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Chrome security features in Android? The boss, Sundar Pichai, says yes.

Sundar PichaiWhen Sundar Pichai took over as Android chief, it led so many of us to wonder what it all meant. Our initial concern was that Google would combine the two services. We tried to wrap our head around it, and figure out how it would work out. A Chrome-Android merger… was it possible? Would it make sense?After the initial dust-up, cooler heads pr...

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SPIE Conferences


Hold the program of all current and upcoming SPIE conferences, including Photonics West, Defense, Security, and Sensing, and Optics + Photonics, in the palm of your hand.Features:Search and browse pre...


Cryptographic bug in Android lets hackers create malicious apps with system access

cryptographic binary codeSecurity researchers have found a bug in Android which allows them to create malicious Android apps which appear to be genuine with the correct digital signatures. In computing, digital signatures allow any piece of data, including an app, to be checked to see that it is genuine and actually comes from the author. Now, due to a bug in Android, it i...

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Android Tech Can Hack a Plane

android smartphone can hack plane Android Smartphones Can Hack an Airplane So if you were already afraid to fly here’s a new reason to take the bus instead. The technology on your Android smartphone can actually give you the ability to hack a plane and even control it while it’s in the air. According to Teso Hugo while speaking at the Hack In The Box Security Conference, it is...

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Giggity (schedule viewer)


Browser for festival/conference schedules. Can load schedules published in iCal/xCal/Pentabarf formats, like FrOSCon, CCC/29C3, YAPC, FOSDEM and many more open source/security conferences.It can show ...


Google Glass Gets Police and Firefighters App

google glass   The Google Glass just got cooler, with a Police/Firefighters/First Responders App, courtesy of Mutualink. This proves the fact that Google Glass has lots of beneficial applications in real life scenarios, besides making your Facebook available when driving. Mutualink presented its Police app for Google Glass at APCO yesterday. APCO...

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This is the official conference application for SecureWorld Boston. Use this app to make the most of your event experience:* Meet and network with other attendees* Build a personal agenda* Find exhibi...


Google schedules two events for Chrome Mobile on June 7 and and June 13

Google-IO-2013 Chrome logo 6 1600 aa Not long after Google I/O, two livestreams have been scheduled on the Google Developers website. Both events are specifically created for Chrome Mobile, but beyond that, there’s a lack of details. However, you’ll be able to find out what they’re all about soon, with one of them set for June 7 at 1:00 p.m. EDT and the second sched...

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How to Hack Your Google Glass and Void Warranty in the Process

hack your google glass As soon as the controversial Google Glass gizmo was released into the wild for a few thousand pre-selected developers, the question of how to hack your Google Glass was obvious for every techie who put his filthy little hands on Google's finest. The story becomes very interesting now, as Google appears to slowly encourage the Google Glass develo...

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Android 4.3 appears on Google Developers Website

android 4.3 Just hours before the Google's keynote presentation at the I/O Conference 2013, the latest version of Android 4.3 was released into the wild, as it appeared when searched in Google Developers website. Since Google's main event for 2013 is about to begin shortly, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep quiet about all the news which are to be...

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app Motorola Atrix Survival Guide logo

Motorola Atrix Survival Gui...


The Atrix is one of Motorola's first 4G smartphones, packed full of new features and tools. The Motorola Atrix Survival Guide organizes the wealth of knowledge about the Atrix into one place, where it...

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SICUR, International Security Safety & Fire Exhibition, will be held in Feria de Madrid from 28 February to 2 March, is the meeting place for Security & Safety professionals with more relevanc...

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Lync 2010


IMPORTANT: Microsoft Lync 2010 for Android requires a Lync Server or Office365/Lync Online account and will not work without it. If you are unsure about your account status, please contact your IT dep...

app CARTES 2012, Exhibition and Co logo

CARTES 2012, Exhibition and...


MyCARTES is the official App for CARTES, the world’s leading event in Smart Solutions for Security, Payment, Identification & Mobility, which will take place the 6th, 7th and 8th November 2012 n...

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IBM SmartCloud Meetings


Don't miss another meeting! Attend IBM SmartCloud online meetings from your mobile device and easily view live presentations, including shared desktop and slide presentations. IBM SmartCloud Meetings ...

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Services in version 1.0 on the Android Client:-Video Call between Android, MAC, PC users-Call, Free between Reltime users-Call, Roamingfree to other.-Contact upload from the telephone list and Reltime...

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Microsoft Partner Info


Get Microsoft partner resources, information, insights, tips, and more, delivered right to your phone, when and where you want it. Provides you with access to information and updates from sources such...


Motorola Officially Announces The LTE Capable DROID BIONIC

You thought AT&T would be the only carrier lucky enough to receive a high-end, awesome, smartphone from Motorola? Well, guess again, as Motorola introduced the DROID BIONIC this afternoon at its keynote presentation. Since it is marketed under the DROID brand, it is going to launch on Verizon Wireless sometime in the early portion of Q2. U...

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WorkMobile Forms


WorkMobile Forms is designed for Android so that every non-office based worker can impact the business any time, any place. REGISTERRegister for your free account at Cre...