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5 New Casual Games for Android

Casual games cover a lot of ground in the Android marketplace, and there are more games added to the genre daily. Whether you're flinging a bird at pigs or burning a rope, there is honestly a game out there for everyone. It was a massive undertaking, but we dug through the market to bring you 5 of the best new Casual Android games around. Without f...

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Color Link Pro


Come and try Color Link, the colorful shape puzzle that will make you addictive! In this game you will try to solve the puzzle before the color bomb explodes. The game play is simple but entertaining...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – May 20, 2011

1. Apparatus Lite This great game crept into the market at the end of last week, and I just ran across it a few days ago. Apparatus is a superb building game, where you'll get to build all kinds of wacky looking machines. There are plenty of levels, a sandbox mode, and community levels for you to download as well. There are lite and free versions o...

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Paper War for 2 Players


If you like 2 Player Reactor, you must like our game too! The game is best for killing boring time between boys and girls. So you can entertain your close friends at the moment."Snazzy, hand-draw...

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Popies (Whack an Alien) Ful...


Come and challenge the alien monsters Popies!Popies Full is the full verison of Popies Lite. You will whack the monsters with your finger and fight against the alien kingdom. Your hammer can be upgrad...

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Popies (Whack an Alien) Lit...


Come and challenge the alien monsters Popies!Popies Lite is a simple game to fight the alien kingdom. You will whack the monsters with your finger. Your hammer can be upgraded to become more powerful...

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Break it! Full


The full version of Break it! Lite. In the Pro vesion totally 100 stages will be available. 6 extra episodes will be available. Can you finish all of them? The app works for android 2.1 or above. Hope...

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Break it! Lite


Already Tired of Angry Birds? Want to try another one? Break it! can be a good substitue!You'll shot the bricks with your stone ball. Get 100 points to proceed to the next level. On later stages there...

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Football Rush Beta


Are you finding an interesting football game? "More than 60,000 has downloaded our game!" Rush to the enemy field! Control your football player to to dodge enemys. Take red bull drink and yo...

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Smart Résumé Tips


Have you ever wonder how to write a good resume when you are finding a job? Now you have a good choice. Resume Tips tells you how to raise interest of your future employers in your job seeking process...

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Math Scramble Lite


Want to train your math power while idling? You can try Math Scramble.Math Scramble is a scrabble-like math game. You need to choose an equation from given number balls to match the target answer. Wor...

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Light Analog Clock


Light Analog Clock in black and red color, no hour and minutes hand.Show the time in 2 red lights. The bigger one is hour, and the smaller one is minute.Just to decorate your phone's home page.If you ...

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一個簡單的心理測驗應用。已經有多過15,000個用戶下載, 你也立刻下載試玩吧!心理測驗能使你更加了解自己的個性及行為因素。你可以使用它和其他朋...


Smart Diagram Android App Offers a Diagram Making Tool

There's no doubt that the Android platform is starting to get cooler when it comes to third-party apps being released by developers. Before we know it, the adage made popular by Apple may already be applicable to Android - "there's an app for that." Take the case of this new Android app called Smart Diagram. As you may have guessed upon hearing abo...

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Smart Diagram Lite


Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making to AndroidOrganize ideas and thoughts with clear diagrams. Simple & Easy, No painful learning. You can note down your flash ideas with flow chart now!Usage...