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A Review of Shaky Towers for Android

A Review of Shaky Towers for Android Overview Hyperbees has made some great games for Android, and they just added another one to their impressive roster with Shaky Tower. At first I thought it was just another block stacking game, but once I got around to playing it, I was pleasantly surprised. You’ll have to stack blocks to reach certain goals all while using your phones tilt cont...

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ShakyTower (physics game)


"ShakyTower starts out simple but can often offer a fiendish challenge." -"One of a kind", "Many-faceted game with a lot going on. Very fun and addicting&quo...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 24, 2011

1. Cut the Rope Cut the Rope finally came out this week, and it looks & plays great. The premise is that you're trying to feed a little monster by dropping candy into his mouth via the ropes. All is not as simple as it seems though, as it will become quite tricky to keep the little guy fed as the levels progress. The game has around 175 levels ...

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