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Android Quickly Becoming Dominant Smartphone Platform – Web Trends

EuroDroid (blog)Android Quickly Becoming Dominant Smartphone PlatformWeb TrendsThe latest numbers from AdMob, and likely the last good look we'll have of the smartphone market once iAd takes off on the iPhone, show Android quickly ...Android's advertising potential growsInquirerWhy Android might not triumph over iPhone after

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Future Android Smartphones Worth Waiting For in 2015

Future Android Smartphones Worth Waiting For in 2015 The future evolution is here, tangible, in plain sight,there's no way around it, you can't contest the theory anymore. And I'm not talking about Darwin's Evolution of the Species book either, but the huge evolutionary leap in smartphone technology we are witnessing in recent years. Who would have imagined not ten years ago that we'll be a...

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NSA Can Tap Into Your Android Smartphone Anytime They Want

nsa A new top secret document leaked by Edward Snowden  in the huge NSA privacy scandal now reveals another astounding fact : if you're a smartphone user, running on Android, iOS or BlackBerry OS, your private data can be tapped by the NSA at any time. The German newspaper Der Spiegel published the document which proves that the National Securi...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Specs Leaked

samsung The latest and the greatest in wearable technology is expected to come from Samsung Mobile at IFA 2013 on September 4th (probably simultaneously with  the official launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3), in the shape and form of a "Galaxy Gear Smartwatch". Basically, the smartwatch will be a tiny, wearable smartphone and today we have rumors ...

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LG Reveals An Under $100 Android Smartphone, the LG L1 II

LG L1 II The Koreans from LG Mobile just announced their latest soldier in the battle for winning the hearts and minds of Android lovers everywhere : the LG L1 II, a low end Android running smartphone, with a price tag of under $100. How about that? Obviously, given the price tag, don't expect miracles from this baby, because he's closely related to...

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Intel Introduces Silvermont Architecture for Tablets and Smart Phones

Silvermont Intel upgraded its Atom line of mobile processors with the new Silvermont architecture. Silvermont is a Bay Trail-T System on Chip (SoC) and it's a totally new design and includes a new LTE modem. This Silvermont line of SoC is built on a 22 nanometer process, in order to be fully compatible with Intel's new generation of Haswell chips. The coo...

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Android accounts for 52% of U.S. smartphone sales in April; iOS and Windows Phone growing

Android logo green robot 7 1600 aaInterested to know how the big mobile operating systems rivals have been stacking up against each other so far this year? Kantar Worldpanel has you covered, as it has conducted some insightful research into the U.S. market share of each operating system.Our favourite mobile operating system grabbed an impressive 51.7% of all U.S. smartphone sales i...

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Google Helps Microsoft on YouTube App for Windows Phone

youtube app for windows phone After the first controversy between the two tech giants regarding Microsoft's YouTube app for Windows Phone, when Google accused Microsoft of unfair practices and ripping them off,  things seem to have  cooled down and the sun shines again for the two companies. The issue in question was  Microsoft's  YouTube app for Windows Phone; after giv...

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First Jolla Smartphone Released, Android App Compatible

jolla smartphone The first Jolla smartphone was officially announced and it will be available "online only"  for €399 at the end of the year. The smartphone comes from a Finish company, which harbors ex-Nokia employees and it uses a custom made Operating System, called Sailfish. Sailfish has close ties with Nokia's  Symbian and MeeGo OS, the platform abandon...

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app Smart Widget recommended logo

Smart Widget recommended


Smart Widget recommended applications.Install any widget that is way smarter than smartphone makesSmartphone If you purchase now, after getting down platformsCheck to install the required widgetsYour ...


Sega debuts Sonic Jump on Google Play, is a vertical platformer with everyone's favorite character

Previously released for iOS devices, Sega's Sonic Jump game has just made its to Google Play and is now available for your Android devices. As the title of this game suggests, Sonic Jump stars the ever popular Sega game character, Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike other Sonic games where our beloved character embarks on an endless running, jumping, slidi...

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Sega debuts Sonic Jump on Google Play, is a vertical platformer with everyone’s favorite character

Previously released for iOS devices, Sega's Sonic Jump game has just made its to Google Play and is now available for your Android devices. As the title of this game suggests, Sonic Jump stars the ever popular Sega game character, Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike other Sonic games where our beloved character embarks on an endless running, jumping, slidi...

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app iPoS for Phone logo

iPoS for Phone


iPoS (as known as iAIA before) is smart phone application for Thailand AIA agency forces that support all aspects of sales process and administration activities. All update information can be reached ...

app 9D TV 5.1 高清 互聯網 電視台 Smart TV logo

9D TV 5.1 高清 互聯網 ...


9D Player, as a HD 5.1 multimedia player for android phone, with the download function and stylish interface, you can enjoy our wonderful program anytime, anywhere.9DTV, a new media services platform,...

app SmartTV logo



Access Tv Shows On Your Android Device and Other Mobile Platforms Like The iPad.-HTC-Motorola-iPhone-Android-Samsung-Nokia-And Many More...

app Android Phone Info logo

Android Phone Info


Android Phone Info is a cross platform smart phone application. The application puts on show phoneinformation, Device UUID, Device Name, Device Model, System Name, System Version .Theapplication provi...

app Angel Swift for Smart Phones logo

Angel Swift for Smart Phone...


Angel Swift is a smart and secure trading application for Android Smart Phone which gives clients registered with Angel broking a platform to track and trade in the Indian Equity, Derivatives, Commodi...

app GlobalTalk- free phone calls logo

GlobalTalk- free phone call...


GlobalTalk - voip free phone calls: As a leading telecommunications company in United States, Seawolf Technologies is dedicated to providing excellent global phone call service for all smart phone use...

app SmartFuzz logo



<div id="doc-original-text">Your Private...Mobile Cop<p>Keep your data safe, secure and away from thieves.<p>SmartFuzz is the ultimate anti-theft mobile protection for your...

app PhoneCopy logo


4.5(251) is the ultimate cross-platform way to backup and sync your contacts, events, notes and messages from your mobile device. PhoneCopy provides free*, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone a...

app The Smartphone App Review logo

The Smartphone App Review


High quality app reviews for all the main platforms, including Android, webOS, iOS and Windows Phone 7.Featuring The Weekly Widget, a weekly look at some of the widgets in the Android Market.Regular r...

app SmartGlance logo



Real time Mobile Business Dashboards for business & operations monitoring. Smart decisions, Anytime, Anywhere.SmartGlance™ provides On-demand and Real-time access to continually changing corpora...


Hulu Plus Arrives To The Android Platform, Compatible On Only Six Devices

Only six Android devices will be able to use the Hulu Plus video streaming service now that the app has officially launched in the Android Market.  If you are a current Hulu Plus subscriber who doesn’t own one of the six compatible Android smartphones, then you are, unfortunately, out of luck at the moment.  Hulu plans to make their service c...

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app AGEphone logo



AGEphone brings free, feature-rich VoIP functionality to your Android device. Powered by one the most advanced and flexible SIP engines available, the softphone reliably delivers high quality calls bo...

app Sense Platform logo

Sense Platform


BETA VERSIONApp to sense and share your phone status, location, environmental context with the CommonSense service.Sense wants to make sure you never enter anything in a computer anymore. Your smartph...

app Smartbench 2011 logo

Smartbench 2011


Smartbench 2011 is a multi-core friendly benchmark application that measures the overall performance of your smartphone. It reports both Productivity and Games Index to suit both productivity users an...


Smart Diagram Android App Offers a Diagram Making Tool

There's no doubt that the Android platform is starting to get cooler when it comes to third-party apps being released by developers. Before we know it, the adage made popular by Apple may already be applicable to Android - "there's an app for that." Take the case of this new Android app called Smart Diagram. As you may have guessed upon hearing abo...

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app SmartHome One by SMARTIF logo

SmartHome One by SMARTIF


The SmartHome system put all your home technology together in the same platform.Control your ligths and blinds from everywhere!Got instantly warnings regarding fire, flood, or gas leak!Catch thiefs in...

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