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app Creaks Scraps FX logo

Creaks Scraps FX


Creaks Scraps FX simulator contains 24 sounds professionally recorded. Get ready for an amazing Creaks Scraps experience! All the recordings are done in a professional studio. For hearing the mind blo...

app Stewie Scraps & the Easy Rider logo

Stewie Scraps & the Eas...


The Stewie Scraps series is ideal for reluctant boy readers, but other children will love the stories as well. Stewie Scraps does not do sport. He has not got any time for sums or things like that, bu...

app GingerScraps logo



The GingerScraps App will keep you up to date on the latest, fresh baked goodies from the friendliest place in digiland. Created for the beginner or experienced digi scrapper and packed full of tips a...


Adobe scraps work to bring Flash apps to iPhone – CNET

Adobe scraps work to bring Flash apps to iPhoneCNETAndroid based phones have been doing well behind the success of the Motorola Droid and Nexus One, and there are a number of Android based tablets slated to ...Flash 10.1 Player still set to launch in first half of 2010T3Adobe is done with the iPhoneDigitAdobe stops investment to iPhone OS, Apple Ji...

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Google Facing Backlash: China Unicom Scraps Google From Android Phones –

CBC.caGoogle Facing Backlash: China Unicom Scraps Google From Android PhonesTimesNewsline.comUnicom is working closely with handset manufacturing firms to develop Android phones. The Financial Times reports that Unicom will not interfere in the ...China Unicom won't use Google on Android phonesMarketWatchUnicom Bars Google Search From Android H...

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Google scraps China leg of Nexus One event: source – Reuters

ReutersGoogle scraps China leg of Nexus One event: sourceReutersA model demonstrates a Nexus One smartphone, the first mobile phone Google will sell directly to consumers based on its Android platform, after a news ...Google Nexus One OLED Display Shoot-OutVizWorld.comWhy is Apple taking away my iPhone pornography?PW-Philadelphia Weekly (blog)Motor...

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app Grocery Ultimate logo

Grocery Ultimate


Grocery Ultimate(tm) gives you a fast and efficient way to complete your grocery shopping tasks. Whether it's making your list by simply speaking product names, tracking the cost of items, or navigati...

app Libro: Don Quijote logo

Libro: Don Quijote


TÍTULO: El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la ManchaAUTOR: Miguel de CervantesIDIOMA: EspañolTIPO: Libro"Don Quijote" o también conocido como "El Quijote"es, ...

app Rag Doll Wallpapers logo

Rag Doll Wallpapers


Rag Doll Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationA rag doll is a children's toy. It is a cloth figure, a doll traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material. They are one of the most...

app Frases Twitter logo

Frases Twitter


"Frases de Twitter" es una aplicación que contiene una excelente recopilación con cientos de tweets y frases para Twitter graciosas e ingeniosas de sus usuarios para el disfrute de todos y...

app Cologne Carnival Wallpapers logo

Cologne Carnival Wallpapers


Cologne Carnival Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe fifth season of the year for the residents of Cologne is the carnival, which starts at exactly 11 hours 11 minutes 11 November each year. The holid...

app Altered Upcycling Craft Studio logo

Altered Upcycling Craft Stu...


Download the most amazing crafting application for your mobile phone today. Get access to craft projects, videos and tutorials that teach you innovative techniques. Turn soda cans into jewelry and car...

app 공채의 명가 – 취업 사람인 logo

공채의 명가 – ...


공채의 명가 사람인에서 드디어 최고의 앱을 출시하였습니다.신입/경력직 공채 스케쥴, My 스크랩,1000대기업 속보, 맞춤설정으로구직활동에 만반의 준...

app A Duck Has An Adventure logo

A Duck Has An Adventure


You are a duck! What do you want?Maybe you want to embark on high adventure on the open seas, woo beautiful pirate queens and seek buried treasure?Maybe you want to get yourself an education, push bac...

app Recipe Mate logo

Recipe Mate


***** LIMITED INTRODUCTION OFFER *****To mark the release of Recipe Mate, FIRST 100 people get 50% off the price.Hurry to be the first 100!Tired of carrying small scraps of paper with the ingredients ...

app First Aid. logo

First Aid.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Basic First Aid ** FREE **+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Do YOU remember what you were taught back in the day about first aid? Any ideal what to do in a medical ...

app MMA HD logo



Introducing the most comprehensive MMA Video App available on your mobile device, featuring the latest VIDEO from the sports major outlets. APPLICATION TAB FEATURES: -MMANet -Fight Launch-MMA News 247...

app Fur Affinity Mobile (Beta) logo

Fur Affinity Mobile (Beta)

3.9(349) is not related to in any way. This is BETA software and will remain beta until FA provides an API or RSS feed. Go to our website for more information. Please remember to k...

app TilePlanner logo



Tileplanner allows you to calculate just how many tiles you need for your new floor or wall. The app can handle any area composed of rectangles, and calculates the optimal amount of tiles you need to ...

app Guinea Pig Sound Effects logo

Guinea Pig Sound Effects


The common guinea pig was first domesticated as early as 5000 BC for food by tribes in the Andean region of South America (present-day the southern part of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia), some ...

app Busy Bugs logo

Busy Bugs


Enter a world filled with a variety of incredibly life-like bugs inhabiting a number of diverse environments. Some critters are scavenging for scraps, others hunt for more juicy and lively prey.In thi...

app Pludum Dary logo

Pludum Dary


This is my entry for Ludum Dare #20. Ludum Dare challenges game developers to create a game in 48 hours, all by themselves.Defend the planet from waves of missiles. Don't crash or shoot it either. Tou...

app Busy Bugs deLite logo

Busy Bugs deLite


Enter a world filled with a variety of incredibly life-like bugs inhabiting a number of diverse environments. Some critters are scavenging for scraps, others hunt for more juicy and lively prey.In thi...

app PrayerWorks logo



Pray effectively. Remember people’s needs. Pray in an organized fashion. You can input data into the app anywhere. In a bible study, or prayer meeting, you can simply input the prayer needs quic...

app yezzar! logo



yezzar! is a location-based mobile application that makes towns easier to navigate and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smartphone app, users can share their location with frien...

app MMAWeekly Radio Weekend logo

MMAWeekly Radio Weekend


Formerly MMA Scraps Radio, MMAWeekly Radio Edition hits the Android! Same amazing content, with a new name! News feed is better than before and content will be constant!...

app Dieting Your Dog logo

Dieting Your Dog


Discover the Secrets of Proper Nutrition for Your Dog's Diet and Have Many More Happy Years Together!You know that your dog deserves the best and you are tyring to do everything in your power to make...

app Creative Culinary logo

Creative Culinary


Just about every family has a prized recipe, beloved as much for the memories it evokes of family get-togethers or a particular family member, as it is for its taste. Many families have many such reci...

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