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Chrome Reader App for Android

Chrome Reader App for Android If you're a Chrome user and an Android lover at the same time (these two things are going together almost by default), today I have some great news for you,  because the Chrome Reader App for Android is here! While the voice controlled  "virtual assistant" thing is hardly breaking news since Google Now/Siri &comp, this new app from Te...

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app Feeds  RSS News reader logo

Feeds RSS News reader


Feeds is a google reader client, that makes you focus on the content rather than the application itself.It connects to google reader server and gets your RSS feeds. It makes you focus on the articles ...

app RedReader Beta logo

RedReader Beta


An unofficial, open source client for reddit.Features:- Free and Open Source - no ads/tracking.- Swipe posts left and right to perform customizable actions, such as upvote/downvote, or save/hide.- Adv...

app Call cum Sms Reader logo

Call cum Sms Reader


Call cum Sms Reader speaks out the incoming caller name so that to identify who is calling with out looking into your mobile. if the caller is already in contact database of the device it will announc...

app Smart Book Reader logo

Smart Book Reader


Limited time offer!! Get 5 dollars worth of book points by becoming a free member today!Enjoy reading your favorite books from "Mobi-book" on your android device.?FeaturesManage your purchas...

app eBook Application Design 4.0 logo

eBook Application Design 4....


This FREE Android application is an example of the conversion of an eML website into an app.eML stands for eBook Markup Language and is primarily designed as a self-contained eBook reader and eBook in...

app Bio Reader Compatibility logo

Bio Reader Compatibility


The Bio Reader application allows you to track your physical, emotional and intellectual state for any day of the year. The compatibility edition allows you to combine your biorythm with others, which...

app Club Reader logo

Club Reader


Club Reader est une solution innovante qui fédère un réseau de libraires dans une seule et même application disponible dans les environnements PC et mobiles.Avec l’application Club Reader, suive...


Fabrik ebook reader released onto Google Play, with Dropbox support

While there may already be numerous ebook reader Android applications available on the Google Play Store, a new one has been released and according to the creator of the app - XDA Developer member eirikrwu - he created the app because of all the other ebook reader apps already available, none suited him. I can relate as I have several different eb...

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app USB Dataloggerreader test logo

USB Dataloggerreader test


This program is the Test-Version of "USB Dataloggerreader". It is an interface to temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, sound level and/ro CO cocentration USB-dataloggers. (Work...

app NfcV-reader logo



The NfcV-reader is an NFC application for Android smart phone (NFC is mandatory to use it).It allows to communicate with iso15693 products such as STMicroelectronics tags (LRIxx family) and Dual Inter...

app Chess Reader. 1280×800 Tablets logo

Chess Reader. 1280×800...


Reader (Visor) of chess games for tablets Android 3 with a screen reolution of 1280x800.This application play games in PGN format and books in InterAjedrez format. Besides the "Play", it has...

app Koorong Reader logo

Koorong Reader


Koorong Reader is an eReading app compatible with PDF & EPUB files protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM), and DRM free PDF & EPUBs. The application provides a unique reading exper...

app MTG Reader logo

MTG Reader


MTG Reader currently have two main features. The first one is a RSS-reader that will bring you news from all the best Magic The Gathering sources in the world. The feeds are updated everyday with news...

app My SMS Reader logo

My SMS Reader


My SMS Reader is an application that lets you listen to your text messages (SMS) at the time you received them.It is also possible to listen to all messages you have sent and received.Like common SMS ...

app EMoneyReader logo




app Kaywa Reader logo

Kaywa Reader


Get the Kaywa Reader, the most likeable mobile Reader for NFC tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix and Barcodes. The Kaywa Reader makes sharing data very easy, is fast and comfortable to handle: generate a code...

app Tab Pack for Tab Reader logo

Tab Pack for Tab Reader


Minor Update ! This applicatio will copy some tabs to your SD Card, To be used with the Tab Reader...Changes : - store tabs under lapstr on sdcard. - ERIS Crash Fixed !Please find the tab reader in '...

app Reader™ 拡張機能 (Sony Tablet™) logo

Reader™ 拡張機能 (Son...


本アプリケーションは”Reader”の拡張機能です。”Reader Store”からダウンロードした雑誌を読むためには、先に”Reader”アプリケーション本体をイ...

app HW Bizcard Reader(汉王名片通) logo

HW Bizcard Reader(汉王...


HW BizCard Reader is a business card reader application customized for Android mobile users (not for tablet), with which you can easily manage the business card contacts in your iPhone. It will delive...

app Hackful Europe Reader logo

Hackful Europe Reader


This application is a simple Hackful RSS feed reader, with access to frontpage, new and ask feeds, as well as Hackful post page and Hackful post link.You can find my blog at and my...

app iSpreader logo



How would you like to tap into the power of the WiFi Network to promote your existing local business? If you answered 'Yes!' then this application is for you.The number of public Wi-Fi hotspots is exp...

app Žumpa Reader logo

Žumpa Reader


discuss - sink of world - stupidity------------------------------------------------------------simple client application for one czech discuss group.If you don't know "Žumpa" don't install ...

app ZXReader Donate Six logo

ZXReader Donate Six


THIS IS NOT ZXREADER!!!This is only tool to donate FREE ZXReader!This application do nothing, only thanks you!!!...

app ZXReader Donate Three logo

ZXReader Donate Three


THIS IS NOT ZXREADER!!!This is only tool to donate FREE ZXReader!This application do nothing, only thanks you!!!...

app ZXReader Donate One logo

ZXReader Donate One


THIS IS NOT ZXREADER!!!This is only tool to donate FREE ZXReader!This application do nothing, only thanks you!!!...

app Uyghur Text Reader logo

Uyghur Text Reader


???????? ?????? ???????(???????? ????????????? ?????????? ?????)?????? ?????? ????? Android ?????????? ???????????? txt ??????????? ???????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ???????? ????? ????? ???????????? ...

app pNutsBackupMailReader logo



!!!NOTICE!!!!I will release a new version, smooth behavior, quick response.If you try this one, please let me an e-mail with the account of gmail you purchased.(purchased before only)EML file/VMG file...

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