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Live Betting simply adds to the fun factor!

Betting on sporting events is a popular pastime that adds to the excitement when watching sporting events live. For most, sports betting is a hobby but there are bettors that regularly turn a tidy profit. The rapid development of the internet has made betting quick and easy. Whatever sport you wish to bet on, no matter how obscure it may be will b...

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The Wingsuit “Simulator” for Android

The Wingsuit “Simulator” for Android If you're into Android smartphones and also a gamer, boy, you'll absolutely love the Wingsuit "Simulator" app. Of course, provided you're not afraid of heights, in which case I would advise you to grow a pair and stop playing Sudoku. Okay, I am exaggerating a bit, but keep in mind folks that the Wingsuit Simulator app is not for those faint ...

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Samsung Unveils New Gen Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos (Dual SIM)

galaxy a5 The new series Samsung Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos are part of the Korean giant's strategy of acquiring even "moar" market share, especially since the latest "happenings" with its archenemy (read Apple). I am referring of course at Q4 2014 when Apple's sales surged dramatically while Samsung's, well...long story short, Samsung needs an ace in its sle...

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Three Great Android Apps for Simulating the Stock Market

chart-594212_1280In recent years, the stock market has seen its fair share of lows and highs. From the sub-10000 days following the 2008 financial crash and the Great Recession to the peaks we are now seeing today, there is plenty of adventure (and money) to be had in the world of stock trading. Many people have thought about trying their luck at trading stocks onl...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hits the World, Launched Simultaneously in Over 58 Countries

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Great news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fans everywhere because today Samsung launched its long expected phablet, the Note 3, worldwide, in over 58 countries. The Note 3 is going to be shipped today, unlocked, and it is expected to be available in the mobile carriers offer in the days to come.  This latest gizmo in the Samsung's phablet li...

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app Simple EOQ Calculator logo

Simple EOQ Calculator


If you run a company that needs to hold stock you know you face two major costs:(1) the cost of holding inventory, and(2) the cost of ordering.Both costs work in such a way that you need to balance th...

app Air Quality China | Simple logo

Air Quality China | Simple


This application visualizes the air quality index (AQI) of Shanghai in a clean and simple interface. Why another AQI monitor!?! There are plenty of other apps with tons of options and countless d...

app Simple Volume Control logo

Simple Volume Control


This app can help you adjust the volume of all the audio related apps on your android phone. About this app:With this app, you can control all the volume of your alarm, music player, coming calls and ...

app Simple APP History logo

Simple APP History


Get access to your recent visited apps in a quick!^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< READ FIRST>>>>>>>>>>>>>...

app SimpleClipboard logo



Simple clipboard application. Can be used for save unknown foreign words for future learning while reading. List can be export as file (into your dropbox or google drive)internet access need to report...

app Simple Kitchen Timer logo

Simple Kitchen Timer


Here's a simple kitchen timer to help you keep track of everything that you're cooking! ? Timer go up to 12 hours.? When the timer stops, the phone will vibrate, the timer display will blink and if th...

app Simple cat toy laser logo

Simple cat toy laser


Enjoy watching your cat having fun while trying to catch the red dot! This app displays a red dot that changes its position as soon as the screen is touched! CATS LOVES IT - well, at least my cat, DOR...

app Simulado Detran Free logo

Simulado Detran Free


Com este aplicativo você pode estudar para a prova teórica do Detran.Ao final do simulado está disponível as questões certas e erradas.Porém a quantidade de qu...

app LocalSIMKad logo





Samsung Galaxy S4 Active now on sale in the UK, prices start at £495 sim-free

galaxy s4 vs galaxy s4 active aa active water resistance If you’re in need of a more rugged smartphone to suit your lifestyle, but still want some top of the line hardware specs, then the Galaxy S4 Active might give you everything you need. The handset is now on sale in the UK, sim-free, with prices starting at £465 from Unlocked Mobiles, and the high-street retailer Carphone Warehouse is stocking t...

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Monster Galaxy Note 2 has 288GB of storage, 9300mAh battery, dual SIM support

Custom Galaxy Note 2 288GBCustom Galaxy Note 2: 288GB storage, 9300mAh battery case | Image credit: xda-developers A custom dual SIM Galaxy Note 2 model packs a lot more memory and battery life than your average supersized smartphone, although such features come with a high-cost and can affect the looks of the device. While smartphone makers are constantly trying to make de...

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Sony Xperia M announced: a sleek mid-ranger with a dual-SIM version

Sony Xperia M The new Sony Xperia M may not be fabulous in terms of specifications, but it may prove a great option for those looking for an affordable device.Rumored to be working on the high-end Togari and making plans to sell the Xperia Z with a carrier in the U.S., Sony hasn’t forgot about the low and mid-end segments of the market.The Sony Xperia M fa...

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Transferring WhatsApp chats to new devices: Ridiculously simple

whatsapp backup 3As convenient as the popular WhatsApp messenger may be, there's always a catch: You can't really use the app on more than one device at a time. This is quite annoying when you have multiple smartphones or you pick up the latest and the greatest device. But wait. What if I told you that could easily transfer over your chat history to a new...

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app Flight Simulator Cessna Free logo

Flight Simulator Cessna Fre...


Finally on Android, the first game simulating a flight on Cessna 172 and 182!Features:- 3 different tipes of view- Cockpit View- Airplane View- Tower View- 2 airports - Realistic terrain.- Very realis...

app Flight Simulator Cessna 172 logo

Flight Simulator Cessna 172


Finally on Android, the first game simulating a flight on Cessna 172 and 182!Features:- 3 different tipes of view- Cockpit View- Airplane View- Tower View- 2 airports - Realistic terrain.- Very realis...

app Simple Healthy Recipes logo

Simple Healthy Recipes


Our free app gives you the latest Simple Healthy Recipes ideas, tips, videos and more from favorite healthy recipes publication- Free healthy recipes tips- The latest recipes- Instructional videos on ...

app Jessica Simpson Live Wallpaper logo

Jessica Simpson Live Wallpa...


Get the best Jessica Simpson wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!Jessica Ann Simpson (born July 10, 1...

app Ankara Resimleri logo

Ankara Resimleri


Ba?kent Ankara n?n birbirinden güzel yüksek kalitede resimlerinin bulundu?u bu uygulamay? telefonunuza indirin ve bu birbirinden güzel ücretsiz resimleri telefonunuzda duvar ka??d...

app Flight Simulator Boeing 737 logo

Flight Simulator Boeing 737


Fly a Boeing 737-400 in a real world simulated environment! Features: - You can fly during daylight and night!- Real airplane physics. - 2 airports - Realist terrain. - Using Nasa...

app Combat Flight Simulator Free logo

Combat Flight Simulator Fre...


? Combat Flight Simulator game of the battle of Midway in the pacific during the WW2 ? Choose up to 5 planes to engage your enemies: - P-51 Mustang - P-47 Warhawk - P-40 Supermarine - Spitfire - F4U C...

app Los Simpson logo

Los Simpson


Es una app con contenido divertido de la serie de tv los simpsons, contiene audio de homero y los personajes principales asi como una breve reseña acompañada de imágenes. y la opción de participar...

app Simon Murphy Conductor logo

Simon Murphy Conductor


The Simon Murphy Conductor Fan App is the easiest way to follow Simon Murphy. Now you have access to Simon Murphys events at anytime, anywhere.This is a free application....

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