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app FLL Smart Moves Score Keeper logo

FLL Smart Moves Score Keepe...


Minor Updates, Also checkout the FLL 2010 Score Keeper.A Score Keeper for the 2009 FLL "Smart Moves" season.This application allows teams to easily compute their challenge round score.2:30 t...

app SmartMove logo



A balance test application for physical therapist. It will collect the data from accelerometer, magnetometer and other sensor on the phone. The data can be analyzed by This appl...

app Smarter Move logo

Smarter Move


This application lets you go to silent mode by put your phone screen down. You can simply return to your normal volume settings by put your phone screen up again.It only controls Ring and Music sounds...


Innovative Ways of Boosting Smartphone File Storage Through Apps

Your smartphone can do quite a lot. Beyond the usual phone calls, texts, social media posts and photos, it can make your work and personal life far more organised. Without so much as thinking about it, we can schedule meetings, amend documents and start photo albums with our phones, but where do all of those files go? These days, many Android sm...

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Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It's not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, this number has jumped from the only thirty-five percent that was reported in 2011. Advances in technology mean that over sixty percent of Americans alone are car...

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Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future

Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future If you have a personality similar to all smartphone users, then most of your time is spent using applications. You may also spend a whole lot of time reading about various applications on tech blogs and infomercial websites, along with reviewing them after using, or learning new tips and tricks to improve your experience as a user. It is highly pos...

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Nokia Was Working on a Lumia Android Smartphone Before Selling to Microsoft

android If you're an Android fan, this may be shocking to you, but as I already suspected a long time ago, Nokia really intended to launch an Android running smartphone, before selling its mobile business to Microsoft. There were rumors and speculation since 2012 that Nokia is considering an Android device, now we know for a fact that it was a reali...

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Google’s “Gaze” Patent Intended to Track Your Eyes Movement

google We already know that Google is tracking everything you do online, from your shopping habits to where you go, what do you like, where do you live, if you have pets, what are your friends, basically Google is everywhere in your life. The only condition is to use their products, i.e. their omnipotent search engine (which is number 1 in the world b...

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25 000 Smartphones Infected With Android Malware From Google Play

android malware Dr. Web, a Russian based internet security company just announced that over 25 000 smartphones got exposed to Android  malware after downloading infected apps from Google Play, and that's pretty sad folks. This is becoming the new trend in hacking, the creation of malware infected Android apps which are then uploaded to Google Play. The sch...

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Historic Movers & Shakers of America: which apps would they have used?

Muhammad Ali nexusToday marks the Fourth of July, a national day in the USA that commemorates independence from the Brits and the powerful country that it became. But who made this country so great? It was the men and women of great ideas that fostered a land of prosperity and freedom where you could be your own boss and make something of yourself as the American Dr...

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Report: LG G2 will be the first smartphone with 3GB of RAM, followed by the Note 3

SK Hynix RAM memory chip The LG G2, the successor to the Optimus G2, shapes up to be one beast of a phone. The new Snapdragon 800 version of the Galaxy S4 stole a bit of its limelight by being the world’s first LTE-Advanced device, but LG will still have one “first” to boast about – the world’s first phone with 3GB of RAM. The LG G2 is rumored to hit South Korea...

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White House Moves to Free Up Wireless Spectrum

White_House_DC SpectrumMobile data usage continues to rise and put strains on the available spectrum allocated for cellular communications.  As users continue to eat up more and more mobile data services, carriers continue to demand more and more spectrum to feed their networks.  Unfortunately, there is only so much spectrum available.  To combat this problem, the US ...

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Sony opens up its SmartWatch platform, now allowing third-party firmware

SonyWhile the rumor mill continues to buzz about a possible Samsung or Apple smartwatch, let’s not forget that Sony has had their own watch for a while now. Sony’s SmartWatch might not have taken the world by storm, but it does seem to have a small, loyal following behind it.Probably the biggest problem for Sony’s SmartWatch was that the so...

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Some Android Smartphones Will Have BBM Preinstalled

BBM I know, we are here a bunch of Android and Android apps lovers, but this news story seems pretty interesting, as RIM announced a few days ago that it will make available to Android users its very popular BBM (BlackBerry messenger). The BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM will be ready to go out of the box on some Android running smart phones ...

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Acer announces its first 5-inch smartphone, names it Acer Liquid S1

acer liquid s1 Over at Computex 2013 in Taipei, Acer seems to have started the fire by way of announcing several new gadgets such as the Acer Liquid S1. This smartphone happens to be Acer's first to have a size bigger than 5-inch. The Acer Liquid S1 sports a 5.7-inch HD 1280x720 screen and comes powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Acer Liquid S1 also comes ...

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app KLyrics – Smart Lyrics Finder logo

KLyrics – Smart Lyric...


Want to find lyrics Simple and Easy. Just listen to a song with the supported music players, a notification icon with the title of the song will appear on the status bar. Click on it, it will display ...

app Movementum logo



Movementum is designed to make you healthier by moving more. We do it by visualizing the power of individual change one move at a time. Accomplish it all without draining your battery power or brainpo...


Galaxy Fonblet a 5.8 inch smartphone

Samsung is churning out rumors like there is no tomorrow, we can hardly keep up. Latest among the leaks is Galaxy Fonblet, a 5.8 inch smartphone with high emphasis on media playing capabilities. The Korean company is not looking to miss any kind of customer interests this year. SamMobile has also been really busy give us limps what Samsung might...

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ZTE P945 a 5.7 inch smartphone inbound for China

Phablets are all in rage this season, everywhere we look there is a 5 inch plus phone emerging. Every company is hopping on the bandwagon and we can only hope they capture the attention they want. ZTE has yet another phone on its way; the ZTE P945 is looking to be another notch in the Chinese company’s belt. First there was the 5 inched Nubia ...

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app DK Screen OnOff (Smart Cover) logo

DK Screen OnOff (Smart Cove...


Summary.1. This App can screen on / off without power button.2. You can use a pseudo "Smart cover" with feature combination3. "Shake On" mode eats many battery, but "Magic On&...

app Smart Golf Score logo

Smart Golf Score


Smart Golf Score is the best simple Appto record golf score.This App can record four player's score,and can display result by table form or graph.Moreover,because the result can be saved as an image f...

app Smart Balls logo

Smart Balls


Try to remove all balls and clear the field....

app GO Keyboard Remove Ads logo

GO Keyboard Remove Ads


GO Keyboard is the best and the most popular keyboard on the android market? GO Keyboard can make your typing faster and smarter. It is a essential choice for android Install the plugin to remove adve...

app Smart Screen ON LITE logo

Smart Screen ON LITE


NOTE:This app is designed to work on Galaxy Nexus, please don't give a negative comment if you test it on another phone!This is LITE version. If you buy PRO version you will find a lot of cool feature...

app SmartBunny2 Chinese Checkers logo

SmartBunny2 Chinese Checker...


Chinese checkers (a variant of Halma) is a popular family board game that can be played by two to six people. The objective of the game is to place one's pieces (marbles) in the corner opposite their ...

app Smart Office Lite logo

Smart Office Lite


View, print and share Microsoft Office documents on your phone or tablet.Smart Office Lite makes viewing Microsoft Office and other documents on the move even easier through a contextual interface. Ex...

app Smart Soccer 3D logo

Smart Soccer 3D


Smart Soccer is a 3D free kick game with top quality graphics and realistic physics. Flip the ball by finger towards goal post to score goal!Shot from many random positions. Target the middle of round...

app Smart Fall Detection logo

Smart Fall Detection


Smart Fall Detection application was developed as result of master research in field of computer and artificial intelligence, by Hamideh Kerdegari under supervision of Dr. Khairulmizam samsudin. Depar...

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