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app MadReboot logo



MadReboot is a simple reboot application, helps you to reboot on recovery, normal reboot and poweroffVery pratical for stock roms...

app Quick Reboot logo

Quick Reboot


Apps and services resulting from the use of several cumulative memory that a reboot as a complete restore.Examine all processes currently running, and then click the icon of the moment is to initializ...

app Rebootter logo



Rebootter detects unwanted reboot of your phone and automatically posts a tweet of "my Android phone has been rebooted again!" to Twitter.*yes, it's not a serious app :-p*Twitter account req...

app Reboot to recovery [ROOT] logo

Reboot to recovery [ROOT]


Puts an icon to your screen to reboot to recovery with two clicks!Needs a rooted device!OPEN SOURCE, the source code is available at

app Reboot Control logo

Reboot Control


***ROOT REQUIRED***No longer need to press power button, just one touch to control(reboot, power off) your phone.Do you feel inconvenient to lock your device using the power button? Are your afraid of...

app Transformer reboot to Recovery logo

Transformer reboot to Recov...


*ROOT IS REQUIRED*This app allow you to reboot your transformer directly to the Recovery. So, if you have a custom recovery (like CWM) you can reboot your device directly to it. It's really hard to re...

app Reboot Scheduler logo

Reboot Scheduler


Your phone must be rooted to use this app!! Again, ROOT PERMISSION IS REQUIRED TO RUN THIS APP!A simple application to schedule reboots for your phone on a daily basis. Schedule options include; reboo...

app Rapid Reboot logo

Rapid Reboot


*Rooted Devices Only**Rapid button may not work on stock 2.2, use a custom rom!*Rapid Reboot option will have you back to your home screen in 30 seconds or less!Also quickly access Recovery & Boot...

app Reboot Widget (root) logo

Reboot Widget (root)


This app is a widget for your home screen. It works on rooted phones only. If you don't know what "root" is, then your phone is not rooted. You can check out my website

app Reboot Widget for Root User logo

Reboot Widget for Root User


--->!!!! for ROOT user !!!!<---This WIDGET reboot your smartphone in the faster way.Reboot mode:- Reboot: your smartphone will be reboot- Recovery: your smartphone will be reboot in recovery mod...

app Fast Reboot Pro Locale Plug-in logo

Fast Reboot Pro Locale Plug...


This plug-in integrates the app "Fast Reboot Pro" ( with Locale and Tasker. Want to automatically perform a fast reboot when your battery drops below 30%? Or perform fast...

app WM3500R Rebooter logo

WM3500R Rebooter


English and Japanese are supported.WiMAX routers NEC "WM3500R" to restart, the device enables Android.There is also wireless terminals, radio waves are getting rare, but "can not commun...


Google reboots the Android Market, Welcome to Google Play

If you own an Android device and have browsed the Android market today, you’ve likely noticed a big change. Welcome to Google Play folks. Google decided to do away with the old market and combine all their offerings into one big marketplace area now known as Google Play. The Android market has been around since the platform debuted around 3 ...

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app Reboot Menu [No Ads] logo

Reboot Menu [No Ads]


//Does not work with HTC Sense//*ROOT* access required - [][FEATURES]- Forever Free ^.^- No Advertisements- Reboot- Reboot Recovery- Reboot Download (Download mode for Samsung device...

app Real Reboot logo

Real Reboot


** Superuser privilege required (only for rooted device)Just reboot, easy and fast, nothing else.Get rid of long press of power button.No beautiful icon, no fancy widget, no ad.Simple is the best.Actu...

app Rebooter (fast reboot) logo

Rebooter (fast reboot)


Kill background processes just like task killer. Reboot in just a few seconds. You cat reboot easily & quickly.You can use Kill apps or Hot boot instead of task killers.Features: - Kill apps(backg...

app xCharge reboot options logo

xCharge reboot options


xCharge Reboot Options *root* a.k.a Xperia Reboot Options for root users to gain access full control over available reboot options for your Android device.Instant access to Fastboot, Recovery, Downloa...

app Reboot logger logo

Reboot logger


Record the time when your android device was rebooted.then you can send the log data by mail,twitter,and etc. and save it into SD card.The statistics will show the number of boots per day.You can dele...

app Reboot Utility logo

Reboot Utility


Requires root!Version limited to 3 reboot type with ads (2 permissions)Reboot Utility Pro is available!Allows boot: * bootloader: After restart, the device loads the bootloader in fastboot mode * rec...

app Reboot logo



"Reboot" is a little application that reboot your Android phone just a click!*** ROOT permission is required ***Features:- Schedule time to reboot - Reboot every day (optional)- Reboot in re...

app EzBoot (Reboot) Free logo

EzBoot (Reboot) Free


**ROOT ACCESS REQUIRED TO RUN APP CORRECTLY** Do you want one click shortcuts? Are you tired of ads? Buy EzBoot Pro in the Play Store for only $.99!Features:-> Reboot-> Reboot Recovery-> Rebo...

app Reboot Utility Pro logo

Reboot Utility Pro


Requires root!Allows boot: * bootloader: After restart, the device loads the bootloader in fastboot mode * recovery: After restart, the device loads the recovery partition * eraseflash: During restar...

app Flash Reboot Widget Free logo

Flash Reboot Widget Free


Flash Reboot Widget FreeROOT ACCESS needed(to run this widget you need root permission)Quick restart widgetReboot your phone in one click, quickly Useful while running many apps for easy memory clean...

app Optimus 2X recovery reboot logo

Optimus 2X recovery reboot


******This app is no longer supported. I recommend using Rom Manager instead******This is a tiny application, which will allow you to reboot into recovery mode on your LG Optimus 2x / Speed, without p...

app Voodoo Toggle Reboot (Donate) logo

Voodoo Toggle Reboot (Donat...


REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS AND VOODOO LAGFIX COMPATIBLE KERNELIf you don't know what this is, you don't need or want it. For ROOTED SAMSUNG GALAXY S phones ONLY! Requires a kernel which includes the Voodoo...

app Rebooter logo



***Root Required***With this app, you will be able to "Hot Reboot" your phone. Hot rebooting is rebooting the phone to the boot animation so it reboots faster. You can also do a Regular Rebo...

app Reboot Recovery logo

Reboot Recovery


This is a simple application that allows you to reboot phone to recovery. It can be started from launcher or long press "search" button menu. Designed for Samsung devices.Root is required....

app SP Reboot Plugin logo

SP Reboot Plugin


*** ONLY FOR ROOTED PHONES ***SP Reboot PluginA plugin for Setting Profiles defining a rule action to reboot or shutdown phoneSource code: developer gu...

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