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Kairosoft releases Robotic Security Sim Kairobotica for Android

It’s always a good day whenever Kairosoft drops a new Android Game, but today is a great day as they’ve just released Kairobotica. It not only has the coolest name out of all their games, but it’s also shaping up to be the best of the bunch as well. Kairobotica is all about the Kairobot Corps which is a mass-produced army of robot polic...

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Apt for Catastrophe: How Mobile Apps Are Killing Your Cybersecurity

More and more companies are embracing ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘bring your own device’ policies to reduce operating costs, boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work in a way that makes sense to them. But while mobile devices are a great for working on the go, they could be putting your business at risk of cyberattack....

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Sony announces global rollout of my Xperia remote security service

my Xperia Some time earlier this year, Sony started testing its very own remote security service for smartphones, called Sony my Xperia. Fast forward a full five months, and now the company is gearing up to finally launch this service for Xperia smartphone users across the planet. In case you missed it, my Xperia is Sony’s attempt at making sure that ...

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The Facebook Android App Flawed With Security Issues

Facebook Android App If you're running on Android OS, as you probably are, since your're here reading the article, you should know that the Facebook Android App is fatally flawed when it comes to your online privacy. And even worse, Facebook doesn't seem to care much, but this is hardly news. I am sure you spend part of your free time on the Internet, courtesy of yo...

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Facebook Android app security flaw affects those who don’t even use the app

Facebook security flaw While it’s not clear just why the app would do this, or what purpose it has for doing so, the Facebook app for Android is taking your phone number the first time you open it up. Without even logging in, the app takes your number and stores it on the Facebook servers. You don’t need a Facebook account, or even initiate an action within the app....

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Today Only: Get a free lifetime license for security app, Cerberus

CerberusFor those of you that don’t have any type of mobile security app on your Android device, you should probably think about getting some kind of protection. After all, it’s nice to a little bit of recourse if your phone gets stolen, such as being able to SIM-lock your device, remote wipe it or even possibly track it.Of course many of these apps a...

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app MySimpleNotes-Akshay logo



Its note-pad application where you can keep your notes private by giving password.You can also turn security on or off. First setup password and use old (Default) password as ...

app FransiMobile logo



FransiMobile banking application is a free, convenient and user-friendly application, which allows you to perform virtually all your banking transactions straight from your mobile device. You will be ...

app Impala7 – Tablet Security logo

Impala7 – Tablet Secu...


Mobile protection has never been this powerful! With Impala7 mobile security application, your Android smartphone and tablet are constantly safeguarded from would-be disasters like robbery, data loss ...

app AirCover Security Suite logo

AirCover Security Suite


AirCover Security Suite is an all-in-one family & mobile security app. Protect your family with location tracking and Safe Region notifications. Locate and protect your lost or stolen device wit...

app Phone Locator and SIM Detector logo

Phone Locator and SIM Detec...


Phone locator, tracker and SIM card detector.. Lost your phone? Or want to track your love ones' where-about? Use this app.What the app can do1. Track your phone location using SMS.2. Detect SIM card ...

app Titanium™ Tablet Security logo

Titanium™ Tablet Security


Trend Micro Titanium™ Tablet Security for Android™ is the best protection for your digital mobile life. It protects your Android device from loss, malicious apps, and web threats.This version is o...

app Norton Security logo

Norton Security


Norton Mobile Security, die neue mobile Anwendung exklusiv von T-Mobile Austria mit verschiedenen Schutzfunktionen! Norton Security Funktionen im Überblick:- Anti-Phishing für Internet-Anwen...

app foneSherpa Mobile Security logo

foneSherpa Mobile Security


Fonesherpa is the ultimate cloud based mobile backup, anti-theft security and privacy protector software all in one service. The software has been built to ensure minimal battery life is consumed and ...

app TotalCare – Remote Security logo

TotalCare – Remote Se...


TotalCare - Remote Management,Anti-Theft,Security,Protection of Data,Privacy.Remotely :Change Sound ProfileDe/Activate Auto AnswerBackup Contacts/Call LogsTrack device (CellID/GPS)Wipe Memory,SMS,Logs...

app i-Security logo



i-Security is a free app specially built for Android power devices that allows you to remotely monitor live video from security cameras through Surveillance systems. Users can view multiple cameras si...

app Defenx Security Suite logo

Defenx Security Suite


Defenx Security is a suite of applications designed to protect your smartphone and the data it carries. Included in the suite is an anti-theft appliation , Defenx AntiTheft , Defenx AntiVirus and Defe...

app Bluetooth Security Chat logo

Bluetooth Security Chat


Most new service.Designed to communicate with your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates, families. Bluetooth Chat:A system with two functions of the connection. The standard unencrypted dat...

app UMU Mobile Security – Full logo

UMU Mobile Security –...


UMU Mobile Security is designed to protect your smartphone and the data it carries. The application includes all the features of our tried and tested antitheft, antivirus and antispam applications. Th...

app Total Password Security logo

Total Password Security


Total Password Security is designed with security in mind. It is a secure password generator and password strength checker. Coupled with comprehensive safety tips, this app makes for one powerhouse of...

app smapoke mobile security logo

smapoke mobile security


smapoke mobile security??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Android????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...

app BlackBelt Mobile Security logo

BlackBelt Mobile Security


Spring Special OfferBlackBelt Mobile Security is designed to protect your smartphone and the data it carries. The application includes all the features of our tried and tested antitheft, antivirus and...

app Quick Heal Mobile Security Fre logo

Quick Heal Mobile Security ...


Free Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and tablets. Fully-packed features and robust anti-theft. Best mobile security for Android. Highly-rated mobile phone security software (4.5 out of 5) FREE...

app Kindroid Security logo

Kindroid Security


Kindroid Security ensures a complex protection of mobile devices. The application provides the following functionality to the user:1. Network TrafficCapability to score 3G network and Wi-Fi network th...

app Clutch Mobile Security logo

Clutch Mobile Security


Simply the most advanced mobile security out there. Protect your personal privacy with Cloud Antivirus, App Protector (app locking), Locator and much more. Featured in numerous places including TechCr...

app KINGSOFT Mobile Securityパッケージ版 logo

KINGSOFT Mobile Securityパ...



app Simple Analytics Widget logo

Simple Analytics Widget


With Simple Analytics Widget you can follow your Google Analytics data at a glance, directly on the home screen of your device. For each of your websites, you can see the count of visits, the count of...

app Mobile Security logo

Mobile Security


Where is my phone? T-Mobile customers worried about misplacing their Android device can get peace of mind with Mobile Security. This phone locator App allows you to quickly find a lost or misplaced d...

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