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Google+ and Google Play Music Updates bring small improvements

google musicWell, the update Gods at Google have blessed Google+ and Google Play Music with some updates to their apps. You'll notice some improved notifications to Google+ and some changes to the way sets of music are streamed via Google Play Music. Small update, important changes. / ...

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app One Minute Changes Pro logo

One Minute Changes Pro


One Minute Changes Pro - learning guitar chords:This is the ad-free Version of One Minute Changes. To avoid misunderstandings, i emphasize that this is (nearly) the exact same app only without adverti...

app One Minute Changes on guitar logo

One Minute Changes on guita...


One Minute Changes - learning guitar chords:The app supports you in practicing Justin Sandercoe's 1 Minute Changes exercise for guitar beginners.It's all about playing as much chord changes between tw...


Gmail for mobile on iPhone and Android smartphones slightly tweaked – Mobile Burn

Aperture Games (blog)Gmail for mobile on iPhone and Android smartphones slightly tweakedMobile BurnToday Google announced some small changes to its Gmail for mobile webapp that runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android smartphones. ...10 Android apps you can't live withoutAppoliciousNew Gmail Compose Page For AndroidAndroid Community (b...

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app Cyman Mark 2 Free logo

Cyman Mark 2 Free


Cyman is your digital butler or virtual assistant based on the JARVIS System from Iron Man. This voice assistant is a conversational software tool designed to help organise yourself, automate tasks, ...

app MedCam logo



Measure the pulse and respiration rate of yourself and others using your camera.To use: - Steady the camera by resting it on a table (for example). - Position your face in the top box and shoulders in...

app Min energi logo

Min energi


Med Min Energi i din smartphone får du koll på din energiförbrukning.I appen knappar du in din elförbrukning och får reda på om den är normal för ditt typ av hushåll.Dessutom kan du se hur ol...

app 百度音乐播放器 logo



全新的百度音乐3.6,邀您共同体验最棒的掌上音乐世界!百度音乐播放器,全球最大的中文搜索引擎、最大的中文网站—百度旗下的音乐播放器。1. 更加...

app BMI Calculator logo

BMI Calculator


Very intuitive BMI calculator.This BMI calculator allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - BMI. Result is calculated according to general reading table created by World Health Or...

app Lux Auto Brightness logo

Lux Auto Brightness


---Lux isn't your ordinary brightness app. It intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment you're in. If, for example, you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automat...

app Sean McNulty Skateboard Lite logo

Sean McNulty Skateboard Lit...


Sean McNulty Skateboarding is a cool skateboarding game for Android!You can support the development of this game by clicking on an AD every now and then, or by purchasing the full version from the mar...

app Blow!Blow! logo



Blow!Blow! is the first microphone-controlled/sound-controlled whistle app in android market.[How to play] Select a whistle and blow into the microphone, just like a real whistle. A distance of 10cm b...

app Sean McNulty Skateboarding logo

Sean McNulty Skateboarding


NOTICE - This game may have trouble playing on Android 4.2 devices. Try the free version before purchasing this game!Sean McNulty Skateboarding is a cool skateboarding game for Android!Welcome to the ...

app Tuner – DaTuner Pro logo

Tuner – DaTuner Pro


This is the professional version of DaTuner Chromatic Tuner, reviewed recently on Android Central:"For the Android-loving musician, I think DaTuner Pro is easily the best tuner you can have on yo...

app Weight Loss Month logo

Weight Loss Month


Trying to lose weight? Weight Loss Month gives you a new motivational tip every day to help you achieve your goal! For the next five weeks - more than a month! - Weight Loss Month will make you look a...

app Smart Foods-Organic Diet Buddy logo

Smart Foods-Organic Diet Bu...


Smart Foods - Organic Diet Buddy is your essential color coded guide to fruit and vegetables, know which you should buy organic and which are safe to buy non organic. It also includes* Farmer's Market...

app RC-Heli-Gear-Ratio logo



With the tool you can calculate the gear revolutions from a rc-heli (or rather the head speed). You have to describe the engine parameter and the gear from your helicopter.Important gear parameters ar...

app Weight Loss Made Easy logo

Weight Loss Made Easy


Weight Loss Made Easy is a FREE simple to use app that only takes small amount of time per day to loose the extra weight you want so you become more healthy and improve your health fast and its easy ...

app chubby dog (Live wallpaper) logo

chubby dog (Live wallpaper)


Live wallpaper with a cute and chubby dog running around the screen, playing, digging and messing your android-desktop up.Before downloading, please check if your phone support Live wallpaper.New in t...

app Tuner – DaTuner (Lite!) logo

Tuner – DaTuner (Lite...


DaTuner (Lite) is an all-purpose, precise and responsive chromatic tuner app for android with a simple interface.DaTuner Pro was recently reviewed by Android Central:"For the Android-loving musician, ...


The growth of mobile trading

project araCountless traders now trade in binary options, foreign exchanges and stocks via mobile applications. Mobile apps may not be as comprehensive as desktop apps, but what they lack in complexity they make up for in convenience. As with many other internet-based activities, it's important that traders keep up-to-date and adapt themselves to modern tech...

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The Android and iOS Rivalry – Cosmetic and Functional

Android and iOS Rivalry Bias throws any hint of fair assessment out the window. Even with independent reviews in consideration, there’s the suspicion that not all ground has been covered, not enough to justify the verdict at the end of a review. This has been the challenge in comparisons, especially in consumer electronics. For the longest time, Sony and Nintendo were...

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app برامج التخسيس logo

برامج التخسيس


برامج التخسيسوزن الجسم الزائد مرتبط بالعديد من الأمراض، خاصةً أمراض القلب، سكري النمط الثاني، توقف التنفس ال...

app Battery Core Live Wallpaper(P) logo

Battery Core Live Wallpaper...


*** 5-5-2013 - Newest update may require you to change the scaling factor in the settings menu due to bug and stabilization fixes. Battery core should not change shape after settings changes or restar...

app Battery Core Live Wallpaper(F) logo

Battery Core Live Wallpaper...


*** 5-5-2013 - Newest update may require you to change the scaling factor in the settings menu due to bug and stabilization fixes. Battery core should not change shape after settings changes or restar...


HTC One Android 4.2.2 update goes live in the UK, Asia to follow later this week

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one lockscreen aa HTC has been rolling out the Android 4.2.2 update for its One handset over the past few days. The update went live in Taiwan last week, followed by mainland Europe a couple of days ago, and today the update has arrived on the shores of the UK. The update is now available OTA, but make sure that you have stable WiFi connection, as the update comes ...

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Softbank is considering a bid for T-Mobile if its Sprint offer falls through

SprintSoftbank, one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies, is still currently engaged in an attempt to secure a $20.1 billion deal which would see the company purchase 70 percent of the US carrier Sprint. But if the offer falls through it seems that SoftBank is prepared to change tack and offer a separate bid to purchase T-Mobile from Deutsch...

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Evernote gets a new update, adds custom reminders

EvernoteTwo weeks ago, Evernote added reminders for its iOS, Mac and web apps – but no such luck for Android. If you were waiting patiently to try out reminders on Evernote for Android, your day has come. Evernote 5.1 is now available via Google Play.So how do the reminders work? The new update places a small alarm icon above each note, making it ea...

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