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Redneck Jellyfish – Android Game Review

Redneck Jellyfish – Android Game Review Overview Redneck Jellyfish is a cool new game from MudStuffing Industries where you’ll play a Jellyfish named Gus who’s trying to build some coral reefs. Building the coral reefs won’t be easy though, as Gus will have to contend with zombie crabs, barnacles, sea urchins and other evil ocean dwellers. It’s a fun little game, and there...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 22, 2011

1. Redneck Jellyfish Redneck Jellyfish is a great new game from Mudstuffing Industries (great name guys), that puts you in charge of a Jellyfish named Gus, who just happens to be a redneck. Gus’s job is to build coral reefs by using the coral seeds he collects with his tentacles. The problem is he’s going to have to contend with sea urchins, cl...

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