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app Division with Remainder logo

Division with Remainder


This mathematical lets you make a division with remainder.Very useful tool for school and college!This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen....


Samsung hit by Galaxy S4 sales woes to the tune of $12 billion off the market valuation

Samsung share price drop June 7Following on from the pessimistic sales outlook for the Galaxy S4 which we first heard about Share prices gapped down significantly at the market open today, continuing a bearish move for the remainder of the trading session. Chart source: Google FinanceOther investors are stating that the main reasons for the selloff are weakening sales expectatio...

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app Tears For Fears Jukebox logo

Tears For Fears Jukebox


Play Tears For Fears songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !Tears for Fears are an English New Wave band formed ...

app Tunisia Flag ILocker logo

Tunisia Flag ILocker


Tunisia ILocker or Tunisia Flag Locker Screen Free Android AppThis is top Quality & highly customizable Tunisia Flag ILocker App.Feel proud of your country. Let this Tunisia flag Locker always fly...

app Math Tricks logo

Math Tricks


Train your brain, learn math tricks and amaze others! With Math Tricks, it will be easy to solve math problems in just a few seconds!11 * 86 = 946YOU can calculate this in LESS than two seconds! You c...

app Lucky Battery logo

Lucky Battery


"Lucky Battery" is a battery information display widget that can try one's luck. "Installation"1. Tap the home screen long.2. Select the widget.3. Select "Lucky Battery"....

app Ewildlife link-same game logo

Ewildlife link-same game


Ethiopia has a large variety of indigenous plant and animal species. The Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural beauty is amazing. This Ewildlife android game is simple remainder the Wildlife and Natural bea...

app BatteRoidGacha logo



This is a widget that displays the amount of the battery remainder, and the size is 1×1. The copyright of the image of the character Droid who is using it in the application program is in google...

app TASKIV LiveWallpaper 003 logo

TASKIV LiveWallpaper 003


- In this contents, objects since Android2.1. - The size of the object: The resolution is terminal of "480×800" or "480×854". - Operation verification ending terminal: XPERIA SO-...

app Simple Task Killer logo

Simple Task Killer


#SummarySimple-Task-Killer enforces the applications to terminate their tasks simply and in safety. Then it increases available memory, improves activity of the device, eventually minimizes battery co...

app Dont forget Lite logo

Dont forget Lite


- This is a simple Todo and Shopping list app.- Set date timeline for tasks to get notification.- The app allows to set a convenient time for notification.- Previously added items will be shown when a...

app Learn Division logo

Learn Division


Learn long division with this app. You can select the numbers to divide or the app will pick random values of up to 4 digits. A tutoring mode guides you step by step through the solution breaking do...

app ESPN Live Wallpaper iDropr logo

ESPN Live Wallpaper iDropr


ESPN Live Wallpaper!Make your device come alive with Real Time Live Sports Headlines powered by ESPN.iDropr Live Wallpaper determines network status and only processes while your wallpaper is visible ...

app Facebook Live Wallpaper iDropr logo

Facebook Live Wallpaper iDr...


FACEBOOK Live Wallpaper!FREE! You can upgrade from within the app to the UNLIMITED version at any time. Thank you for using iDropr Live Wallpaper.YOUR Facebook Photos are turned into a Digital Picture...

app Final Jang-Keng(RPS) logo

Final Jang-Keng(RPS)


It is a type of clearing in respect puzzle game that erases the RPS panel.The panel that is drawn the picture of RPS is made to fight mutually, and the panel is erased one after another.One panel that...

app Perth Transport Timetable Free logo

Perth Transport Timetable F...


Take the Perth public transport timetables with you wherever you go. PerthTT Free stores a copy of the entire public transport timetables on your Android device for use within Perth, Australia.PerthTT...

app The List UK logo

The List UK


The List Job App is a perfect compliment to website. All jobs are updated on a regular basis . Keep abreast of latest job postings to The List website.With a database of many thousands o...

app KiWuWeb Mobile App logo

KiWuWeb Mobile App


KiWuWeb Mobile App für AndroidInfo: Bei Wünschen, Fragen oder Problemen schickt mir bitte eine E-Mail an Bitte lese die folgenden Erläuterungen genau durch, sie enthalte...

app Charades Party Movies Jobs logo

Charades Party Movies Jobs


Play charades (pantomime) with your friends in a party or in a group. Just focus on describing the title and don't worry about the rest!How to playThe rules used for the acted charades are usually inf...

app Learn Italian with Charades logo

Learn Italian with Charades


Improve your italian language by playing charades (pantomime) with your friends in a party or in a group (in italian language). Just focus on describing the title and don't worry about the rest!== ITA...

app Calculator Widget FREE logo

Calculator Widget FREE


See also PRO version of this Calculator Widget(% percentages, ^ power, √ root, memory, log logarithm, ln natural logarithm, remainder of division, fully customizable)CALCULATOR WIDGET FREE used to p...

app Fshiki Battery free logo

Fshiki Battery free


It is a simple battery remainder amount display widget that used the font of the Final Fantasy style. The permeability can be set.[Function explanation]・The residual quantity of the battery is displ...

app To Do for Sloth! logo

To Do for Sloth!


"To Do for Sloth!" is an efficient task management application.When you turn on the display of the smartphone, "ToDo Tasks Now" will display with the sloth.*"ToDo Tasks Now&qu...


Android 4.0 Rolling Out To Samsung Nexus S GMS/UMTS Models

Now that the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich device has launched in the United States -- the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- it's time to focus our attention on which smartphones will be lucky enough to receive the coveted update to Android 4.0. According to a Google+ post on the official Android account, the Samsung Nexus S is scheduled to receive the...

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app Big Number Calculator logo

Big Number Calculator


Big Number Calculator permits operations with numbers of arbitrarily long length. You can use it to find products or quotients of large numbers.Functions included are: #Multiplication #Addition #Subt...

app Kalahari Sun Slots FREE logo

Kalahari Sun Slots FREE


Return to Africa for a new adventure in slot machine fun! With 3 different free spins games and the fun Lucky Drums Jackpot, it's Kalahari Sun Slots!During normal play the Diamond acts as a wildcard a...

app Algebra Pro logo

Algebra Pro


It's good to be the curve wrecker.If you're in Algebra I or II, this application will help you beyond your highest expectations. Rated 5/5 by (I Education Apps Review). Read the full review ...

app RunDouble C25K PRO logo

RunDouble C25K PRO


Goes way beyond just a C25K app! GPS tracking, and now includes completely free "Fun Runs"C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble runs in the background while you work out. This paid version includes ...

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