Manage your collection of apparel, board games, books, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys, video games.This is an UNLOCKER app for Shelves (com.miadzin.shelves). After you install this [...]

Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch

By In

If you’re an Android fan and a watch aficionado, the Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch is a match made in heaven for you. If you don’t know what I am talking about, well, the well [...]

오이북-국내 최저가 전자책 서점, 평생 무료책이 팡팡


오이북 – 친구와 함께 빌려보는 전자책서점 OeBook전자책,읽고 싶은데 가격이 부담되셨나요? 이제 오이북(OeBook)에서 마음껏 빌려보세요!3일·7일·15일·31일·평생까지. 원하는 대여기간을 선택하여, 책을 읽을 수 있습니다.더불어, 오이북을 이용하시는 모든 독자분들께 "화제의 책 7권"을 일정 기간 무료로 제공해 [...]

My cellars and tastes


"My cellars and tastes" is a free application to manage your(s) cellar(s) of wines, champagnes, bieres, olive oils, etc.This application is focused for people which wish manage their [...]

Comic Shelf


Comic Shelf – Track the Comics you own and the Comics you wantOrganise your library, scan Comics directly into your shelves.When you’re in a shop, find out if you have a Comic [...]



You woke up LATE! You have to go out NOW!Just clean up your room before!Make the bed, turn off computer, eat your sandwitch, close the shelves, fix the lamps, reposition carpet, save the [...]

Dolphins – Sound to relax


Do feel stressed? Overworked? Want to Sleep Better? Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application. You can choose the time that you hear the sound.? Great quality of the sound ? [...]



Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera. They vary in size from 1.2 m (4 ft) and 40 kg (90 lb) [...]

Cinemax Reunion


!!! INCOMPATIBLE AVEC LES TABLETTES !!!"Et si on allait au ciné ?"Vous habitez à l’île de la Réunion (974) et vous souhaitez avoir toutes les [...]

Movie Vault – Classic Films


? Free Full Length Classic Movies ? Movie Vault has been designed from scratch for Android to give you the best possible movie watching experience. Now you can watch great feature length films [...]



「セブンebookリーダー」はセブンネットショッピングで販売・配信する電子書籍をダウンロードして読むためのアプリです。■特徴 セブンebookリーダーは以下の2つの機能を持っています: ビューア:購入した電子書籍を読む。(文字サイズを変更する、本の特定箇所をマークしGoogleやWikipediaで検索したり本文全体を検索する、など-の機能があります。) [...]

Goodreads Tab


Goodreads Tab is a tablet optimized version of the popular Goodreads Droid app. It’s a fully featured Android client for the social book website can browse your [...]

Beer Pong Tricks


If you love beer pong, this game will captivate you.Over 140 levels one more beautiful than the other, including tables, shelves, walls and many other obstacles to overcome to reach your goal [...]

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