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Crush the Monsters Review

Crush the Monsters Review Crush the Monsters is another Android game made for those of you who love medieval times, monsters and dragons, sorcerers and kings. As you can imagine, this is a fun game to play when boredom strikes, being very well designed and with awesome graphics. This funny looking arcade game monetizes on the eternal struggle between good and evil an...

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Coooby The Run, Made in Japan!

Coooby The Run, Made in Japan! Nobody can be told what Coooby is! What can I say about Coooby The Run, besides being made in Japan and released by a company with the improbable name of Arithmetic? Yes, it sounds like Logan's Run, that old school cult movie from the seventies, and just like that movie, it's a race game. Well, this is a very weird looking game indeed, but th...

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RunMaga, The Casual Android Game From Gewii Mobile

RunMaga, The Casual Android Game From Gewii Mobile RunMaga, the Casual Android Game Today I will present you, Android lovers everywhere, with the latest game from Gewii Mobile, called RunMaga and marketed as the first casual game in the Android market. A bold statement if you ask me, but just take your time, visit Google Play Store and download/install the game and you'll see what they're talkin...

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Beware of Virus Shield, the Paid but Fake Anti Virus Android App on Google Play

virus shield Virus Shield, the First Paid But Fake Antivirus Android App on Google Play Store   Virus Shield is one beautiful, cool sounding and paid for Android app, available on Google Play,which comes with great promises : it will save you from those pesky viruses from the Internets, it will speed up your droid, it will bring sunshine on your stre...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Be Available Starting from Q1 2014

galaxy s5 According to the Korean news site ETNews, Samsung is working relentlessly on their new Android flagship, the Galaxy S5. According to industry insiders, Samsung is already preparing its  assembly lines for the new smart device, which is rumored to begin mass production starting from January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to hit the she...

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Candy Crush Game Tips & Hints

indexCandy Crush has rapidly become one of the most popular mobile games ever created. It features hundreds of levels of fun and is quite an addicting game. Many people wastes hours a day playing Candy Crush. Well, there is now a website out there that can help you beat those hellish levels you aren't able to get passed. Candy Crush Tips is a website th...

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The Nexus 5 Spotted in a Bar, Launching Date Rumored to be October 14

nexus A few days ago, in a bar, an employee from Google left unattended a device which hasn’t been announced yet and appears to be the heir to the Nexus throne, the 5th one from the series, to be more precise. A barkeeper took advantage of those moments and, besides taking a peek, he took some pictures and recorded a few clips of it, revealing that...

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Android Firefox Zero Day Exploit on Sale by Russian Hacker

android A Russian black-hat hacker that goes under the name of "fil9" just created a Zero Day exploit for Android Firefox and more than that, he let it go out in the wild, by putting it on sale in an Open Exploit market. According to its creator, this Zero Day vulnerability in the Firefox for droids works for the 23-24-26 (Nightly) versions of the b...

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Can we really trust Google?

google When I'm asked if I trust Google, I have to say that trust doesn't come by default, it has to be earned first. In the beginning, we all trusted the good ol' Google with our private data, because they promised they will keep it secure. Fair warning, it's not only Google in this position, but they are THE tech company, the giant, the alpha and om...

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Retro Runners Review

Retro Runners Review Tired of the playing endless runners that all look the same? If so, you’ll welcome Countryside Games Retro Runners, a new running game with a cool 8-bit style. The controls behind Retro Runners are simple as you swipe the left side of the screen to change lanes and tap the right side to jump. As you’re on a track, you’ll have to jump over hu...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Use the Snapdragon 800 SoC

galaxy note 3 Rumor has is that the soon to be announced phablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3, will run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 instead of their in-house made Exynos 5 Octa system on chip. The story was leaked by ETNews, which claims it has sources inside the company that revealed Samsung still has problems manufacturing its Exynos 5 Octa processo...

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The LG G Pad Specs Leaked, Rumored to be Revealed at IFA 2013

g pad After the guys from LG experienced an unfortunate lack of success with their previous tablets, we should be prepared for the arrival of a new warrior for facing their competitors from the world of tablets, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the LG G Pad. The rumor about the G came from a Greek blog that specializes in tech related stuff. This ga...

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At Last, the LG G2 is Here, Running on Snapdragon 800 as Advertised

lg g2 The latest flagship from the Koreans is now official, as the Optimus branding was abandoned, enters LG G2. Featuring a 5.2 inches wide screen, the LG G2 is a tad bigger than your regular flagship smartphone. But the resolution remained the same, at 1920x1080 pixels. The display panel is an IPS LCD with an impressive brightness measured at ...

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app Guide Peru logo

Guide Peru


The exhibition of the Montreal Fine Arts Museum, on which this application is based entitled Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon contains over 300 artworks and artifacts from private and public collect...

app Brussels Travel Guide logo

Brussels Travel Guide


Brussels: Discover the highlights with tripwolf, your personal travel guide! Follow the recommendations of the tripwolf community and get tips from experienced travel writers. The app includes maps (a...


Rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 There аrе rumоrѕ аbоut the Sаmѕung Galaxy Nоtе 3 аnd whаtеvеr information is available оn thiѕ рhоnе iѕ mere ѕресulаtiоn. Evеn the Sаmѕung Mobile is tight lipped, whеn questioned about thе release dаtе оf this Smаrtрhоnе. Iѕ it juѕt a Smаrtрhоnе that реорlе are wаiting fоr? Nо nоt аt аll. I...

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World’s First True Octa Core Processor Revealed by Mediatek

True Octa Core Processor Mediatek just made public its latest high end CPU, world's first True Octa Core Processor / SoC, that's an eight core  system on chip folks. I know, you may say that's nothing new, just remember Samsung's Exynos Octa, does it ring a bell Chris? Well, the system on chip marketed by Samsung Electronics as being an eight core CPU is actually...

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app Forum *BETA* logo Forum *BETA*


By popular demand, an application has been made to help users of Android phones interface to the forums. User's of the forum have been requesting an alternative to the web interface of th...

app Russell Westbrook LWP logo

Russell Westbrook LWP


Have the explosive and high energy Russell Westbrook go wild on your background with this active live wallpaper. Russell Westbrook is an American professional basketball player who currently plays fo...

app Run Infinity LITE logo

Run Infinity LITE


*150 is maximum Speed in LITE EditionYou play as Bash who is trapped in a computer simulation.Your goal: Run as fast as you can.Purchase the full version for $0.99 for:-Unlimited play time-Ability to ...

app Russian Dictionary Box logo

Russian Dictionary Box


AN AMAZINGLY FREE, OFFLINE, COMPREHENSIVE, POWERFUL MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARY APP FOR RUSSIAN AND RUSSIAN LEARNERS !!! ********************************************************** "With me, If Lingoe...

app Truck License 2 Lite logo

Truck License 2 Lite


You can drive a car, You drive a bike but can you drive a truck? Test your skills as you help your small town by delivering the essentials across the town in 3D!Take your blue truck on an adventure as...

app Camino de Santiago Forum logo

Camino de Santiago Forum


The Camino de Santiago forum was started in 2004 and has since answered more than 15.000 questions from pilgrims all over the world. This app gives you the same content as you would find on the web si...

app Say it with Ruzzle logo

Say it with Ruzzle


Send your message with a touch of originality by using the game of the moment: RuzzleChoose the word that you want and save the generated image on your photo library or send it by email....

app Boston Hockey Schedule Bruins logo

Boston Hockey Schedule Brui...


Simple Boston Hockey Schedule - Bruins edition. Over 800 wicked die hard Bruins fans have downloaded this very small, fast app shows a simple Bruins schedule with TV and radio listings. So when you ar...

app Learn Russian Phrasebook Pro logo

Learn Russian Phrasebook Pr...


Learn Russian is an easy to use mobile Russian Phrasebook that will give visitors to Russia and those who are interested in learning Russian a good start in the language. Learn Russian is recorded usi...

app Fruit Cutter logo

Fruit Cutter


Fruit CutterClick on the screen, hit flying fruits with knife.The game offers three modes:1. Death Mode: three missed opportunities, and that is the end of the game. Score a hundred on the restoration...

app Affaire date seitensprung logo

Affaire date seitensprung

1(1) ist ein Dating Seitensprung und Affaire Portal....

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