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At Last, the LG G2 is Here, Running on Snapdragon 800 as Advertised

lg g2 The latest flagship from the Koreans is now official, as the Optimus branding was abandoned, enters LG G2. Featuring a 5.2 inches wide screen, the LG G2 is a tad bigger than your regular flagship smartphone. But the resolution remained the same, at 1920x1080 pixels. The display panel is an IPS LCD with an impressive brightness measured at ...

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Android 4.3-running HTC One Google Play edition spotted at the Bluetooth SIG

HTC One Google Edition The HTC One Google Play edition running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has apparently been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG. According to the available documentation, the HTC PN071xx_Android4.3_G has received certification on July 5, with the application having been filed on June 18. PN071 is the model number of the HTC One, and that “G” most likely descr...

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HP Slate 21 announced, its an All-In-One Desktop running Android OS

hp slate 21 With so many Android tablets getting released day-in, day-out, we really couldn't blame HP  for coming out with the HP Slate 21 . Why so, well that's because, this baby is an All-In-One dekstop which surprisingly runs on Android 4.2 OS. Yes, you read it correctly, it's not your regular desktop OS, but an OS built for mobile devices. So, with th...

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The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Is Now Official, Running on JellyBean 4.2

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Just yesterday, I showed you pictures of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, today it's official, as Samsung just made it public. This device is the latest  in the mid-range portfolio of Android running smartphones from the Korean company. As I told you before, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is looking very similar to its predecessors and its kin fro...

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5.9-inch Key Lime Pie-running HTC T6 to challenge Galaxy Note 3, report says

Key Lime PieA new report reveals that the rumored HTC T6 could be a Key Lime Pie-running 5.9-inch handset meant to compete directly against the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung.From the start we’ll remind you that this is just a rumor for now, and we have no way of confirming anything at this time, so make sure you take it with a grain of salt.The Unlock...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Confirmed, Running on Android and with Intel Atom Chip

samsung galaxy tab 3 According to an insider in the industry, Samsung  Galaxy Tab 3  will be released soon, running on Android OS. But what is very interesting is the CPU chosen by Samsung to power the tablet. Despite the fact that Samsung has a line of in-house made processors,  the Exynos,they have chosen Intel's Atom mobile processor to equip their latest gadge...

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Android 4.3 Running on Nexus 4 Leaked at Mobile Show

Android 4.3 The latest  Android 4.3 OS was spotted at a mobile show held in Thailand, the Thailand Mobile Expo 2013, by 2 XDA Developers forum members, namely challeen and innocent 36. Obviously these are their forum nicknames and these lucky bastards managed to be in the perfect spot in the nick of time. They were able to see the white whale, I mean Andr...

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app Running Frog logo

Running Frog


Frog jumping is a fun game that you can have a good time making fun in high positions punctuation to go up in the ranking.Enjoy getting to the highest positions in the global online ranking, will you ...

app Angry Gran Run – Running Game logo

Angry Gran Run – Runn...


Take to the streets with ANGRY GRAN RUN! GAME LICENSED from Play the original game here Granny has been locked away in the Angry Asylum by Fred t...


Vector Review: Running from the Man has never been this Fun…

Vector Review: Running from the Man has never been this Fun… Some running games have you run through the jungle while others take a far more different approach. Vector from Nekki falls into the latter category, and it’s one of the more intense running games that we’ve come across. Vector takes place in a dystopian future where everyone’s a mindless sheep working for the man. You take control of an offi...

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Pitfall the father of endless running game comes available for Android

Before Temple Run and other endless running games, there was Pitfall Harry which was quite a phenomenon in the Atari 2600 sometime in the 1980s. Well, guess what, said game has just been made available on Google Play and ready to be played on your Android devices. Rebuilt from the ground up to better suit today's mobile gaming standards, Pitfall t...

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app Running Mate logo

Running Mate


This simple app will help you keep track of your regular runs! Just enter the distance you just run and how much time it took, and it will store it for future reference, as well as:1. calculate your a...

app Phone Running logo

Phone Running


Sooner or later, everyone asks themselves: Is my phone running? Is it turned on? You won't have to ask yourself these questions ever again! Phone Running can check this for you, even if you don't have...

app Keep Running logo

Keep Running


Keep Running avoid basketball...

app Battery LED Running Man logo

Battery LED Running Man


- Please Touch screen hold in ~.- Choose a widget.- LED battery widget Choose Running Man.- The battery level changes depending on the Running Man.- Running the LED screen is pressed man. Wi-Fi, GPS, ...

app [GE] running bear logo

[GE] running bear


Beguiling simple 50-meter dash.Ran Dolly bear the touch of a button.Summon rabbit finger winning now!Cute teddy bear me by force? According to the gold medal!When bored or when children do not use....


Hit the Ground Running with the Nike+ Running App for Android

Overview Running is a great way to stay in shape, and if you’ve seen Zombieland you know how important Cardio is as a rule. If you like to run (and wear Nikes) the Nike+ Running Android app is really the only app for you as it can handle all your needs and help you meet your goals. Nike+ Running uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to ...

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app Nike+ Running logo

Nike+ Running


Nike+ Running just got even more motivating. Now you can add friends and see how you stack up. Keep tabs on who's logging the most runs and miles, then get out there and beat them. - From the trail ...


Nike+ Running App Reaches Google Play, Free for Your Android Device

One of the most popular running app for iPhone users, Nike+ Running app is also now available for Android phones. In case you haven't heard of this app before, well it connects seamlessly to and allows you to track, share and compare your running stats from anywhere, anytime. Nike+ Running App fro Android also features a smooth, int...

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app Ron R. Running logo

Ron R. Running


Ron R. Running is a fast paced retro styled 2D platform jumper. The protagonist, Ron R. Running, is escaping from the only place he knows about: The super secret research facility (SSRF). Now he needs...

app Ron R. Running Free logo

Ron R. Running Free


Ron R. Running is a fast paced retro styled 2D platform jumper. The protagonist, Ron R. Running, is escaping from the only place he knows about: The super secret research facility (SSRF). Now he needs...

app Running Playlist 1.2 logo

Running Playlist 1.2


Running Playlists is the best source for music for runners everywhere. SPECIAL PRICING FOR THE APP LAUNCH: THIS PRICE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR MUCH LONGER, GET THE APP TODAY! This app offers over 50 ...

app RunningCadence logo



RunningCadence is the app for runners who want to achieve for fast and steady running cadence.RunningCadence detects how many steps per minute and gives you real time voice feed back during your worko...

app List Running App Processes logo

List Running App Processes


Lists all the running app processes. You can find more details by clicking the process. You can sort the lists ascending or descending by selecting sort option in the menu.You can refresh the list to ...

app OnTheMove: For Jogging/Running logo

OnTheMove: For Jogging/Runn...


OnTheMove is a handy application you can use to record your jogs/runs. Items recorded are route traveled, distanced traveled, calories burned, average speed, average minutes per miles/km, and duration...

app OnTheMove Lite Jogging/Running logo

OnTheMove Lite Jogging/Runn...


OnTheMove Lite is a handy application you can use to record your jogs/runs. Items recorded are route traveled, distanced traveled, calories burned, average speed, average minutes per miles/km, and dur...

app Running Schedule logo

Running Schedule


NOW ON SALE!!!Simple app which creates running schedule for you. You can set the race you want to train for and app will create daily running schedule. Check the screenshots to check app's features....

app The Aotan’s running calendar logo

The Aotan’s running c...


This is the 2nd series of the calendar wallpaper which the cat Aotan which wore boots runs about! 2 kinds of simple wallpaper with 8 colors are prepared. 3 kinds of fish, each speeds different.Please...

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