only limite...

app Joke Detonator logo

Joke Detonator


Are you sick of waiting long queues to buy your tickets to the movies or taking your turn at the groceries? Is the person in the seat next to you getting you mad and you don't know anymore what to do ...

app HD Panorama logo

HD Panorama


High definition and fast panoramic camera:- Free (no ads)- Highest resolution- Fast and smooth panorama stitching- Easy to use- Augmented reality helps to get perfect panorama- Up to 360 degree panora...

app PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2] logo

PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]


A sequel to the popular game PopCork that has achieved a million downloads?Collect the 160 types of pirates' treasure by shooting it! No complicated registration of difficult control required! You can...

app US Army Sniper Manual logo

US Army Sniper Manual


FM 23-10.Sniper TrainingCHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION1-1. Mission1-2. Organization1-3. Personnel Selection Criteria1-4. Sniper and Observer Responsibilities1-5. Team Firing TechniquesCHAPTER 2 - EQUIPMENTS...

app hCG Diet Store logo

hCG Diet Store


Our delicious hCG Diet entrees, soups, stews, breakfasts, bars, shakes, puddings and desserts can be a welcome addition to the original hCG diet food list. These products not only make the hCG Diet mo...

app Elvis Presley Soundboard logo

Elvis Presley Soundboard


Here is a collection of Elvis sound bytes. Also some song clips from his most bizarre ramblings and stories. Rare insight into the other side of Elvis Presley. Some mature language....

app Terminator Fx logo

Terminator Fx


Welcome to the world of the terminator. Look at the world through the eyes of the terminator directly on your android camera.Armored with a real GPS - speedometer, compass, altimeter, gauge, flashligh...

app Army Sniper Training Manual logo

Army Sniper Training Manual


Put the entire Army Sniper Training Manual on your phone, without ads. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 and up. Based on the Army Sniper Training Manual FM 23-10Table of Contents PREFACECHAPTER...

app Airport City logo

Airport City


Build your very own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky!Airport City is taking off in two exciting modes: the first offers you the chance to build a modern airport, and the seco...

app US Army Sniper Training Manual logo

US Army Sniper Training Man...


US Army Sniper Training Manual for your Android phone.Table of ContentsPREFACECHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION-Mission-Organization-Personnel Selection Criteria-Sniper and Observer Responsibilities-Team Firin...


Fingerzilla – Android Game Review

Fingerzilla – Android Game Review Overview Fingerzilla is a new “Tap and Destroy” game from developers Inert Soap that puts you to work crushing everything in sight. Instead of using guns, a giant dragon or a dinosaur your weapon of choice will be your finger. Using a finger to take down cities sounds great right? Well it would be if Fingerzilla didn’t have a few issues....

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app Ikies Hotel logo

Ikies Hotel


Ikies Traditional Houses in Santorini is a special type of boutique hotel. Its small size, exceptional location, traditional design, charming range of luxury accommodation (honeymoon suites, maisonett...

app Missing Person: The Global Hub logo

Missing Person: The Global ...


<div id="doc-original-text">Global missing person lists at your fingertips. Missing people resources.<p>Global resources for missing people. USA, UK, Europe, Australia, South Ame...

app Blue Talon Bistro logo

Blue Talon Bistro


Blue Talon Bistro offers a rare restaurant combination of casual comfort and quality that makes both newcomers and regulars feel completely at ease.With a focus on "serious comfort food," th...

app The Official Young Turks App logo

The Official Young Turks Ap...


This is the official Young Turks Android app.The Young Turks (Winner – Webby Award 2011 People’s Choice for Best News & Politics Series) is the biggest online news show in the world with nearl...

app Army Rifle Marksmanship logo

Army Rifle Marksmanship


Put the entire ARMY RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4 and M4 CARBINE manual on your phone. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 and up. Based on the Army Sniper Training Manual FM 3-22.9Tabl...

app Irdroid logo



Before you install/rate this APP, please make sure that you have an Irdroid module!!!Turns your phone into infrared remote control for your TV,STB or DVD, allowing you to control various Infrared devi...

app Operation Barbarossa LITE logo

Operation Barbarossa LITE


Conflicts: Operation Barbarossa is a highly rated turn based strategy game which takes place on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.This is a free LITE version, which means that it has all t...

app Moe-TV (Misaki Hinata) CV:Miyu logo

Moe-TV (Misaki Hinata) CV...


-ExplanationHere comes the new App, “Moe-TV”!Starting service of daily weather forecast and fortune-telling, announced by gorgeous and unique voice artists.-Tsubomi Hinata CV:Miyuki SawashiroS...

app Operation Barbarossa logo

Operation Barbarossa


Conflicts: Operation Barbarossa is a highly rated turn based strategy game which takes place on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. You are in the command of the German WWII armed forces - ...

app App Scuola DEMO logo

App Scuola DEMO


VERSIONE DI PROVA dell'applicazione "App Scuola Pro", SPROVVISTA QUINDI DI MOLTE FUNZIONI PRESENTI NELLA VERSIONE PRO.Il tuo diario scolastico a portata di mano!- Se tieni ai tuoi studi- se...

app Intelliremote logo



Intelliremote is a Home Theater PC remote used to control a Windows PC running Intelliremote Server (24$ trial-ware). Control your HTPC without the need for line-of-sight that traditional infrared rem...

app Sibley Birds of North America logo

Sibley Birds of North Ameri...


NB: Please backup your list before installing v1.6.0! Your list should upgrade automatically but there have been instances on certain devices where a list upgrade has failed and is lost.On Sale Now !!...

app CaddieDroid GPS logo

CaddieDroid GPS


Hello it is a caddie. This application program uses GoogleMap in the golf course in the whole country, and is an application program that examines the distance to green, and examines the distance of a...

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