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Mobile Connectivity Drives Online Gambling Revenue

Online gambling first launched in the 90’s and has been slowly but steadily increasing its revenue each year. Although, there are certain events that fuel surges in online gambling revenue, which are mostly tied to technological breakthroughs. Like, in the 2,000’s when Google became the preferred search engine, online gambling saw a spike in re...

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app Watch wwe live streaming logo

Watch wwe live streaming


Featuring WrestleMania 29 live streaming on 7th April..Don't miss out the live action!Watch wwe live stream is a free app on which you can watch all wrestling games live on your phone or tablet. Girls...

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My CheckBook (Free)


*** Version 14 Uploaded - Account Reconcile Functionality Added ***In order to access Account Reconcile Screen:1. Click on the account in the accounts list2. Once on the account details screen (where ...

app Millionaire Market Tips Vol 1 logo

Millionaire Market Tips Vol...


Being the best means taking cues from the best. When it comes to membership sites, the best include such big shots as,, YouTube, MySpace and more. Here are 5 secrets of the...

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Reflects the needs of both the advertisers and the users and allows broad expansion of the universal advertising platform.Gain Expected from a partnership with ADmobi New revenue streams and business ...


HTC to Custom ROM Makers…STOP!!!

[caption id="attachment_19737" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="ZOMG...Can you believe someone would steal this hard work? LOL"][/caption] If you didn't know about the custom ROM making community for Android phones then you've either been living under a huge rock or you are just  not concerned with rooting your phone. Essentially custom R...

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app Ingenious Med logo

Ingenious Med


NOTE: This application is free for all users already implemented on Ingenious Med’s software solutions. If you have any problems accessing the application or logging in, please contact your Account ...

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With gogoyoko on Android you can stream all the awesome music we have at! The app offers for free exclusive mixtapes made of our music genius staff. To get the whole gogoyoko-andro...

app ChargeBar – MIUI Battery Bar logo

ChargeBar – MIUI Batt...


ChargeBar is a highly-customizable, completely-free MIUI battery bar application for ANY Android device on ANY ROM, with or without root! Just pick a color (or set of colors), position, height and go!...

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Business Plan B


Do you need a business plan that works?Business Plan B will help you create your…• Business Plan Summary• Company Mission• Company Vision• Company Goals• Target Customer • Baseline Measu...

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Osplay Trial


Osplay has entered maintenance mode due to poor revenue. No further enhancements are planned and only critical bug fixes will be released. Please use e-mail if something is broken.----------Promotio...