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Shane Reaction! Zombie Dash


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app Shane Reaction Zombie Dash logo

Shane Reaction Zombie Dash


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The Best Android Zombie Games of 2012

Best Android Zombie Games of 2012 Anyone who regularly reads my articles knows I’m a Zombie fan, and doing a Best Android Zombie Games of 2012 list is a no brainer. If you love a good Zombie game get ready as the 10 games below are our picks for the best of the bunch from last year. 1. Infectonator Armor Games made a splash this year when they released a very popular fla...

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Quick Review – Shadow Cave: The Escape

Quick Review – Shadow Cave: The Escape We’ve covered game maker Artbit in the past for their efforts on the wickedly fun Shane Reaction, and now we’re looking at an older title of theirs called Shadow Cave: The Escape. There aren’t any zombies in this one, but it does a moody unique setting just like Shane Reaction… Shadow Cave: The Escape takes you on a journey through da...

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5 New Zombie Games you Should be Playing

We’ve done a few Zombie related lists in the past, and we thought it was time to do another to let you know about 5 New Zombie games you should be playing. Whether you want to fling em’, shoot them, freeze them or send an asteroid their way… we’ve got you covered. 1. Shane Reaction: Zombieland We’ve already covered Shane Reaction...

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