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XBox One vs. PS4: Who Won Black Friday?

black friday Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles are already traditional enemies, even if Microsoft is relatively new in this business, when compared to the Japanese giant.  Sony was the king of home entertainment since like forever and PlayStation achieved an iconic status among gaming enthusiasts. Just to make a point, Sony reveal...

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app Keep Calm And Carry On Black logo

Keep Calm And Carry On Blac...


Keep Calm And Carry On Was Originally Created By The British Ministry Of Information During WWII, And Now Rediscovered, The Keep Calm And Carry On Poster Is On Android Phones!You Can Change The Words ...

app Casino Blackjack Pro logo

Casino Blackjack Pro


The ultimate blackjack app - feature packed and customizable, with multiple blackjack game modes!If you have any suggestions for improvements, please e-mail me - it'll be more effective than just post...


Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers

Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers  Image Source: Bezalel   Charging one’s phone without the help of messy cables and wires is still a fairly new concept to many. Wireless charging is now being offered in certain coffee shops and other establishments, but the general public still has yet to fully embrace the fact that they can now charge their devices without having to...

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Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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app Jack The Master(Free) logo

Jack The Master(Free)


Still remember your childhood with Arcade Games all day?Want to kill times with Excited Games and Best Experiences?Make your Android device a time machine! Unlimited coins makes you pass the level so ...


Sick of the “bloatware” on the Galaxy S4? TrulyClean can help

Galaxy S4 Ranging from potentially useful apps like Facebook, to apps from the manufacturer’s marketing partners, to obscure apps that users have no idea what to do with, bloatware takes up precious storage space, fills up app drawers, and some say, even affects the performance of the device. And the worst part is that, unless you root the device, you can...

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Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 and A3000 announced

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000The 7-inch Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 and A3000  Jelly Bean tablets have become available. While their specs are not fantastic, these two slates make it up through some relatively affordable price tags. The IdeaTab A1000 costs $189, while the IdeaTab A3000 can be yours for $229.You may remember that both have been shown at Mobile World Congress 2013, ...

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Android OS controls 75% of the Smartphone Market in Q1

Android OS Gartner,a reputable market analyst company, revealed the sales figures for the Q1 of 2013 and according to the report, Android OS continues to dominate  with 75 % market share. This means that 3 in 4 smartphones sold in 2013 are running on Android OS. The total sales figure for Q1 of 2013 is 210 million units, from which 156 million are powered...

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app Stones HD wallpapers logo

Stones HD wallpapers


Stones HD WallpapersA collection of high-quality, manually confiscation images of natural stones.More than 40 stunning images of high resolution wallpapers for your Android device thatapplication allo...

app Nature:Sea and Sky Wallpapers logo

Nature:Sea and Sky Wallpape...


Nature: Sea and Sky HD WallpapersAmazing collection of high quality images of "The sea and the sky."More than 60 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplicati...

app Pentatonic Guitar Training logo

Pentatonic Guitar Training


***** Overview of Pentatonic Guitar Training ****** To play a guitar solo freely, the following elements and abilities will be required.? absolute pitch? relative pitch? memorization and understanding...

app Tình Dục Cho Vợ Chồng(Cực Hot) logo

Tình Dục Cho Vợ Chồn...


LTS: "Phần lớn mọi người nghĩ rằng, họ đã biết tất cả những gì cần biết về tình dục; nhưng theo các chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực này, rất nhiều cặp v...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 22, 2013 This week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week brings some great new Android Games to the table. Last week saw two popular games get sequels, and we got a third game featuring the hungry little alien known as Om Nom. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks… 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They...

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app Avernum: Escape From the Pit logo

Avernum: Escape From the Pi...


"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an amazing game which will provide hours of fun. I would even go so far as to say it’s a nearly perfect example of a role-playing game." -AppleTell"8/...

app Filtro de Internet – Android logo

Filtro de Internet – ...


TUtilizar como un navegador independiente, o utilizar como un programa de control de acceso a internet.Contiene características de filtrado de Internet gestionados desde la nube.1. Instalar software ...

app One Touch Draw/sketch & Paint logo

One Touch Draw/sketch &...


This cool and stylish One Touch Draw/sketch & Paint enables you to create different painting in your android phone screen. Yes guys its true, This magical paint library have a lots of useful tool...


Samsung announces Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame

Samsung is continuing its streak of releasing budget friendly entry level smartphones. Just like it always does before the inevitable big flagships steal the limelight. Today the Korean manufacturer announced the Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame; both are targeted at the entry level customers. The smartphone duo is powered by a 1 GHz pr...

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Android Game Review: Tangled from West Code Studios

Android Game Review: Tangled from West Code Studios There are times when you want to be entertained and yet don’t know how long the leisure will last, for those peculiar times, Tangled is the perfect fix. Waiting for the dentist, standing in line for coffee and the long commercials during a game, all can now be turned into quick bouts of brain teasing fun. Tangled, developed by West Code Studios...

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app UCS AR logo



This App requires you to print out some markers.UCS AR is a tech demo which uses a free and open source software package called UCS (Unified Coordinate System) to increase the playfield size of an Aug...

app Adjust SD Speed logo

Adjust SD Speed


Adjust and Boost Your SD Buffered Read/Write Throughput Performance.**REQUIREMENT** Rooted Phone and Root Privilege are Required Because This App Need to Change the Kernel Parameter of Your System.And...

app RUB mobile logo

RUB mobile


Die Ruhr-Uni Bochum ist mobil! Mit der App der RUB haben Sie mobilen Zugang zu unterschiedlichen Informationen und Diensten der Hochschule.Jetzt eintauchen in das Bochumer Hochschulleben! Nutzen Sie R...

app rifle logo



A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. The raised areas of the rifl...


LG Announces The Optimus Pro and Optimus Net Mid-Range Android Smartphones

Earlier today, LG announced that they are preparing to launch two new Android smartphones in over 30 markets sometime this summer.  The devices include the LG Optimus Pro and the LG Optimus Net, both of which are mid-range devices packing decent specs.  Hopefully, the price for each will remain relatively affordable and inexpensive on a contrac...

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app StressMon logo



StressMon is your personal stress helper. StressMon aids you with modules to help track relationships, stressors, service activities, weight, diet, exercise, and finances. Additionally encouraging m...


Spirit HD for Android – The Review

Spirit HD for Android – The Review Overview I’m always on the prowl for unique Android games, and Spirit HD is about as unique as you can get. It was a hit when it came out on the iPhone & iPad last year, and it looks like Developer Marco Mazzoli and publisher Jakyl are going to have a hit on Android as well. It has some very slick Retro graphics, and a great soundtrack to bo...

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app Singsolatido logo



With Singsolatido practising first-sight singing becomes fun!For everybody who sings in a choir or who has singing lessons.You will learn 'a prima vista' singing, sight reading, at ease.First you will...

app FHSU Mobile logo

FHSU Mobile


FHSU Mobile helps you stay connected to Fort Hays State University from wherever you are, on or off campus.Fort Hays State University’s has partnered with Nex-Tech, Nex-Tech Wirless, and Blackboard ...

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