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Become a Master Shrimp Peeler with BubaBoy for Android

Buba is just a man… a man who loves easting shrimp that is. BubaBoy is a funky new Android game from Isbut Interactive that puts you to work peeling shrimp. Can you help BubaBoy work his way through hundreds of shrimp and is it even worth it? Read on to find out… BubaBoy is all about eatin’ shrimp, so if you have Ostraconophobia or you...

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app 30 Shrimps (Keys) logo

30 Shrimps (Keys)


300 pages/images of 30 species of shrimps. Play pictionary with bots. Bots show shrimps. You guess the species.The unique, intuitive interface for mobile:- Tap a button to select a learning activity- ...

app Shrimpocalypse logo



Tower Defense - The Shimpocalypse is upon us!NOW ONLY $11.2 version released! Here's some more levels and a big price cut to keep everyone amused. We've done some odd things with these ones, I'm expec...

app Shrimpocalypse Lite logo

Shrimpocalypse Lite


Tower Defense - The Shimpocalypse is upon us!NOW ONLY $11.2 version released, apologies for the delay, we're working on a big overhaul! Here's some more levels and a big price cut to keep everyone amu...

app Мясо Говядина Рецепты Кулинара logo

Мясо Говядина ...


Кулинарная книга "Мясо Говядина Рецепты Кулинара".Вкусные и аппетитные рецепты к празднику и на каждый ...

app Паста Итальянская Кухня Рецепт logo

Паста Итальянс...


Кулинарная книга "Паста Итальянская Кухня Рецепты".Вкусные и аппетитные рецепты к празднику и на каждый...

app Mexican Recipes logo

Mexican Recipes


A truly wonderfull collection of 132 easy to follow videos on the subject of How To Cook Mexican Style with Mexican Recipes. Videos include: Enchiladas Verde Con Pollo Part 2 Churros Tacos Al Pastor F...

app Fish recipes logo

Fish recipes


In this application, you will have:- 60 tasty recipes with photosContents:* Baked shrimp with tomatoes and brie* Caesar salad with anchovies* Cod fritters* Cream cheese and smoked salmon* Dorado on le...

app Chinese Dice Free version logo

Chinese Dice Free version


This is the traditional Chinese popular dice game.Even now, many Chinese people play it with friends and family during the Chinese New Year!The game has single player and versus mode.There are six thi...

app Squids Wild West logo

Squids Wild West


? A brand new SQUIDS game, #1 RPG in 65 countries with a 5-star rating! ?"The adorable spawn of Angry Birds and Final Fantasy Tactics" -The Escapist ?"From the gameplay to the...


Quick App Review: Color Grab by Loomatix

Quick App Review: Color Grab by Loomatix Whether you’re painting a wall or picking out a shirt, colors play an important part in our lives. If you’re “shade blind” like me an app like Color Grab can come in handy as it allows you to quickly find the perfect color every time. Color Grab uses your phone or tablets camera to “grab” any color that it finds, and all you need to do...

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XMG Studios releases Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast for Android

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is an Awesome new Android game from the folks at XMG Studio. As the name implies it’s tied into the Ghostbusters franchise, and you’ll get to be a Ghostbuster as you use Augmented Reality to clean up the city. Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is all about catching ghosts and you’ll do this just like they do in ...

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App Review – The BorneoWild Guide

Some people eat shrimp while others keep them as pets. I fall into the latter category, and recently stumbled across an Android app called The BorneoWild Guide. If you use BorneoWild's range of food and supplements you’ll want to keep reading as this is one handy little app to have on hand. If you keep or breed freshwater shrimp you have probabl...

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app Sushi Clock logo

Sushi Clock


For all "Sushi-Lovers"!This is simple Sushi-Clock widget.1:Ebi(Shrimp)2:Ikura(Salmon Roe)3:Tekka-maki(Tuna Roll)4:Saamon(Salmon)5:Kazunoko(Herring Roe)6:Toro(Tuna)7:Kappa-maki(Cucumber Roll)...

app Weed Cookbook 2 logo

Weed Cookbook 2


The Ultimate Weed Cookbook #2Medical Marijuana Cooking & Recipes***LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER AT 50% OFF***TRY OUR OTHER APPS:"WEED COOKBOOK" The Original and 1st EVER Weed recipe app on...

app Mysterious Creatures logo

Mysterious Creatures


Find the mysterious sea creatures lurking in the shirasu!What's shirasu, you ask?Shirasu, also known as whitebait in English, are the small young of fish like sardines and anchovies.They are very smal...

app Free Fish Prawn Crab logo

Free Fish Prawn Crab


This is the traditional chinese game tool.This is a tool for a group of people who would like to play the "Fish Prawn Crab". Can play with your friend instantly. New Game mode also let you c...

app Cluzee logo



Talk to your phone! I can help you save your time and money. Ask me to do things just by talking to your phone. Do Siri features in iPhone 4S excite you but you don't own an iPhone? I bring conversati...

app Tropical Fish Aquariums Pv logo

Tropical Fish Aquariums Pv


*** This is Definitely Not About Your Grandma's Fish Bowl! ***Dear Reader,Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and transform the goldfish bowl you had as a child into an aquatic wonderla...

app Eye Kebab logo

Eye Kebab


In a twisted and demented alternate universe, people enjoy eating a different kind of kebab. Instead of shrimp, meat or vegetable, they feast on the eyeballs of poor human beings. And as luck would ha...

app The world’s most beautiful und logo

The world’s most beau...


In the distance we are very close and very far away, there is a vast deep blue ocean world . In this world of the sea, countless fish and live fish , their innocent , peaceful and friendly , carefree ...

app Nachos Maker logo

Nachos Maker


It’s time to make nachos! If you love ‘em hot and spicy with the works or on the mild side dripping with cheese, Nachos Maker’s variety has you covered!First, choose the chips. There are differe...

app 中华美食菜谱(Chinese Food Recipe) logo




app Hawaiian Recipes logo

Hawaiian Recipes


Prepare to light those tiki torches! With over 50 island-inspired recipes, this Hawaiian cookbook app is the perfect way to plan your next luau or Polynesian-themed menu, or even recreate the fond mem...

app Delicious Fish Recipes logo

Delicious Fish Recipes


This is Collection of Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes:* Salmon * Codfish* Haddock* Halibut* Turbot* Shad* Blue-fish* Black-fish* White-fish* Sea-Bass* Rock-Bass* Sword Fish* Mullet* Mackerel* Eels* Lobste...

app Seafood Recipes logo

Seafood Recipes


A Big collection of over 150+ Seafood Recipes!Plus Enjoy App Features Like:=>> Email Share=>> 150+ Seafood Recipes!The App includes the following Fish and Other Seafood Recipes:* Salmon* C...

app Crab On The Beach logo

Crab On The Beach


Cute crab and seaside scenery images.This is a very interesting game on android platform. Our objective is to help the little crab grow up. We need to help him find more food ---more shrimps. But ther...

app Pasta Recipes EU (Keys) logo

Pasta Recipes EU (Keys)


Pasta recipes from Europe. One app of the 50-app collection of 25,000 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, shrimp, fish, lobster... Each coffee-table app download saves a shrub, a can of oil, ...

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