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New Floating Touch app brings Chat Heads-like experience to your settings

Floating Touch Let’s not beat around the bush here, Facebook Home was an awful idea. Who really wants a full-time Facebook experience? Not very many people we’d wager. Not everything about Facebook Home is horrible, however. In fact, Facebook’s “Chat Head” notifications have proven popular enough to see several unofficial spin offs including the Float...

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Rosetta Course lets you Learn a Foreign Language on the Go

rosetta.stone-androidIf you’ve ever wanted to speak in a foreign language, Rosetta Stone has always been an excellent program to use. Rosetta Course is the company's foray in to the world of Android, and it’s hands down the best way to learn a foreign language on your mobile. Rosetta Course makes learning a foreign language a breeze as it teaches through pictures,...

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app Rosetta Course logo

Rosetta Course


Rosetta Course® brings the award-winning Rosetta Stone® language-learning method to Android devices, helping you build confidence as you learn...

app AntTek Quick Settings Pro logo

AntTek Quick Settings Pro


AntTek Quick Settings is a decent app to quickly alter device settings, launch apps, quick calls. XDA forum: "Plenty of setting apps, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level"** To...

app AntTek Quick Settings logo

AntTek Quick Settings


AntTek Quick Settings is a decent app to quickly alter device settings, launch apps, quick calls. XDA forum: "Plenty of setting apps, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level"** To...

app Massachusetts Map-Boston… logo

Massachusetts Map-Boston...


TS Go! Massachusetts (Boston) is a FULL and OFFLINE Tourist map of Massachusetts, United States. Some cities included in this version: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, New ...

app Hiring A Debt Settlement Firm logo

Hiring A Debt Settlement Fi...


In This Get Out Of Debt Guide We Have Covers Following Topics:3-Step Formula to Get Out Of Debt4 Debt Reduction Tips For You4 Keys To Freeing Yourself From Debt4 Smart Ways To Deal With Credit Card De...

app AGLC Structured Settlements logo

AGLC Structured Settlements


American General Life Company Structured Settlements mobile illustration software is a quick quote annuity price calculator designed to provide single benefit line quotes for appointed agents of Ameri...

app Settings Profiles – Free logo

Settings Profiles – F...


Load all your settings with one button click. Create custom profiles with different settings (wi-fi, bluetooth, vibrate mode, etc.), save them, and load them with a single button click. Look for the p...

app 1+  Power Save Setting logo

1+ Power Save Setting


One More Power Save (1+ Power Save Setting) LITE VersionIt is an simple and easy to use utility for adjusting your GPRS/3G connectivity and set Wifi sleep policy. This helps you to save battery power....

app Setting Wizard logo

Setting Wizard


Who needs smart actions when you have a setting wizard? Setting Wizard gives you complete control over common Android settings by allowing you to create profiles that automatically change your settin...

app iSettings logo



iSettings is a sort of quick-setting app which provides beautiful iPhone look-alike UI. Below are provided so that you can configure frequently used features within one scrollable screen.- Immediately...

app Settings Extended logo

Settings Extended


Settings Extended puts your favorite settings or application shortcuts to the notification bar and lets you access them quickly. You can instantly adjust Android settings even without leaving an appli...

app Goodev Wallpaper Setter logo

Goodev Wallpaper Setter


Goodev Wallpaper is a tool to set wallpaper using your favorite picture. Default, the Android system wallpaper will scroll with the home screen, if you don't like this feature you can disable it by ...

app OreSettings logo



OreSettings is a settings changing app.Some functions do not have an English label, so you need to know Japanese kanji.When the locale of your device is Chinese, Chinese hanzi is used."ore" ...

app i_Caltanissetta logo



The first free application on the city of Caltanissetta, where you will find many services, useful numbers, pharmacies, shops, weather, links to local television and radio, all in a single application...

app Mobile Network Settings logo

Mobile Network Settings


Shortcut to Mobile Network in Wireless & network settings.Set options for roaming networks, APNs....

app Auto Settings logo

Auto Settings


Auto Settings apply setting for each applications or when system status, automatically.This app is Full version.You can add settings as you like.In Full version you can use the system settings.This is...

app Bright setting tool logo

Bright setting tool


One touch to adjust screen brightness.You can adjust to your satisfactory brightness by sliding the bar, or touching the 「+」「-」to adjust in 1% of brightness!In addition, you can confirm an...

app Advanced Call Settings logo

Advanced Call Settings


Advanced Call Settings ...

app Sound setting of Ladybug logo

Sound setting of Ladybug


Always forget to turn silent mode ON?!!Have you ever been worried about the loud ringtone of a sudden call? Have you ever missed important calls just because you set the silent mode ON?Never need to w...

app Auto Settings Free logo

Auto Settings Free


Auto Settings apply setting for each applications or when system status, automatically.This app is Free version.You can add 2 settings only.In Free version you can NOT use the system settings.Auto Set...

app Couple Test:Settler or Reacher logo

Couple Test:Settler or Reac...


Into a relation always there is a Settler and a Reacher. One of then ambitions or hope to be with someone superior, and the other one conforms with someone inferior. The theory about the Settler and T...

app DNS Setting logo

DNS Setting


The easiest way to change DNS addresses of your WIFI connection.When you switch to Static IP mode, DNS Setting will copy all values from your dynamic IP setting. Now it's easy to change DNS addresses ...

app Phone Setting Master logo

Phone Setting Master


This apps let you quickly set up most important settings in just few simple steps.You just need to download this application and set-up as per your preference. Followings are settings that we provide....

app Wallpaper Setter logo

Wallpaper Setter


This app is a tiny tool aims to set wallpaper withoutcrop it in Android system gallery to avoid blurred thewallpaper after cropped it. This app itself do not hasany wallpapers build in. So you need to...

app Andro Settings logo

Andro Settings


With Andro Settings you can turn ON/OFF various system settings like Wifi, Data, AutoRotate etcYes, I know it works just like MySettings, but is Ad-Donation-free and I was learning Android when I deve...

app Screen Timeout Setting logo

Screen Timeout Setting


This application includes these following functions.- Screen Off WidgetTurn the screen off by touching widget.- Screen Timeout SettingYou can set any value per minute of Screen Timeout....

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