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app Piano Holic(rhythm game)-free logo

Piano Holic(rhythm game)-fr...


The piano holic will provide you the best quality of sound and pleasure you've never experienced before.You can play about more than 100 songs at each level, such as child songs and famous classics fo...

app Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game logo

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game


StepMania/DDR/osu! for AndroidThis is the FINAL version of Beats. If you wish to try out any older version, you can download them at development will co...

app RhythmCoin! [Free Coin game] logo

RhythmCoin! [Free Coin game...


It's finally here! The sequel to the long-running hit "Sparkle Drop!", the second no-registry-required, free coin game "Rhythm Coin!""Rhythm Coin!" is a free coin game, i...

app RhythMiko(Lite) Music Game logo

RhythMiko(Lite) Music Game


Rhythm action games "RhyrhMiko" ~ This is the story of a dog and a mysterious shaman.~| 【Application Summary】Main character, Shuzune schoolgirl. Shuzune is cute. Goro is a mystery dog. ...

app PSY Gangnam Style: The Game logo

PSY Gangnam Style: The Game


??? Get ready! Launched Gangnam Style : The Game ???Do you like SEXLADY! Off course, because Psy 's rule!!! You're FAN of Gangnam style - Psy? So play it! ???You control the Korean artist PSY using y...

app Crusher bomb (bomb game) logo

Crusher bomb (bomb game)


This app is a "crusher" bomb bomb game.It is a game with a sense of exhilaration that will continue to destroy the bomb.The degree of difficulty, change speed of falling bombs.Game will be c...


Crescent Moon Games releases Zen Training for Android

Crescent Moon Games is on a roll. Yesterday we talked about Slingshot Racing, and today we’re back to let you know about Zen Training their new puzzler that’s all about mana stones and maple trees. Zen Training is a puzzle game set in a Japanese Zen Garden with a single Maple Tree and “pads” on the ground. The Maple tree is full of color...

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app Rhythmic Thumbs logo

Rhythmic Thumbs


Waking up in Africa, distant tribal songs filling the air ... and your heart feels the need of beating in harmony with a certain song.A rhythm that your thumbs follow in a mechanical, hypnotical way, ...

app Orgazma (virtual sexy game) logo

Orgazma (virtual sexy game)


*** TRY ORGAZMA + (PREMIUM VERSION): NO ADS, MORE VOICES, MORE GESTURES : -40 % LAUNCHING PROMOTION ! ***Orgazma is an erotic rhythm game and a cool party game.You only need to shake your phone vertic...

app RhythmBot FREE logo

RhythmBot FREE


*RythymBot just had his Voice Synthesizer fixed! Now you can hear his sarcastic comments! What fun! Do you fancy yourself as musically talented? Have you ever thought a Musical Genius lurks beneath yo...


Get Down with Gamelion Studios Boom Beats for Android

Boom Beats is a new Android game from Gamelion Studios that lets you break out the beats in a club setting as you try and hit the right rhythm to get the high scores. If you're into musical games or games that require keen reflexes Boom Beats might just be the game for you. Boom Beat is a rhythm game similar to Rock Band where you’ll have to...

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app けんけんぱby Hangame logo

けんけんぱby Hangame



app RhythmTAP logo



RhythemTAP is a simple rhythm matching game.Tap the screen to the rhythm.It can use also for training which develop your sense of rhythm. ----------------------------------------Produced by team710....

app Rhythm Action TAP SONIC logo

Rhythm Action TAP SONIC


★★ Tap Sonic wins App Award Korea 2011 "The Best Entertainment App of the Year" ★★ Tap, tap, tap and slide your fingers to the beat with TAP SONIC! TAP SONIC by Neowiz is the newest ...

app Rhythmic Thumbs Free logo

Rhythmic Thumbs Free


- Feel the beat, follow the rhythm. Easy and challenging, touching and hypnotical.- Play the djembé through 10 amazing levels.- African voices and tribal magical chorus and rhythms.- Simple but...

app Tri Rhythm logo

Tri Rhythm


This is an improved version of the "Twin Rhythm".You can play this game with favorite music.(*.mid or *.mp3)You can download the song data easily.This game support the multi-touch.If you wan...

app RhyrhMiko (Music Game) logo

RhyrhMiko (Music Game)


Rhythm action games "RhyrhMiko" ~ This is the story of a shaman and a mysterious dog.~| ?Application Summary?Main character, Shuzune schoolgirl. Shuzune is cute. Goro is a mystery dog. Figh...

app Twin Rhythm logo

Twin Rhythm


This is a game with the rhythm.You can play your favorite songs to select from a variety of songs. If you want to play your favorite songs, Put your music files to SD card. (path->"tryberts / ...

app RhythmTouch logo



"Rhythm touch" is a music game to the music to touch as for the panel. *Rule*Various color circle flows from side. You touch the button of the same color when entering it in the circle at th...

app RhythmTouch Lite logo

RhythmTouch Lite


"Rhythm touch Lite" is a music game to the music to touch as for the panel. *Rule*Various color circle flows from side. You touch the button of the same color when entering it in the circle ...

app Rhythm Bamba logo

Rhythm Bamba


We recommend free Rhythm Bamba before buying.1.A special feature of Rhythm Bamba: Real time music analysis game using MP3 files.2.Uploading videos: Search Rhythm Bamba in Youtube.3.Installing a g...

app Rhythm Bamba Free logo

Rhythm Bamba Free


We recommend free Rhythm Bamba before buying.This version is limited in time.1.A special feature of Rhythm Bamba: Real time music analysis game using MP3 files.2.Uploading videos: Search Rhythm B...

app Rhythm Racer 2 logo

Rhythm Racer 2


The #1 iOS music game in 67 countries! Get Rhythm Racer 2 for Android if you like to ROCK and GO FAST! It's like Guitar Hero crossed with your favorite racing game. Keep the music playing and rack ...

app Tour Tempo Golf – Total Game logo

Tour Tempo Golf – Tot...


Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University. The Total Game...

app DJ Hero Wallpapers logo

DJ Hero Wallpapers


DJ Hero Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationDJ Hero is a music video game, developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision as a rhythm game spin-off of the Guitar Hero franchise. It was released o...

app RingSync logo



A music rhythm game that uses your OWN music.FEATURES:- Minimalistic Interface- Tapping based rhythm levels- Use your own music- Easily create your own levels for any song- Custom colors- User account...

app Music Hero logo

Music Hero


Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm game that you can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rock and re...


Save Humanity with your Drumming Skills in Flow a Space Drum Saga for Android

We’ve seen our fair share of tap rhythm games this year, but it’s always nice to see something fresh like Flow – A Space Drum Saga from Spaceware. Flow is a "space drumming game" which is a first, but it’s also a space drumming game with a storyline where you'll get to save some little aliens. The story behind Flow – A Space Drum Saga ...

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