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Sex Facts and Stats


Hundreds of cool, fun and interesting Sex Facts that will hopefully keep you entertained for hours.The application is entirely FREE, so do not hesitate to try it out. Note: Ad supported application.Le...

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Naughty Sex Facts


Crazy and interesting nasty facts about Sex.If you want to know more about sex, try the "Naughty Sex Facts"!Create your favourites, share via SMS or mail.Wait for updates with additional fac...

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Not only SEX facts !


All about sex love reletionship and much more with this smart app.Everything you always wantedto know about Women but were afraid to askcheck this app, and find out what Women really think about men a...

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Deluxe Sex Facts


"Sex burns about 70-120 calories for a 130 pound woman, and 77 to 155 calories for a 170 pound man every hour."Download this awesome application for reading super interesting facts about one...

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Interesting Sex Facts


A collection of interesting sex facts and statistics.Sex is one of life's pleasures and it is practiced by most people at least once in their lifetime. This collection presents some more interesting f...

app Sex Facts logo

Sex Facts


Interesting facts about Sex.If you want to know more about Sex, try this "Sex Facts".Impress your friends with fun knowledge from this app.Interesting Features:- Sharing via SMS, E-mail, Twi...

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Sex Facts Funny


Loads of funny Sex Facts you never knew....

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XXX Sex Facts, Part I


Facts about SEX<br />Ads supported<br /><br />Interesting facts about kinds of sex, anal, oral, watching porn. No rude language. <br /><br />Things to know about followin...

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Sexual Intercource Facts


>Sexual intercourse typically plays a powerful role in human bonding, often being used solely for pleasure and leading to stronger emotional bonds. We present some interesting facts about the sex.N...

app SeX Factor logo

SeX Factor


How much do you know about chlamydia and safer sex? Can you sort out the myths from the facts? Play our game to find out....

app Find Differences Sexy Beaches logo

Find Differences Sexy Beach...


It's an educational "Find the Differences" photography game! Look for all the different spots between the two photos before time runs out. This is the beaches edition with photographs of var...

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Amazing Facts


Thousands of awesome,interesting and amazing facts about Smoking, Women, Sex,Human Body, Cats, Dogs,Dating,Love, Food, Wedding,Gold,Facebook, Barack Obama facts, Dreams, Cocaine etc.Impress your frien...

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Last Longer in Sex


Here is short tips for how to Long in sex and how to impress ur sex partner.. this apps cover all this tips... IntroductionThe Facts Methods for Last Longer in Sex Exercise and Effective Massage Trea...

app How much do you know about Sex logo

How much do you know about ...


Do you know all you should about sex? We don´t think so!In this new version, you will be ble to play by turns against friends (either by challenging them or accepting their invitations) and send...

app Sexy swimwear girls logo

Sexy swimwear girls


Enjoy of free hot girls dressed in sexy swimwear photo-gallery. Amazing bikini-models free photo-sets waiting for you.Women's swimsuits interesting facts:One-piece (also known as tank suit, maillot). ...

app girl facts logo

girl facts


Learn interesting facts and secrets about girls : what do they mean and think when they tell you something about love, sex or life ! Discover fun and exciting statistics about women all over the worl...

app Sexy lingerie girls logo

Sexy lingerie girls


Hot women's lingerie photo-models catalogue with hundreds of HQ pictures of sexy girls wearing underwear, swimsuits and hot bikini.Wiki facts about girls lingerie:Lingerie is a term for fashionable an...




Kyle is a college sophomore worrying about the usual things students do, like what he's going to major in and getting along with his dorm mates, but he attends a most unusual college. He's a student a...

app Better Sex Deluxe logo

Better Sex Deluxe


"Guys,put a pillow under your girl's butt before you get going in the missionary position.This will make her climax faster and more intensely."Download this awesome application for reading s...




You have never met anyone quite like Lawrence Hunt. Few young men have ever been so beautiful to behold, so dangerous. Just ask darkly sexy Lieutenant Joe McMurphy, the rugged and jaded ...

app Funny Facts Free 8000+ logo

Funny Facts Free 8000+


Biggest archive of intersting facts out there.Find out more about the human body, nature, science, celebrities, world records, strange laws, sex facts, and many more! With over 8000 facts to go trough...

app What Sexual Animal are you? logo

What Sexual Animal are you?


In bed, do you behave like a wild tiger or a loving hippopotamus? You are only a few questions away from finding out.Take this fun test and find out to what animal is your sexual behaviour similar to....

app Huamn Body Facts logo

Huamn Body Facts


Here you will find information on each area of the body including body structure,functions. ..And you will not be surprise to find how we little to know about our body. So please have fun to read thos...

app Sex Truth logo

Sex Truth


What's a better way to waste your time than reading through hundreds of awesome sex truth? This app gives you really cool, interesting, fun & useful facts about sex. Check it out! Share via SMS....

app Sexy Texts logo

Sexy Texts


Hot Sexy eroticize your sex life! Spark the romance & inspire your relationship with sexy, naughty, dirty & daring text messages! KW: email sexting, games, dating, lovers kiss, se...

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Crazy Wierd Facts


Large number of really funny and wierd facts about everything. Have fun reading this facts! You can also share facts with friends.tags : fun, fact, share, body, health, arm, leg, heart, US, calorie, n...

app Crazy Funny and Fart Facts logo

Crazy Funny and Fart Facts


Large number of really funny and strange facts about everything, and a few about farts :). Have fun reading this facts! You can also share facts with friends.tags : fun, fact, share, body, health, arm...

app Sex by Henry Stanton logo

Sex by Henry Stanton


The happiness of all human beings, men and women, depends largely on their rational solution of the sexual problem. Sex and the part it plays in human life cannot be ignored. In the case of animals se...

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