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app JAM2 Signals logo

JAM2 Signals


This app gives you the power of the Signals Alarm System in your phone!! Keep in touch with the people you care about...

app Silent Signals Preview logo

Silent Signals Preview


*** How to Be a Body Reader ***Okay. You're just seconds away from your interview for the job of a lifetime! You've covered all the bases. You're dress in your very best power suit. Every hair is...

app Silent Signals logo

Silent Signals


*** How to Be a Body Reader ***Okay. You're just seconds away from your interview for the job of a lifetime! You've covered all the bases. You're dress in your very best power suit. Every hair is...

app Field Test-SignalSitemap logo

Field Test-SignalSitemap


SignalSiteMap is designed for communication enthusiasts and fans.Fit to GSM, CDMA, UMTS phone. It is an app for check cell info,support field test and replay.- Show the information about RSSI/ ECIO/ D...

app Sailing Sound Signals Full logo

Sailing Sound Signals Full


This is the full version of sailing sound signals.This is a fun app to help learn the common sound signals used during sailing.The signals are based on the International Regulations For Preventing Col...

app Market Signals 2.2 logo

Market Signals 2.2


Valued App-Store User! The FMS Team would like to share with you, some of our knowledge we have acquired in many years of trading the Forex- & Financial Markets. On this application, we will give ...

app Forex Hercules Signals APP logo

Forex Hercules Signals APP


Forex Hercules by Chris Alexander Is Your Step-By-Step 6-Figure Blueprint for 2011...

app Forex Signals APP logo

Forex Signals APP


The Forex Signals now features Bob Iaccino and Vladimir Ribakov,two world class top gun traders. Bob Iaccino is a world class trader who regularly appears on CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg and other fi...

app PhoneSignalStrength logo



Phone Signal Strength Moniter...




This is a Crane Hand Signal app that translate the signals from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. A picture showing each hand signal and the signal text in English and in Spanish. Crane ...

app Army Arm-and-Hand Signals logo

Army Arm-and-Hand Signals


Learn, memorize and have quick access to Hand-and-Arm signals with this app. Signal types are separated in to different categories. The selected signal describes how to perform and provides a color vi...

app Memo – Signals logo

Memo – Signals


Memo game with International Code of Signals flags used as cards (26 cards in total) - play on 4x5 or 5x6 board and practice your memory. (International Code of Signals = Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta,...

app International Code of Signals logo

International Code of Signa...


This app allows you to spell a phrase in the "International Code of Signals" and in the "ICAO/NATO spelling alphabet" used by military and ham radio...

app Signals Widget logo

Signals Widget


This widget lets you keep tabs on your phone's information. It can also show a notification in addition to the home screen widget.The widget shows phone Signal Strength, Network type, Battery status,...

app Signals logo



"Signals" provides a quick and simple reference to various communications signals, such 10/11 Codes, Morse Code, Phonetic Alphabet, Police Codes, Q-Signals, and more. Great for police scann...


Boxee signals that Android app will be developed – Androinica (blog)

PC WorldBoxee signals that Android app will be developedAndroinica (blog)This is an Android site.” Well, you should care because buried near the bottom of the job listing is this little sentence: “Android development experience a ...Boxee recruiting for Android, iPad, iPhone appsElectronista (blog)all 718 news articles »...

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Top Binary Options Android Apps

anyoptionBinary options are intriguing trading methods. Thanks to Internet and web applications, it is now possible to trade in these derivatives from anywhere using smartphones. However, it is necessary to install a few binary options apps. For Android users, such apps are available in Google Play Store. Sophisticated binary options apps for Android device...

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app Instagram Dollar logo

Instagram Dollar


Instagram DollarWith the integration and growing importance of social signals to Google algorithm, more and more are encouraged to use social media platforms to skyrocket their advertising efforts. On...


Why are smartphone companies losing their market value? An inside look at the smartphone industry.

Galaxy series sales If your stock portfolio is made up of big mobile technology companies, you’re probably feeling a little worried about the return on your investment recently. Over the past months we’ve seen lots of troubling financial data and weak stock performances from many of the big smartphone companies. The chart below shows the stock performance of a se...

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Is LG dropping “Optimus” from high-end phones?

LG logo aa 4 1600LG, makers of such great Android phones as the Optimus G Pro and Nexus 4, may be branding their upcoming phones in a different light. If reports out of Korea are correct, it seems LG may be dropping the “Optimus” from their flagship device(s), instead opting for a simple tag.Korean website Chosun.Biz is reporting, exclusively, that LG will util...

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Smart clothes that speak to your mobile devices? No it’s not Sci-Fi, OMsignal makes it possible

omsignal-clothesLadies and gentleman, the era of wearable technology is here, ready or not! While currently in its infancy, wearable technology already exist in various forms from wristbands, to watches or even tattoos. Then of course there is Google’s own highly ambitious Glass headware.So what’s next for wearable tech? Imagine bio-sensing, smart clothes...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 26, 2013 week’s list of the Best New Android Apps of the week offers up apps that let you video chat, browse the web, and search for solid WiFi signals. There’s a little something for everyone and we hope you enjoy our picks for the best of the bunch from the past week… 1. Zoner Photo Studio If you’re looking for a new photo app, Zoner Pho...

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Google reportedly working to build wireless network, aimed at emerging markets in Africa and Southeast Asia

Google logo aaThe Internet is a powerful tool. Used in the right hands it can oust corrupt governments, allow better collaboration and communication, and inspire us in ways that were impossible just a few decades ago. Those of us that have easy access to the web often take this gift for granted. We forget that out of roughly 7 billion people, only around 2 ½ bi...

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Google defends against battery drain rumors

googleBattery Google seems to always run into problems when they decide to port the goods to iOS. This time around the Apple crowd has claimed that the fairly new Google Now app for the iOS is a battery hog. The iOS users have claimed that after installing the Google Now app their battery lives have been reduced dramatically. Google has made a stand that direc...

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app Find Phone GPS Coordinates logo

Find Phone GPS Coordinates


Find Phone GPS Coordinates with this cool app. This is a once of a kind app. All you need to do to Find the Phones GPS Coordinates is simply type in the phone number. You can view and track the locati...


CoSync to open the door to Inter-device sharing

cosync A development team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a system called CoSync that will allow the sharing of mobile device features through blue tooth or Wifi connections. This team, led by Eyal Toledano, intends for the CoSync system to allow mobile devices to share features such as cameras and microphones. Imagine accessing...

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app Baby Iguanas Manual logo

Baby Iguanas Manual


Baby IguanasIguana is a herbivorous lizard which have excellent vision and can see shapes, shadows, colours and movement at long distances. Iguanas can use the visual signals to communicate with other...

app Wifi Hacker 2013 Prank logo

Wifi Hacker 2013 Prank


Did you forget your wireless password again? At a friends house and they have no idea what their login information is? Wish you didn't have to sit at the library waiting for a wifi key? Now you wont h...

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