Samsung’s Foldable Phone

For years rumors have been circulating about a foldable phone from Samsung. Ever since the company displayed its flexible screen prototypes. 6 years after the CES event held in Los Vegas [...]

Samsung Galaxy Discover runs stock Android

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Samsung has been known to apply its very own TouchWiz interface on top of Google’s Android OS. For better or for worse, the TouchWiz does impact many potential buyers. Samsung Galaxy Discover is [...]

Retro Projector LWP


Retro Projector Live Wallpaper.Are you intrigued by a vintage film projector? If so, try the Retro Projector Live Wallpaper. The Retro Projector Live Wallpaper lets you turn your Android phone [...]

Pecan – Samsung GALAXY Camera


Pecan is the best camera for Facebook users. ? The only camera app that lets you create and organize your photos in different albums ? The only camera app that upload automatically to Facebook ? [...]

Here is the new HTC One Mini

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After the HTC One hit the markets and it was a huge success with impressive sales figures, we were all expecting  the new HTC One Mini, which was rumored countless times but until now, it was all [...]

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