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The ultimate alchemy manager for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim game.With this application you can find optimal combinations for any objective. Get the maximum benefit or the effects you want. Create pur...


Get your Alchemy on with the Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect App for Android

Overview FUS RO DAH!!! If you play Skyrim you know exactly what that means, and if you don’t you’ll probably want to skip this. Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect is a cool little Android App that Skyrim gamers will enjoy as it really helps you out in the tricky area of alchemical ingredients. The Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect app was designed b...

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Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effec...


"Best app for discovering effects" - A Google User - May 24, 2012"I now enjoy alchemy since it is so much less tedious" - A Google User - May 28, 2012"The potions make themsel...


The Top Skyrim Apps for Android

Normally I try to stay in the realm of Android, but as a Ps3 guy occasionally I can bridge the gap between the two devices. Such is the case with a little game called you may have heard of called Skyrim. With a game this popular there are bound to be some apps, and we thought it would be fun to go through market and pick out the best. We found 3 ap...

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