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RPS Academy: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Android Game Review

RPS Academy: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Android Game Review Overview RPS Academy is not your typical Android game. It’s fun and it’s also very, very frustrating. It’s also the first Android game I’ve played where I actually bought more “tokens” to use when mine ran out. In case you haven’t figured it out, the RPS stand for Rock, Paper, Scissors. In real life, I’m a master of Roshambo an...

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R:P:S Academy


Rock Paper Scissors Academy lets you play this classic strategy game online with your friends on the Skiller network anywhere in the world.First to 5 wins the match!Your friends may call it:RoshamboRP...

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Pirate Adventures 2


Pirate Adventures 2, the second part of the gripping game Pirate Adventures series, is a new adventure full of dangers and risks. This time, the desperate pirate Sharpshooter Jack will encounter the u...