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According to Security Experts, Google Knows Your Wi-Fi Password

google Guess what, according to many security experts, Google already knows your Wi-Fi password. This is another scandal waiting to happen, as Android users are discovering one disturbing fact : when you're configuring your Google account on your new Android running smartphone/tablet, you may well discover that Google magically knows all the Wi-Fi pas...

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G7 Security


<div id="doc-original-text">The best Cyber Security app on the market for general and professional use.<p>Cyber Security Research and Global Information Security Services (Sectio...


Malicious Android Adware Found in Google Play Store Again

Once again (how many more times Google?!) internet security experts warned the Android community about apps downloaded millions of times from  Google's Play Store, lurking with malicious  Android adware. Once again (how many more times Google?!) internet security experts warned the Android community about apps downloaded millions of times from  Google's Play Store, lurking with malicious  Android adware. This is not the first time and certainly it's not the last time when malicious software/adware finds its home in the Play Store, but it l...

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5 Awesome Privacy Android Apps

Smartphones continue to gain popularity world-wide, and no operating system has seen more explosive growth than Android's OS. It's based on the same Linux kernel that's used in desktop PCs, and in itself is just as secure. However, the more data that is transmitted through the Internet through these devices, the greater the privacy and security con...

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Apple against the world – Macworld

ReutersApple against the worldMacworldBut the iPhone has ignited serious competition in the industry, with Google's Android operating system fueling a lot of innovation. Android market share is ...Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Won't Bother The Android MarketTechie BuzzSecurity Experts Flustered over iPadCTO Edge (blog)Headlines: Developers Releasing ...

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The Benefits of Mobile Trading

mobile tradingMobile trading is the latest facility available for investment and trading. It includes trading in stocks, forex and commodities. In the last couple of years, it has grown by leaps and bounds, bringing it into prominence. Telecommunication technology has improved rapidly because of which smartphones have become faster and more efficient. Apps are n...

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Beware of Android Apps Containing Malware Used To Mine Crytpocurrencies

android Android Apps Containing Malware According to Trend Micro, a Cyber Security company, millions of Android apps were downloaded, containing malware used to mine virtual coins, such as Dogecoin, Casinocoin and Litecoin. Some of those apps were actually downloaded from the Google Play Store and they contained a hidden mining code inside; when inst...

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The NSA & Comp Can Remotely Access Your PC Even When Turned Off or Offline

nsa I bet you did not know that, but the NSA and/or any other Government agency can get remote access over your computer, even when turned off. How about that? By remote access I mean that your privacy is zero, even if you're not connected to the internet or you have your hard drive encrypted. It doesn't matter. The Intel Core vPro CPU comes ...

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NSA Can Tap Into Your Android Smartphone Anytime They Want

nsa A new top secret document leaked by Edward Snowden  in the huge NSA privacy scandal now reveals another astounding fact : if you're a smartphone user, running on Android, iOS or BlackBerry OS, your private data can be tapped by the NSA at any time. The German newspaper Der Spiegel published the document which proves that the National Securi...

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Google, Facebook and Twitter are “Snooping” Through Your Private Emails Test Finds

facebook According to a confidentiality test result performed by High Tech Bridge, big corporations like Google, Facebook or Twitter failed to understand that Internet users are not very happy with their private emails being intercepted and scanned. High Tech Bridge is a cyber security company based in Switzerland and decided to test the confidential...

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Cisco Technical Support


The Cisco Technical Support mobile application provides access to Cisco's rich technical support content. Find solutions to your troubleshooting needs anywhere, anytime! Support contract owners can cr...

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CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep


Upward Mobility’s CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Practice Exam for Android is the app to help you achieve this valuable IT certification. With 291 detailed questions and answers, it’s perfect for the on...

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Locate My Phone Lite


This SECURE app works everywhere, even with no Internet connection. It will assist you in protecting your phone and tablet(*), and locate it if it has been misplaced, lost or stolen. By sending it an ...

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Randstad Job Search


Search for jobs from around the world with one app! Randstad - experts at matching people with companies that will develop their potential; and matching companies with people that will take their busi...

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E-commerce. MBA course


From outlining the fundamental realities and concepts driving E-commerce growth today, to delving into specific relevant themes such as e-marketing, commercial network security, and everything in betw...

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IS and IT for Managers. MBA


This application provides a practical information systems and technology analysis education for modern management professionals. It outlines the importance of properly utilizing databases, networking,...

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Put together by a band of IT ninjas, security professionals and hardcore gamers, Hak5 isn't your typical tech show. Hosts Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse take on hacking in the old-school sense, cove...

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R.OrgaMan - the practical daily organisation manager free of charge!The actual documentation and specifications you will find at* One-Touch Direct contacts for phone, SMS, email * V...

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She Inc.: A Wom… (本...


ISBN:E978189741532#【Limited offer】normally 1280⇒640yen (50%OFF) only for one year「She Inc.: A Woman's Guide to Maximizing Her Career Potential」Experts estimate that you will change not onl...