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app Lucid Dream – Reality Check logo

Lucid Dream – Reality...


Reminds you to do Reality Checks during the day!...

app Reality Checker logo

Reality Checker


Reality Checker will assist you in training your braininto performing a reality check whilst you are dreaming. If your successful in doing this it's possible to bridge the gap between your conscious a...


Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero's Android 2.1 update – Icrontic

Free PC Guides (blog)Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero's Android 2.1 updateIcronticRobert Hallock (Thrax) Stories from around the web today are decrying Sprint's "delay" of the long-awaited Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero, ...Sprint confirms no Android 2.1 update coming todayIntoMobile (blog)Sprint's Android 2.1...

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Alter Reality with Augment for Android

Alter Reality with Augment for Android There are a lot of different Android apps out there from productivity apps to music players, the selection is vast. Occasionally, I come across an app that’s extremely cool and that’s the case with an app called Augment from AugmenteDev. Augment lets you preview objects & products from the comfort of your home with a simple but futuristic...

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app R.E.A.L.(Reality Ends AllLies) logo

R.E.A.L.(Reality Ends AllLi...


The brand new official "R.E.A.L. (Reality Ends All Lies)" Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected f...

app (Augmented) Piano Reality logo

(Augmented) Piano Reality


First and only Augmented Reality Piano for smart phones!!!DRAW your own PIANO on PAPER, and then PLAY it!************************************************************IMPORTANT!!!! PLEASE SEE THE INSTRU...

app Sleep Check Reminder logo

Sleep Check Reminder


This application is created to help you building a habit of doing reality checks. This will help you to achieve better results with lucid dreaming.Application also contains list of great tips about di...


Android 2.1 for Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment set for Q2 – Everything Android

Product Reviews (blog)Android 2.1 for Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment set for Q2Everything AndroidSprint has delayed the release of Android 2.1 for both the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. As of now, they are “on track ...Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero's Android 2.1 updateIcronticUsers Threaten to Switch to AT&T Over HTC Hero A...

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Google Satellite TV Search to Be Fueled by Android – eWeek

ReutersGoogle Satellite TV Search to Be Fueled by AndroideWeekGoogle and the Dish Network are implementing Google's Web search experience through a Google Android set-top box. Users' search queries bring back both TV ...Reality Check: AT&T helps, but to boost sales Google needs iTunes answerStarkSilverCreek (blog)QlikTech Ships BI Clien...

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20nm ARM processors could be 30% faster, pushing for the 3GHz mark

Cortex A15WaferCredit: Extremetech Semi-conductor manufacturing firms TSMC and Globalfoundries are both expected to have their 20nm mobile chip foundries up and running by 2014, which means that a new wave of faster and more energy efficient ARM processors should be heading our way sometime next year.According to TSMC, the shrink down to 20nm could see clock for...

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Samsung hit by Galaxy S4 sales woes to the tune of $12 billion off the market valuation

Samsung share price drop June 7Following on from the pessimistic sales outlook for the Galaxy S4 which we first heard about Share prices gapped down significantly at the market open today, continuing a bearish move for the remainder of the trading session. Chart source: Google FinanceOther investors are stating that the main reasons for the selloff are weakening sales expectatio...

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app Lucid Dream Ultimate logo

Lucid Dream Ultimate


Do you want to take control of your dreams and experience your wildest desires? Controlling your mind while dreaming will allow you to jump into a fantasy world where you control everything. This idea...

app Lucid Mind logo

Lucid Mind


The Lucid Mind App is a simple tool that will allow you to train yourself to be more aware of the experiential space around you. It will assist you to develop an instinctively questioning perspective ...

app Healthy Mind Healthy Body logo

Healthy Mind Healthy Body


Discover How You Can Have Healthy Mind and Healthy Body!Your health and weight is decided by your eating habits. Your social habits bear upon your relationship with others. Your sleeping habit dictate...

app IQ (Idiot Quotient) Test logo

IQ (Idiot Quotient) Test


This test will blow your mind. We always test our IQ (Intelligent Quotient) but this gives you a reality check about your Idiot Quotient (IQ). You think you are not an idiot? You need to take this tes...


Sprint Gives Official Statement Regarding Android 2.1 Update – Blogsdna (blog)

Free PC Guides (blog)Sprint Gives Official Statement Regarding Android 2.1 UpdateBlogsdna (blog)I have been reporting constantly about the Sprint Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Through all the leaked employee memos, ...Sprint to Port Juicy Android 2.1 to HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in Q2Gadgets DNAAndroid 2.1 for Sprint HTC...

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Sprint to Port Juicy Android 2.1 to HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in Q2 – Gadgets DNA

Free PC Guides (blog)Sprint to Port Juicy Android 2.1 to HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in Q2Gadgets DNAGood news for Sprint customers owning Android handsets. Sprint is actively working to port the Android 2.1 OS to HTC Hero ...Android 2.1 for Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment set for Q2Everything AndroidReality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero'...

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Users Threaten to Switch to AT&T Over HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update – (blog)

Free PC Guides (blog)Users Threaten to Switch to AT&T Over HTC Hero Android 2.1 (blog)Whoever is at fault, Sprint is expected to suffer from the Android community. As we reported earlier, a good amount of consumers are ready to switch over ...Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero's Android 2.1 updateIcronticSpr...

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Sprint HTC Hero: 2.1 Android Update Release Date is Q2 – Product Reviews (blog)

Free PC Guides (blog)Sprint HTC Hero: 2.1 Android Update Release Date is Q2Product Reviews (blog)More on the never-ending HTC Hero 2.1 update saga for you now, as Sprint has issued a fresh statement, informing customers that the update to Android 2.1 ...Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero's Android 2.1 updateIcronticSprint confirms no ...

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Finding Ways to Save (Make) Money

how to make moneyWith all of the commotion occurring in the private sector regarding minimum wage laws, rising healthcare costs, and other mandatory benefits, the reality is workers are becoming more expensive. While you don’t necessarily want to reduce your workforce or downsize altogether, you do need to find ways to minimize costs to stay competitive in this n...

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Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future

Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future If you have a personality similar to all smartphone users, then most of your time is spent using applications. You may also spend a whole lot of time reading about various applications on tech blogs and infomercial websites, along with reviewing them after using, or learning new tips and tricks to improve your experience as a user. It is highly pos...

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The Cleaner App For Android

The Cleaner App For Android Speed Up And Clean Your Droid With The Cleaner I bet you're familiarized with those "maintenance" applications, like the CC Cleaner or Windows Mechanic or whatever. They come pretty handy when it comes to keeping your computer in check and running as it should. Now, if you're running on Android, you can use the latest application from Mirmay Lim...

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How to Turn Your Android Smartphone Into a Microscope With The Microphone Lens

microphone lens I don't know about you, but I think that turning your Android running smartphone into a microscope is the coolest idea ever and now it can become reality, thanks to the Microphone Lens. I love to take macro pictures of insects and stuff, especially with a nice auto-focus camera (I always use my smartphone, I never owned a dedicated camera), ...

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Samsung concept video shows off the future of wearables and phone displays

Samsung Logo aa 600px 2Mobile tech has come a long way from the early era of cellphones and massive laptops. Today we have extremely fast yet thin smartphones, powerful tablets and even wearable devices such as Google Glass and the next-gen Sony smart watch. Where are we going next? It’s hard to say for sure, though today Samsung gave us a brief look at their vision o...

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Liquid-cooled smartphones from Samsung, HTC, and Apple coming later this year

Liquid cooling We told you about the world’s first liquid-cooled handset about a month ago when NEC introduced the Medias X-06E phone for NTT DoCoMo over in Japan. It basically uses a smartphone-centric heat pipe design that relies on cooling technology yet untapped even on today’s high-end models. How would you like to have this same cooling tech in...

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The new Gmail is here!

gmailIt’s official: Gmail has been updated.That update, rumored for quite some time, is now a reality. All the features previously noted, like tabs showing up in your inbox on mobile, and the left hand menu sliding out, are here. While the mobile version of Gmail has had a few iterations, this is the first significant update for our desktop Gmail in q...

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app Limopo: Movies & Trailers logo

Limopo: Movies & Traile...


Recognize movies using your camera, view movie details, watch trailer, and watch trailer directly on movie image (poster, DVD cover and etc.)★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★...

app Truck race logo

Truck race


Speed ??Racer: Racing in the offline version. Now playing this amazing racing game, you do not need Facebook LoginWith the reality of control and outdoor environment, where you can set a new personal ...

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