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Samsung GEAR trademarked, could be the official name of Samsung’s smart watch

samsung-logo Whether you realize it or not, the wearable revolution has already begun. For Google, the push towards the wearable future revolves around the company’s ambitious Google Glass project. For everybody else, it seems that the first step forward will come in the form of a smart watch. While we’ve already seen devices like Sony’s ...

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Samsung's Project J Active may be a Smart Watch

Samsung's Project J Active or Fortius as its codenamed is one of three devices SamMobile uncovered under Samsung's Project J. Two of the devices have been confirmed to an extent, but the third known as Fortius or Project J Active is shaping up to be Samsung’s version of an Android Smart Watch. Initially the whole Project J thing covered the Alti...

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Samsung’s Project J Active may be a Smart Watch

Samsung's Project J Active or Fortius as its codenamed is one of three devices SamMobile uncovered under Samsung's Project J. Two of the devices have been confirmed to an extent, but the third known as Fortius or Project J Active is shaping up to be Samsung’s version of an Android Smart Watch. Initially the whole Project J thing covered the Alti...

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app Augmented Traffic Smart Watch logo

Augmented Traffic Smart Wat...


Check out the awesome Top 50 Producitiity App - Augmented SmartWatch Pro app also for the Sony SmartWatch.Trial version @ is a LiveWare extension for Sm...


Toq, The Smartwatch From Qualcomm

toq Even if Samsung stole the show at IFA 2013 with its Galaxy Gear, I bet you did not know that Qualcomm is preparing its own smartwatch, called Toq. Pretty cool name, huh? Well, Toq is a touchscreen smartwatch and it's designed to be used together with an Android running device, like a smartphone or a tablet. One of the main selling points of ...

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Here Comes a Prototype Picture of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

galaxy gear Samsung is preparing to reveal its Galaxy Gear smartwatch these days, on Wednedsay, September 4, to be more precise, at the pre-IFA media event that takes place in Berlin. Ever since the word got out about such a device coming from Samsung, everybody’s been speculating about how is it going to look and about its list of specificatio...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Specs Leaked

samsung The latest and the greatest in wearable technology is expected to come from Samsung Mobile at IFA 2013 on September 4th (probably simultaneously with  the official launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3), in the shape and form of a "Galaxy Gear Smartwatch". Basically, the smartwatch will be a tiny, wearable smartphone and today we have rumors ...

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Bloomberg Confirms the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Will Be Unveiled on September 4

samsung-logoYesterday news hit the web on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and today Bloomberg chimed in to confirm those rumors surrounding Samsung’s mysterious smartwatch. Little is known so far about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (SM-V700), but according to Bloomberg’s sources, the Galaxy Gear won’t have the long-rumored flexible display. Do...

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2013 Is The Year of the Smartwatch?

smartwatch If you take a look at all major players in the IT Industry, one pattern is very clear : almost each and everyone of them is working on or planning to build a smartwatch, sooner rather than later. The smartwatch seems to be the next hype in wearable technology, along with Google Glass. Taking into account that regular watches are already a huge $...

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Sony SmartWatch 2 Launching In The UK on July 15th For £120, According To Online Retailer Clove

nexusae0_1_Smartwatch_2_Black_AngledSony announced the second version of its Bluetooth SmartWatch just a couple of weeks ago, and you'll be able to buy one in another couple of weeks, at least if you live in the United Kingdom. While Sony hasn't said anything about a rollout aside from a vague "September" date, UK electronics retailer Clove has already announced availability for the ...

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Sony SmartWatch 2 apparently shipping starting with the week of July 15 in the UK

Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony’s recently announced SmartWatch 2 is apparently going to arrive in stock with Clove starting with July 15, according to the UK retailer. The device is already available for pre-order with Clove, which basically said in a blog post that it will ship the first units as soon as they arrive. Furthermore, Clove’s pre-order page now lists the n...

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Pebble smartwatch to hit Best Buy shelves on July 7th

Pebble retail packaging Smartwatches are a niche market, but one that could probably catch on widely if we had the right exposure. Even when available, they’re often relegated to the corner of a store, as is the case with my local Verizon store. Sony and Motorola smartwatches, shoved into a corner, rarely visited or acknowledged. As some major hitters like Apple and Go...

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Keep an iWatch on Apple's Entry into the Smartwatch Arena

AppleiWatchConceptIn another forward push, Apple has filed a trademark application for the name 'iWatch' in Japan, fueling rumors the device manufacturer is finally about to enter the smartwatch market. Apple is rumored to be working with Intel on the iWatch, who have confirmed they are developing a smartwatch but have not mentioned any collaboration with ...

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Sony SmartWatch goes open-source, looking for more innovation

Sony SmartWatchAfter releasing the first true smartwatch from a major manufacturer, Sony shows its pioneering skin again by making the project fully open-source. Hoping to attract extra attention and possibly more innovative ideas from independent developers, Sony has granted them opened access.Running on pure Android essence, Sony’s SmartWatch was already com...

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Sony opens up its SmartWatch platform, now allowing third-party firmware

SonyWhile the rumor mill continues to buzz about a possible Samsung or Apple smartwatch, let’s not forget that Sony has had their own watch for a while now. Sony’s SmartWatch might not have taken the world by storm, but it does seem to have a small, loyal following behind it.Probably the biggest problem for Sony’s SmartWatch was that the so...

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Pebble ready to ship out more pre-ordered smartwatches soon

pebble-watchIt’s been four months since Pebble first started shipping out smartwatches to its Kickstarter backers, and after some technical glitches and a few delays, Pebble is finally just about ready to start shipping watches to those who pre-ordered after the initial Kickstarter campaign.In a forum post, Pebble announced that customers who ordered Jet Bla...

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app TouchDown SmartWatch Notifier logo

TouchDown SmartWatch Notifi...


This is the application you can install on your phone to enable TouchDown notifications to be displayed on your Sony SmartWatch (TM).This is an experimental application at this time, and is not offici...


Google Announces Android Based Smartwatch

android smartwatchWithin days of Samsung’s announcement that they are working on a smartwatch, Google made a similar announcement. The same super-secret lab that brought you the Google Glass; the Android based glasses, is now working on an Android smartwatch. This new Android based smartwatch will have many of the same features of a smartphone such as: Wi-Fi capab...

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app Speed for SmartWatch logo

Speed for SmartWatch


Speed shows you current/max speed going down a mountain in powder, jumping off a cliff skydiving, out on the sea or just driving your car. - Mph- Km/h- Knots- m/s- ft/s Info:Buying or using my apps g...

app Counter for SmartWatch logo

Counter for SmartWatch


The simplest counter app for Sony Ericsson SmartWatch.swipe up to count up,swipe down to count down,quit to resetLiveWare...

app ScreenOff for SmartWatch logo

ScreenOff for SmartWatch


Immediately turn off the screen for SmartWatch.LiveWare...

app SmartWatch Notifier logo

SmartWatch Notifier


This application works with your Sony SmartWatch to display all system notifications on your SmartWatch. You no longer need to look at your phone every time you get a notification, simply look at you...

app Camera Click for Smartwatch logo

Camera Click for Smartwatch


MAKE A VIDEO OR TAKE A PICTURE IS NOT 'NEVER BEEN SO' EASY!Do you have a Sony Smartwatch?With "Camera Click" you'll be able to take photos and make your video with a simple gesture on your S...

app Phone Search for SmartWatch logo

Phone Search for SmartWatch


Phone Search???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????SmartWatch????????????????Search SW????????????ON???????SmartWatch??????????ON??????(????????...

app ShotMaker SmartWatch logo

ShotMaker SmartWatch


Enjoy Golf !???????Android??????????????????? Sony Ericsson SmartWatch ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ShotMaker Smar...

app VFinder for SmartWatch logo

VFinder for SmartWatch


VFinder is the remote view finder of SmartPhone camera for SmartWatch. This application shows preview image of camera. Tap or Swipe up gesture to take a picture. Two point tap to quit. Have a fun.This...

app TicTacToe for SmartWatch logo

TicTacToe for SmartWatch


This is TicTacToe game for SmartWatch. This is for testing SmartWatch device capabilities. LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch...

app ModeChanger for SmartWatch logo

ModeChanger for SmartWatch


Silent mode changer for Sony Ericsson SmartWatch.Just swipe the display of SmartWatch,then the silent mode of your SmartPhone will be changed as the following sequence.NORMAL > VIBRATE > SILENT ...

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