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Pebble smartwatch to hit Best Buy shelves on July 7th

Pebble retail packaging Smartwatches are a niche market, but one that could probably catch on widely if we had the right exposure. Even when available, they’re often relegated to the corner of a store, as is the case with my local Verizon store. Sony and Motorola smartwatches, shoved into a corner, rarely visited or acknowledged. As some major hitters like Apple and Go...

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Manage your collection of apparel, board games, books, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys, video games.This is an UNLOCKER app for Shelves (com.miadzin.shelves). After you install this app,...


Shelves Android App Helps You to be More Organized

Shelves Android App Helps You to be More Organized Time has really change especially when it comes to organizing whatever collections we have. What used to be a daunting task of creating a database to catalog our collections of so many things is now easier done with the help of our Android phones and the many apps that help us easily do this task of collection management. One such app is aptly call...

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AT&T Finally Offers Android On Their Shelves With Motorola BACKFLIP – Hot Hardware

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)AT&T Finally Offers Android On Their Shelves With Motorola BACKFLIPHot HardwareGoogle's Android operating system has made an indelible mark on the smartphone market segment, and it's the first major OS to rival the iPhone in a serious ...Android comes to AT&T, Motorola Backflip now available for $99 on ...

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Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch

android wearIf you're an Android fan and a watch aficionado, the Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch is a match made in heaven for you. If you don't know what I am talking about, well, the well known Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heur decided to build a smartwatch running on Android OS, thus slapping Apple's watch and turning the Android crowd cheering for bloo...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Be Available Starting from Q1 2014

galaxy s5 According to the Korean news site ETNews, Samsung is working relentlessly on their new Android flagship, the Galaxy S5. According to industry insiders, Samsung is already preparing its  assembly lines for the new smart device, which is rumored to begin mass production starting from January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to hit the she...

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Bloomberg Confirms the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Will Be Unveiled on September 4

samsung-logoYesterday news hit the web on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and today Bloomberg chimed in to confirm those rumors surrounding Samsung’s mysterious smartwatch. Little is known so far about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (SM-V700), but according to Bloomberg’s sources, the Galaxy Gear won’t have the long-rumored flexible display. Do...

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Amazon Preparing His Own Android Gaming Console?

amazon According to anonymous sources (I just love this kind) cited by the Game Informer magazine, the retail giant Amazon is preparing for entering combat in the increasingly competitive market of Android gaming consoles with its own brand. So, those mysterious sources told Game Informer that Amazon Inc is working hard in developing its own Androi...

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Google Glass Will Be Available for $299 According To Analyst

google glass The Google Glass is one of the most sought after devices by geeks everywhere but unfortunately, even if you're one of the few chosen "Explorers", you will have to pay a hefty price tag of $1500 for one pair of Google's finest. Google's policy was to release the Glass in the wild in the hand of a few carefully selected "Explorers", who had to...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pictures and Specs Leaked Again

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And then again, like a wild Snorlax, yet another rumor surfaces over the interwebz,  another epic story about the legendary Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This weird half smartphone half tablet thingy was so rumored in the last few months that I'm wondering if it will ever hit the shelves in my life time. Samsung's marketing department is playing wit...

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Huawei Ascend P6 Photos and Full Specs Leaked via Insider

Huawei Ascend P6 What do we really know about Huawei Ascend P6 ? Well, almost everything, it's like it's here, between us, there were rumors, speculation, pictures, everything but the smart phone itself. Even if Huawei didn't made it t available on the store shelves yet, we feel like it's already here. There were tech specs leaked in the press, last month we had ...

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Samsung wins a U.S. import ban on AT&T iPhone 4 and older 3G iPads

AppleEvery time we turn around, Apple and Samsung seem locked into yet another patent dispute. Internationally, many of these battles end in favor of Samsung. Stateside? Well – we all remember Apple’s big win against Samsung in California just last year.This time around, Samsung has turned the tables on Apple, as the U.S. International Trade Com...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Root pops up for the Exynos Octa 5 version of the S4

galaxy.s4While the world awaits the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it looks like the folks over at XDA forums have already achieved Root on the super phone. Before you get too excited there is a catch as the Galaxy S4 root is only for the Exynos 5 Octa-Core model. While the Galaxy S4 is already up for pre-orders on some carriers, it’s going to be a bi...

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Battery Issues Beware! Google and Kickstarter Are On The Way

google.batteryWe have all been there. That critical moment when your mobile device is supposed to be your best friend but decides that your earth shattering issues are not as important as its need to rest and recharge. Battery problems are the bane of any mobile device and can cripple you at the most inconvenient time. Help is on the horizon in the form of a new...

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app 오이북-국내 최저가 전자책 서점, 평생 무료책이 팡팡 logo

오이북-국내 최저가 ...


오이북 - 친구와 함께 빌려보는 전자책서점 OeBook전자책,읽고 싶은데 가격이 부담되셨나요? 이제 오이북(OeBook)에서 마음껏 빌려보세요!3일·7일·15일·31...

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My cellars and tastes


"My cellars and tastes" is a free application to manage your(s) cellar(s) of wines, champagnes, bieres, olive oils, etc.This application is focused for people which wish manage their input/o...


Take Measurments with Surveyor for Android by Idea Matters

Whether you’re working construction or putting up shelves at home, getting the right measurement is important. That’s where an Android app like Surveyor from Idea Matters comes in handy as it allows you to measure distance by using your phone. Surveyor is a virtual tape measure of sorts that lets you take measurements by with your camera. Th...

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YoYo Games Unleashes GameMaker Studio to the Masses

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for awhile now, and it’s finally here as YoYo Games has finally released GameMaker Studio to the masses. What’s GameMaker Studio and what does it have to do with Android? If you’re ever dreamed of making your own mobile game (who hasn’t) GameMaker Studio can give you the tools to do just that. ...

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Comic Shelf


Comic Shelf - Track the Comics you own and the Comics you wantOrganise your library, scan Comics directly into your shelves.When you're in a shop, find out if you have a Comic already, keep its Barcod...

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You woke up LATE! You have to go out NOW!Just clean up your room before!Make the bed, turn off computer, eat your sandwitch, close the shelves, fix the lamps, reposition carpet, save the piggy...And d...

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app Dolphins – Sound to relax logo

Dolphins – Sound to r...


Do feel stressed? Overworked? Want to Sleep Better? Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application. You can choose the time that you hear the sound.? Great quality of the sound ? Absolut...

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Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera. They vary in size from 1.2 m (4 ft) and 40 kg (90 lb) (Maui's dolp...

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Cinemax Reunion


!!! INCOMPATIBLE AVEC LES TABLETTES !!!"Et si on allait au ciné ?"Vous habitez à l'île de la Réunion (974) et vous souhaitez avoir toutes les informations sur les ...

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Movie Vault – Classic...


? Free Full Length Classic Movies ? Movie Vault has been designed from scratch for Android to give you the best possible movie watching experience. Now you can watch great feature length films that fe...

app セブンebookリーダー(電子書籍) logo



「セブンebookリーダー」はセブンネットショッピングで販売・配信する電子書籍をダウンロードして読むためのアプリです。■特徴 セブンebookリーダ...

app Goodreads Tab logo

Goodreads Tab


Goodreads Tab is a tablet optimized version of the popular Goodreads Droid app. It's a fully featured Android client for the social book website can browse your bookshelves, get upda...

app Beer Pong Tricks logo

Beer Pong Tricks


If you love beer pong, this game will captivate you.Over 140 levels one more beautiful than the other, including tables, shelves, walls and many other obstacles to overcome to reach your goal simple: ...

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