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Full featured version of SmartPad Launcher and Organizer.SmartPad is the ultimate All-in-One launcher and organizer for Android. Pick your favorite items and have them all in one place for faster and ...

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SmartPad is the ultimate All-in-One launcher for Android. Pick your favorite contacts, applications, system toggles and websites and conveniently have them all in one place for fast and easy access. V...


What’s left for Samsung to announce at its Premiere 2013 event?

Samsung Premiere 2013On June 20th, Samsung will host its “Premiere 2013” event in London, where it is expected to reveal new Galaxy and ATIV devices. This is certainly exciting news, save for one problem, Samsung doesn’t seem to have much left to announce on the Android front.When we first caught wind of the event, it seemed obvious that we would see the Gala...

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Samsung rumored to be getting ready for 12.2-inch tablet launch ahead of Apple in 2014

Samsung Galaxy smartpad Samsung has done a terrific job of covering pretty much all consumer market segments so far when it comes to both tablets and smartphones. It has products available in every level of the market, such as the entry-level segment, the mid-range segment, and of course, the high-end segment where phones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active comfortab...

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The Cash Connect 1.0 application is the only app in the world of its kind. Once downloaded on your media device (i.e., android smartphone, android smartpad, google tv, etc.), Cash Connect 1.0 converts...