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Ruffled: Feathers Rising


*** IMPORTANT NOTE ***Please try out the FREE demo version of Ruffled: Feathers Rising to ensure device compatibility and that performance is acceptable!Browser Link:

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Play the game that makes pooping on people socially acceptable, not to mention hilarious! Experience a story of home and freedom lost, of human encroachment and deforestation through the eyes of one b...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – August 12, 2011

Time again for the Top 10 Android Apps of the week. 1. Greedy Spiders Greedy Spiders is a great new game from Blyts mobile that puts you to work saving your bugs from some very greedy spiders. These spiders are hungry, and you’ll have to prevent them from reaching your little bugs by using decoys or through cutting and burning the webs. With lots...

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