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app Planet simulation logo

Planet simulation


*Have a problem with the app starting and staying blank with Samsung Galaxy S3.Work around by turning on Developer options and checking the box for 'Disable Hardware overlays'.--------This game is the...

app Pendulum Simulation logo

Pendulum Simulation


Two physics simulations:Pendulum -Simple Harmonics: 15 pendulum simple harmonic oscillation demonstration. The period of each pendulum is 1 second longer than the previous pendulum. This creates a 6...

app Monte Carlo Simulation logo

Monte Carlo Simulation


Simulate prices from trading days, initial value, daily average and daily standard deviation of prices....

app Cloth Simulation logo

Cloth Simulation


(note: check the updates :)This is an interactive cloth animation. You can pull, stretch and tear the cloth. Also it is affected from the gravity in 3d.This was one of my workouts related to school st...

app FashionStyleSimulation ecloth logo

FashionStyleSimulation eclo...


(Required Android2.2)You can simulate your fashion style.- Simulation with your photo.- Simulation with a picture taken by your mobile phone.- Automatically face position detected....

app Simulation Crédit Immobilier logo

Simulation Crédit Immobili...


Simulation Crédit Immobilier est un outil complet de simulation de prêt immobilier.Il vous permet d'évaluer:- vos possibilités d'emprunt- le montant de votre prêt- vos mensualités de crédit- vo...

app Simulation Crowd logo

Simulation Crowd


/ / Crowd Simulation / / / / Yellow from the bottom screen people who move from left to right green / / / / Set a wall with a tap / / Velocity vector display of the 'touchpad' ON / OFF switch / / / / ...

app Fur Simulation logo

Fur Simulation


An interactive cat stroking simulation.Feedback welcome.-----------University of Glasgow, School of Computing Science. Visit the Dynamics and Interaction Group at

app Antikythera Simulation logo

Antikythera Simulation


The Antikythera Mechanism is a small device constructed in ancient Greece around 150BC and it was mainly used for accurate astronomical measurements.It's complexity -comparable to that of a 19th centu...


Dentistry simulation android is all smiles – CNET

CNETDentistry simulation android is all smilesCNETSo far, about 90 students at Showa University have undergone examinations with the android. Instructors can control Hanako's eyes, head movement, ...and more »...

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app iOcean Interactive logo

iOcean Interactive


iOCEAN is a 3D educational app developed to supplement high school oceanography. It is intended as a resource for students and provides a fun way to learn through interactive visualization. GAMEPLAY i...

app Run Infinity LITE logo

Run Infinity LITE


*150 is maximum Speed in LITE EditionYou play as Bash who is trapped in a computer simulation.Your goal: Run as fast as you can.Purchase the full version for $0.99 for:-Unlimited play time-Ability to ...

app Mega Rockstar Slot Machine logo

Mega Rockstar Slot Machine


Download This FREE Slot Machine App Today on Google Play!Bonus Coins Awarded Every Two Hours!This is a "Rock-and-Roll" themed Slot Machine Game for your Android Phone or Tablet.This game pro...

app Simulado Detran Free logo

Simulado Detran Free


Com este aplicativo você pode estudar para a prova teórica do Detran.Ao final do simulado está disponível as questões certas e erradas.Porém a quantidade de qu...

app Truck Parking 3D logo

Truck Parking 3D


Truck Parking 3DTest your driving and parking skills in this new and exciting 3D Truck Parking game! A UNIQUE DRIVING EXPERIENCE WITH GORGEOUS 3D GRAPHICSYour goal in this game is to park in the desig...

app The Tribloos 2 logo

The Tribloos 2


****** The highly anticipated mobile version of the hit time management game The Tribloos 2 ********Trey and the gang return with an exciting new story!Terrible storms are approaching and Matilda, Tre...


Asus contemplating foray into wearable devices, chairman says

Asus LogoAnswering questions from journalists during Asus’s annual meeting with shareholders, chairman Jonney Shih revealed that meetings have been held by the company’s research labs in order to talk about developing wearable devices, seen by Asus as a critical sector for innovation.Shih also added that it’s important to figure out how ...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 8, 2013 This week’s list of the Best New Android Games of the Week include a rampaging quadropus, a famous superhero, and a sheep with a talent for jumping. Those are just a few of the new Android Games in this week’s roundup, and we hope you enjoy our list. 1. Quadropus Rampage Numero Uno on our list of the Best New Android Games of the Week goes to...

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Madfinger teases Dead Trigger 2, promises more at E3

A screenshot from Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2 gameMadfinger’s Dead Trigger, a zombie survival horror game for mobile devices, was a big hit on Android for a couple of reasons: one, the Tegra 3 edition was graphically impressive, and two, Madfinger decided to drop the title’s price from $1 to free. With Dead Trigger 2, the company’s looking to capitalize on the success of the first game by ag...

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Welcome to Boon Hill lets you Visit a Virtual Graveyard

welcome to boon hillWe’ve seen simulation games that let you raise horses, race cars, and run tattoo parlors. Welcome to Boon Hill is an upcoming simulation game that takes a bit of a darker turn, as it’s a pixely graveyard simulator with a very interesting premise.Welcome to Boon Hill is a game about gravestones, and the histories behind them. You’ll wander aro...

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app Knife Throw logo

Knife Throw


"Knife Throw" is an exciting sports simulation game!You are a knife shooter, score points by hitting the fruits whithout hurting the girl.This game is a combination of Darts and Fruit Ninja,...

app Mechwarrior online LWP Free logo

Mechwarrior online LWP Free


Get the best Mechwarrior online wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!MechWarrior Online (also known as...

app Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D logo

Helicopter Flight Simulator...


Helicopter Flight Simulator 3DThis is a simple Helicopter Flight Simulator! You have 6 unique helicopters to fly around in a huge photo-realistic terrain environment. Each helicopter handles flight si...

app Slot Machine – Slot Gold Mania logo

Slot Machine – Slot G...


You are the rookie gold miner looking to cash in on the slot machine gold rush! Leave slot city and head for gold miner mania slot heaven in this Vegas slot machine. Gamble your gold miner coins as yo...

app Surfing Girl 3D logo

Surfing Girl 3D


Don’t you feel hot in mid-summer? Surfing Girl 3D will make you feel cool in the whole summer! ! !Blue sky, white cloud, deep sea, and beautiful girl will be with you all the summer! ! !If you like ...


Epic Pirates Story Review: Battling Boredom on the High Seas

Epic Pirates Story Review: Battling Boredom on the High Seas Epic Pirate Story is a pirate themed simulation game a lot of folks have been waiting for, and a few weeks back it rowed onto the shores of Google Play. It took a little longer than expected, but after beating the treacherous Blizzardo we’re back with our review of Epic Pirates Story. The gameplay behind Epic Pirates Story follows the standard s...

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app Clay Hunter Lite logo

Clay Hunter Lite


* Only real-life gyroscope skeet shooting simulation app *Real life skeet range simulation with an arcade twist. Play through real-life, tournament-based skeet shot simulation as you work your way fro...




Create your own farm inside your Smartphone!★Cute, Comforting Farm Simulation Game★Official game from Free Call・Messaging Application LINE.Play breeding simulation game 「LINE TINY FARM」and r...

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