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Shadow Guardian Android Game Review

Shadow Guardian Android Game Review Overview Gameloft strikes again, this time it’s a new action-adventure game called Shadow Guardian. They have dropped three gorgeous looking games in the past week, and all truly look awesome. I was excited about Starforce Collision and right when I got into it, I noticed a game called Shadow Guardian. In Shadow Guardian, you play investigat...

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Gameloft Strikes Again with Shadow Guardian for Android

Gaming powerhouse Gameloft has been quite the busy little bee lately. Over the past two weeks we've gotten BackStab, Eternal Legacy, Starfront: Collision, Fast Five (the movie) game, and now Shadow Guardian. It will probably get it's own review later, but here's a brief rundown... Your play Jason Call, a former soldier turned journalist whose try...

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A Review of BackStab HD for Android

A Review of BackStab HD for Android Overview BackStab HD is a swashbuckling adventure game that puts you in the role of Henry Blake who’s set out for Revenge after being imprisoned, and betrayed. You’ll have to sneak, climb, and fight your way through 4 lush cities while exacting your revenge on those who’ve wronged you. This was one of those Android apps that was exclusi...

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Journey To Egypt


YOU are the next guardian of the Pharoh's hidden knowledge!Wield your dual weapons as you fight through hordes of brigands and strike from the sky against evil mummies. Uncover the deadly plot while s...