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app Hardest Game Ever 2 logo

Hardest Game Ever 2


Ranked #1 (Overall) in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, ... for HARDEST GAME EVER 1, HARDEST GAME EVER 2 is definitely a game you don't want to miss out!From the developers that brought you the wor...

app Retro Game Boy and Advance logo

Retro Game Boy and Advance


Enjoy your old games with this application / emulatorIt is the perfect application to play with very old gameboy games or even now your game boy advance ones ! change settings to manage arrow et butto...

app Sight Words Fun Learning Game logo

Sight Words Fun Learning Ga...


Welcome to the Sight Words Game for Kids. Best Sight Words Game for your Money. Always Ad Free.It is widely known that Dolch sight words are instrumental for students to learn how to read. This is an...

app Puzzle Game(HD) logo

Puzzle Game(HD)


★5 new albums have been released★Jigsaw puzzle game with high definition pictures of various themes. ★★ Classic way to play: Move slice to form the original picture. But the high definition UI...

app Command Crisis: Endgame logo

Command Crisis: Endgame


If you have trouble registering a new account please let us know by email. Plenty of players register successfully so it may be an issue with certain devices.TAKE COMMAND AND LEAD AN EMPIREGrow your ...

app Classical GameBox logo

Classical GameBox


Classical Game 4 in 1 ?????.Tetris, Pet Link Up, MineSweeper, Sokoban. 1 Tetris Click screen square deformation, dragged around move, drag down rapid whereabouts 2 Pet Link Up Click the design t...

app Titanic Island Game Tablet logo

Titanic Island Game Tablet


For Tablet!2 Games in one!Great Action Adventure and Addicitve Arcade GamePlayA Rich and Historic World to ExploreSet foot in Belfast...

app Titanic Island Game logo

Titanic Island Game


2 Games in one!Great Action Adventure and Addicitve Arcade GamePlayA Rich and Historic World to ExploreSet foot in Belfast...

app Memory (pairs) game logo

Memory (pairs) game


Memory game (also known as Match up cards, Pair up, Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs) is simple memory card brain game where you match up pairs.At the beginning of mem...


The Adventures of Tintin – Android Game Review

The Adventures of Tintin – Android Game Review Overview Gameloft… sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them, but I can’t deny they have put out some great looking games. The mobile gaming giant dropped a little game called The Adventures of Tin Tin into the market this week, and although I’d heard of the upcoming movie & comic I really didn’t know a lot about good ol’ T...

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app Speedy LifeGame logo

Speedy LifeGame


this program is simple Conway's Game of cell, and very speedy can touch to help life. reset by long tap....

app Sid’s Cool Pool Game logo

Sid’s Cool Pool Game


Like to shoot pool? Then download Sid's Cool Pool Game for free right now!Have a lot of fun with this Cool Pool game by yourself or against someone else. This billiards game features very realistic gr...


Muffin Knight – Android Game Review

Muffin Knight – Android Game Review Overview Are you a fan of Knights and Wizards? How about Muffins…do you like those? Well, if you answer is yes to either one of those questions (or both), we have just the game for you called Muffin Knight. Muffin Knight is a cool new game from developer Angry Mob Games, maker of the popular Guerrilla Bob. In Muffin Knight you’ll need to g...

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app GeometricGame logo



It is the geometric game.Use your luck and brain!*Field have 24 lots. We put a block which are shown in right up position in the field.*Select to touch a black square dot in each lot, and press the S...

app License Plate Spotter Game logo

License Plate Spotter Game


Getting bored on long road trips? Use this app to keep track of which license plates you have spotted and play against family members or friends with the score function at the top. Will keep track o...

app Halo Reach MLG Game Timer 1.1 logo

Halo Reach MLG Game Timer 1...


This game timer is for Halo Reach. It is specifically made for MLG map types, currently it is v4 settings. The timer allows for you to select a map to have all the times for that map preset for countd...

app Game Timer (No Ads) logo

Game Timer (No Ads)


A fun take on a game timer with easy controls. This timer has a nice interface, but it also plays some fun animations including a clown, dog and cat face using the jack in the box style. There is also...


Gameloft Outs Eternal Legacy Android Game, RPG ala-Final Fantasy

For RPG fanatics like me, the lack of Final Fantasy game for Android and its presence in the iPhone is probably a subject of envy. As of this writing, there are already three Final Fantasy games available for iPhone - still none for Android. And we don't know for sure when Square will finally noticed the growing number of Android RPG fans, but ho...

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app "YUKKURI" Game logo



Stage clear data and the order data are reset when updating it from Ver1.0 to Ver1.1. Please note it. The world ranking data is maintained."YUKKURI" Game...

app EarGame Tier 1 logo

EarGame Tier 1


EARGAME DIRECTIONSEarGame is a complete course of training in melodic and harmonic interval identification. EarGame is based on a controlled study, conducted by the author, involving freshman college ...

app Tic Tac Toe – Pro logo

Tic Tac Toe – Pro


Best and most downloadable Tic Tac Toe game, with 10+ million downloads! Get it now for free!Tic Tac Toe is classic free professional game also known as noughts or crosses.??? Don't miss - Tic Tac Toe...

app R2D2 Space Resque logo

R2D2 Space Resque


The aim of each level is to rescue the Yoda who is held at the end, simply by walking into them. However, actually getting to the Yoda is easier said than done. You can move left and right by tap the...

app Phase Out! logo

Phase Out!


Original price of $.99 for a limited time!Not ready to buy? Try out the ad-supported Phase Out Free!We are now releasing the beta version of our online multiplayer system! What does this mean? The gam...

app Baseball Scoreboard logo

Baseball Scoreboard


The days of placing rocks on the bleacher seats to keep score are over! Whether the game you're attending doesn't have a working scoreboard, or you just like following along for yourself, this Basebal...

app Score Card, Rummy (Paid) logo

Score Card, Rummy (Paid)


Charm your Rummy playmates with this Score Card, Rummy App. Put paper, pencil and math to rest and let the App manage the game for you. Attach your device to TV or Projector and you will put stop to q...

app Score Card, Gin Rummy logo

Score Card, Gin Rummy


All Gin Rummy game lovers, put paper, pencil and math to rest and let the Score Card, Gin Rummy App manage the game for you. Attach your device to TV or Projector and you will put stop to questions li...


Kingdom Rush Review: Orcs and Trolls and Yetis, Oh My!

Kingdom Rush Review: Orcs and Trolls and Yetis, Oh My! Kingdom Rush is a mythical themed Tower Defense game that puts you to work saving a kingdom from trolls, giant spiders, and other beastly creatures. The game plays out like every other TD game we’ve played as you’ll have to set up towers to keep the evil sorcerer’s troops from advancing – style and substance is what makes Kingdom Rush stand...

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Put your Strategizing Skills to the Test with Kingdom Rush for Android

kingdom.rush-androidYou don’t have to look hard to find a tower defense game on Google Play, but you have to dig a little to find great ones. Well, we got a “great” one last week when Ironhide Game Studios released Kingdom Rush for Android, and if you’re looking for an epic tower defense game, look no further…Kingdom Rush takes a mythical approach to things ...

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