Signature Barbering


We teach students, licensed barbers and cosmetologists the art and secrets to master clipper cutting, while demonstrating many tricks and techniques not taught in schools. This Product teaches [...]

SMS Signature


SMS Signature lets you create SMS templates and provides easy access to them through a widget and through the clipboard – so you can always use the appropriate signature! The functionality [...]

Association Media’s Signature


Association publishers and media professionals, this one’s for you!Signature magazine is the flagship publication of Association Media and Publishing, the only organization focused solely [...]

Signature Saver


This simple little app that lets you scribble down your signature and then either email the image file or share via other services on your phone, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Bluetooth, Twitter [...]

SignatureEmoticon for DECOCUTE


This application is ? ? Caution DECO CUTE (Cute Deco) is added emoticons Pack for. Alone can not be executed. Please note. If you have installed the DECOCUTE, available to use the data contained [...]

Signature Analyzer-


Your signature, your personalityYour signature represents your public image, your self and your identity. If you

Digital Signature


Sign your PDF documents and bills in a few seconds. Supports private key file certificates (.pfx) and BKS keystore files. Stardard signature implementation. Sign a list of documents at the same [...]

Digital Signature Lite


Get your PDF documents signed in a few seconds. Use your own certificates (private key pfx or BKS keystore files). Configure and save your signature settings and secure all your documents.



‘GalacticSignature’ is a name in the calendar of 13 months of dream spelling during a day. The person who was born on the day also indicates it. The person who admits comes to be able [...]

Digital Signature Creator


Digital Signature Creatoris a useful app to create your own digital signatures for your documents (Pdf,Word etc..) Without using a pen with realistic pen effects, now you can easily sign your [...]

SIGNificant Signature Capture


No credit card required, no limits to number of documents, no registration necessary, no advertising, just FREE. Key Features: * Natural signing experience like pen on paper

Signature Share


Capture and share electronic signatures. Sign by touching the screen. Press and hold for context menu (‘View’, ‘Share’, ‘Rename’, ‘Delete’).Depends [...]

Signature Capture


*** READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING APPLICATION!!! ***Sign by touching the screen.Electronic signature capture *library*. LIBRARY, not an application. It’s purpose is to be included in Android [...]

BioWallet Signature


Languages:es,en,de,fr,it,nl,pl,ru,cn,ar,bg,br,el,fa,hr,hu,ptWith BioWallet Signature you can store and protect your passwords and sensitive information (videos, photos, banking details, etc) that [...]

Why Do People Trust Bitcoin?

Bitcoin usage has changed the game while doing business online. The term bitcoin is basically a payment type of system used online and the coins are a form of digital money. Bitcoin itself is [...]

Microsoft Word 2010 course


This app is a video course with advanced topics about Microsoft Word 2010.With this app, we offer a very powerful video lessons about MS Word 2010. The app includes 19 instructional videos that [...]

Progressive Metronome


Progressive Metronome is an audio-visive metronome which plays pattern/bar sequences with different time signature and BPM; it is also ideal to use when exercising with guitar or other [...]

Diner Dash


Enjoy 7 levels in this FREE version of Diner Dash, the #1 Time Management Game from PlayFirst! Help spunky Flo grow her signature diner from a greasy spoon to a five-star restaurant. Delight [...]

Google defends against battery drain rumors

By In

Google seems to always run into problems when they decide to port the goods to iOS. This time around the Apple crowd has claimed that the fairly new Google Now app for the iOS is a battery hog. [...]

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