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app Signal Strength Wallpaper logo

Signal Strength Wallpaper


THIS WILL NOT WORK ON A CDMA PHONE - All of the 1 star reviews are from CDMA users who didn't read the description.A simple active wallpaper that gives an at-a-glance indication of the signal strengt...

app Network Signal Strength logo

Network Signal Strength


Get a good idea of the mobile signal strength with either:-1. A simple 1X1 Widget without taking too much space. OR2. A convenient Status bar notification. OR3. A regular app with detailed network inf...

app Signal Strength Widget logo

Signal Strength Widget


Displays signal strength, operator, data activity, network type, and airplane mode.v0.2.3bug fixesv0.2.2- fixed occasional crash issuev0.2.1- Added signal state status. This was hard to test live so ...

app WIFI Signal Strength logo

WIFI Signal Strength


Keep precisely within the WIFI hotspot area with the help of this simple app which consists of a standalone app, a 1x1 high resolution graphical widget and a convenient status bar notification.Notes:-...

app wireless-signal-strength-scan logo




app PhoneSignalStrength logo



Phone Signal Strength Moniter...

app Network Signal Refresher Trial logo

Network Signal Refresher Tr...


Recover lost network signal in one click!! No.1 and Original Network recover WidgetTRIAL VERSION, FULL PRO FEATURES FOR 10 DAYS! (INCLUDING WIDGET), NO ADS.Featured Appbrain's "Hot App" in j...

app WiFi Signal Analyzer Manager logo

WiFi Signal Analyzer Manage...


WiFi Signal Analyzer Manager could be used to monitor which WiFi HotSpot or Access Point is more suitable for user. It would provide the real-time WiFi Signal Strength graphical display for user to a...

app ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ logo

★ Signal Booster for Andr...


Improve Signal & get better cell phone coverage with the FREE Signal Booster for Android app!Poor cellular coverage causing poor cell reception? Dropped calls due to not having better cellular co...

app Signal DeathGrip GSM lite logo

Signal DeathGrip GSM lite


Tes if your device suffers from iPhone-4 style 'death grip'?Graph of signal strength over time. Over-size bars icon. Strength as a percentage.Take control of your signal!OPTIMIZED FOR GSM PHONES - not...

app Signal DeathGrip logo

Signal DeathGrip


Does your signal level change depending on how you hold your phone? Is there an iPhone-4 style 'death grip' that causes loss of signal?Graph of signal strength over time. Over-size bars icon. Strength...

app Signal DeathGrip free logo

Signal DeathGrip free


Does your signal level change depending on how you hold your phone? Is there an iPhone-4 style 'death grip' that causes loss of signal?Graph of signal strength over time. Over-size bars icon. Strength...

app Visible Signal logo

Visible Signal


You can see the signal level of your android with this app!This app indicates your android device's signal and WiFi strength on your home screen!You can select widget's icon from 4 cute choices; a win...

app Signal Measurement logo

Signal Measurement


? It can show Wi-Fi signal strength too!What percentage is your signal? [Signal Measurement] is an application that digitizes the signal strength of your Android phone and Wi-Fi. It shows in percentag...

app RFSignal logo



Powerful Radio planning in your pocket out to 100km.See where you can communicate to with just a few clicks with the original Android pocket RF coverage calculator. Service powered by dedicated server...

app Hdhomerun Signal Meter logo

Hdhomerun Signal Meter


A simple signal meter for Hdhomerun devices by Silicondust.This application allows you the discover, tune, and perform a channel scan on your Hdhomerun device. The signal strengths and data rates will...

app Field Test-SignalSitemap logo

Field Test-SignalSitemap


SignalSiteMap is designed for communication enthusiasts and fans.Fit to GSM, CDMA, UMTS phone. It is an app for check cell info,support field test and replay.- Show the information about RSSI/ ECIO/ D...

app GSM Signal Monitoring logo

GSM Signal Monitoring


Advanced cell network monitor collects information about surrounding base stations including cell ids, LAC, signal strength level. App supports GSM and UMTS networks.Neighboring cells are shown only i...

app Signal Notification (Free) logo

Signal Notification (Free)


Put your signal strength Dbm level in your status bar or on your home screen. This app lets you see at a glance what your signal strength is. Many times the signal bars built into android just aren'...

app Signal Notification logo

Signal Notification


Tired of your built-in signal bars reading full when they really are not? Now you can put the real signal strength at your finger tips in your status bar or use one of our great home screen signal st...

app Wifi SignalBar logo

Wifi SignalBar


Shows the Wifi signal strength in dBm in the status bar.The notification is only shown if the phone is connected to a Wifi network. It is possible to change the color of the notification in the settin...

app Network Signal Info logo

Network Signal Info


"Network Signal Info" provides detailed information over the currently used network, whether WiFi or cellular connection.NEW: Added 2 widgets (one for mobile- and one for WiFi-signalstrength...

app How is My Signal? logo

How is My Signal?


Note that I had technical difficulties with the server for a few days. That problem has now been resolved.Ever wondered how is true signal strength on a specific street? Or what is your average drivin...

app Mobile Signal Widget PRO logo

Mobile Signal Widget PRO


PLEASE NOTE:There is an issue with the Samsung Galaxy S2 that prevents Mobile Signal Widget PRO from working correctly. There is nothing I can do to fix this. "Freezing": This was a featur...

app Signal Finder logo

Signal Finder


This application provides the opportunity never to lose reception, showing where the nearest towers are for the best cell phone reception available as well as the strength the towers have at that loca...

app Mobile Signal Widget logo

Mobile Signal Widget


PLEASE NOTE:There is an issue with Gingerbread 2.3.3 that prevents Mobile Signal Widget from working correctly. There is nothing I can do to fix this; the problem is with the Android API. Mobile S...

app Signals Widget logo

Signals Widget


This widget lets you keep tabs on your phone's information. It can also show a notification in addition to the home screen widget.The widget shows phone Signal Strength, Network type, Battery status,...


Unconfirmed: Motorola Droid 2 Experiencing Signal Problems

For all the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 and its reception debacle, it's no surprise more and more people are beginning to pay attention to reception on smartphones. In fact, several early reviewers of the Motorola Droid 2 are reporting signal strength problems resulting from absolutely nothing. The reviewers aren't even gripping the phone in ...

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