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app Gangsta Roshambo TV logo

Gangsta Roshambo TV


Tired of playing Roshambo with a rock, paper, and scissors? Then grab a gun, strap on your vest, and pick up your best blade, 'cause Gangsta Roshambo means business.Gangta Roshambo allows you to choo...

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Roshambomb (Free)


Roshambomb follows the story of @Je55ica and @Barbacoa as they attempt to overthrow the Sentients, a cabal of rogue robots who have reprogrammed themselves for world dominance. Hack your way through ...

app Roshambo logo



Roshambo lets you test your Rock-paper-scissors skills against a whimsical android opponent.Keywords: Rock-paper-scissors, Roshambo, Janken, Jankenpon...

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Word Up Dog


A lost puppy finds himself stuck underground, and must dig his way out while spelling words with the letters he finds. Find your way to the bottom of 7 unique levels, collecting items and bonuses and ...


RPS Academy: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Android Game Review

RPS Academy: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Android Game Review Overview RPS Academy is not your typical Android game. It’s fun and it’s also very, very frustrating. It’s also the first Android game I’ve played where I actually bought more “tokens” to use when mine ran out. In case you haven’t figured it out, the RPS stand for Rock, Paper, Scissors. In real life, I’m a master of Roshambo an...

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app R:P:S Academy logo

R:P:S Academy


Rock Paper Scissors Academy lets you play this classic strategy game online with your friends on the Skiller network anywhere in the world.First to 5 wins the match!Your friends may call it:RoshamboRP...

app RPS-Lizard-Spock logo



The eternal struggle continues! Battle against a computer-controlled opponent for supremacy on the field of fisticuffs. Do YOU have what it takes to emerge victorious?Popularized in 2008 by "The ...

app RoSham Randomizer logo

RoSham Randomizer


Tired of losing at Rock-Paper-Scissors? This simple app will give you a random list of what to throw. Touch any text on the screen to get a new list. This is not a game, so don't expect one. It wi...