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HTC Desire 200 hands-on sneak peak

HTC Desire 200Image Source: HTC is certainly piling on the new devices after the successful HTC One, and the Desire 200 looks to be the company’s next small budget smartphone to make its way into the product line-up.Although the device hasn’t been officially announced by HTC yet, has managed to get its hands on the li...

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Flipboard app sneaks into Android unofficially

When Samsung announced the Galaxy SIII, one of the things or apps that caught the attention many was Flipboard mobile app running on it. Flipboard in case you're not aware is a very popular news reader app which was released for the iPad. For its Android iteration, it was mentioned that Flipboard will become available exclusive for the Samsung Ga...

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Google Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Android 3.0 Honeycomb

With the plethora of new tablets being announced at CES 2011, most of them featuring Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, isn't it the right time for Google to say something about Honeycomb? Well, Google just did - gave us a sneak peek into how good Android 3.0 will be via a short video demo. Of course if you have not been reading tech news lately, Andro...

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Android 2.2 in the wild on Nexus One – IntoMobile (blog)

CNETAndroid 2.2 in the wild on Nexus OneIntoMobile (blog)Well folks, we have our first picture of Android 2.2. The same video that showed us what Flash looks like on Android 2.2 OS is also good for a sneak peak at ...Why Sprint And Verizon Nixed the Nexus OnePC WorldAndroid tops iPhone in US (no thanks to the Nexus One)RegisterWatch Flash 10.1 runn...

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One step closer to release: HTC One Mini (aka M4) gets certified by Bluetooth SIG

HTC One miniThe HTC One Mini refuses to stay out of the news. At the beginning of the week, we reported that the HTC One Mini would be arriving with an Ultrapixel camera, in similar fashion to its bigger brother. A few days later we also learned a bit more about the phone’s specs, and got a sneak peak of alleged photos of the device.Now it seems that the HTC...

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Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Run on Snapdragon 800

Samsung Galaxy Note III I just told you yesterday about the new system on chip from Qualcomm which kicked Octa's behind in benchmark tests, now it appears like the Koreans will use the Snapdragon 800 platform to equip their Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet, or what do you want to call it. This report comes from South Korea, and it clearly states that the new Samsung Gal...

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app The Last of Us Fan Zone logo

The Last of Us Fan Zone


*This could be the only Android App allows you to Interact Live with other "The Last of Us" Fans all around the globe. ATTENTION ALL "The Last of Us" game heads - Download and Join...

app Diet Plans. logo

Diet Plans.


Want the latest news and breakthroughs on dieting? You have found the app for that!This app is the ultimate source of diet news, products, plans and much much more.Here's a sneak peak at what you get:...

app Google Launcher – Free logo

Google Launcher – Fre...


All Google Apps in one place, one app!This app allows you to launch all installed Google apps on your Android smartphone from one place! Hassle-free app launching!Buy donate-version to support in deve...

app Kim Kardashian’s Vol.2 Preview logo

Kim Kardashian’s Vol....


FREE SNEAK PEAK & INTRODUCTION!Kim Kardashian: Fit In Your Jeans by Friday: Amazing Abs Body SculptAMAZING ABS BODY SCULPT is an ab defining and calorie burning workout utilizing isolation techniq...

app CardShark logo



Card Shark includes a diverse and growing collection of solitaire and traditional card games. Card Shark features the ability to install custom tables, card backs, and even card fronts. Supported game...

app Genealogy logo



Wouldn't it be fantastic to find your family can be traced back to an ancient royal lineage? Are you or someone you know interested in tracing your family background? If so, pay close attention!There...

app Geeky Video Player Free logo

Geeky Video Player Free


To the first comment: please use your in-stock Gallery to browse through media files, when clicking on a video file, the system will allow you to select Geeky Video Player to play the file.This is ads...

app Dick Venom & the Terrortones logo

Dick Venom & the Terror...


Awella hell well well. Here we are... Dick Venom & the Terrortones. Fancy an App Dance? We got the scritchin' for your itchin', we got the soothin' for ya oozin'. Here be teasers an' pleasers and ...

app Geeky Video Player logo

Geeky Video Player


50% off!! Limited time only.Right now GeekyVideoPlayer only uses hardware decoder which is part of Android system, so if the hardware decoder of your phone doesn't play a specific type of video file, ...

app Texas Roadhouse logo

Texas Roadhouse


The official Texas Roadhouse mobile app is a must have for any steak lover. Use it to find the nearest Texas Roadhouse steak house to wherever you are, or to keep tabs on your favorite hometown family...

app Good Carb Recipes logo

Good Carb Recipes


Have been been searching for health and tasty low carb recipes. This guide has 350 recipes and an Good Carb Diet Overview to help you lose weight and stay healthy.Here is a sneak peak of some of the r...

app Hints for Lovers logo

Hints for Lovers


Get to know your lover`s weakness, strengths, wants, characters and more. Here is a sneak peak of Hints for Lovers guide:I. On GirlsII. On MenIII. On WomenIV. On LoveV. On LoversVI. On Making LoveVII....

app Herbal Remedy Secret Uncovered logo

Herbal Remedy Secret Uncove...


If you have never know what is all about herbal medicines and the correct way of using herbs to build a healthier life,then this guide is about to reveal all just that. Herbal cures are just the alter...

app Chinese Herbs Guide logo

Chinese Herbs Guide


Chinese herbs have proved to be more popular as well as effective than the Western medications. Due to this very reason they are being asked for in greater quantities in the Western countries where va...

app Losing 10 Pounds logo

Losing 10 Pounds


If you want to start losing weight, just slightly tweak the habits you are already used to. Eat, but eat different.Here's a thoroughly researched report on 'everyday ways' to maintain a healthier life...

app Natural Body Building logo

Natural Body Building


Without diet pills or steroids, this is one of the top rated muscle building programs on the Internet.Here is a sneak peak of inside Natural Body Building app:*Introduction *A very brief history of bo...

app Weight Loss Makeover logo

Weight Loss Makeover


Give your body a new look buy shedding a few pounds the easy way. Here is a sneak peak of what you will learn inside the Weight Loss Makeover guide:1. Calories In - Calories Out 2. Get Active 3. Persi...

app Smoothies for Athletes logo

Smoothies for Athletes


Ryan Lee, MS, CSCS is the founder of, the world’s largest strength and conditioning resource. He’s considered one of the word’s most innovative strength and conditioning profes...

app Insider Forex Strategies logo

Insider Forex Strategies


Forex trading involves dealing in international currencies. Here, one can sell currency of one country to buy that of another. The trader deals in Foreign Exchange [Forex] at the most appropriate time...

app 101 Fly Fishing Tips logo

101 Fly Fishing Tips


If you're looking to knock your friends' smirks off their face when they see your new fly fishing techniques land fish after fish, then I've got something you should know about.My app guide, "101...

app Weight Loss All Star logo

Weight Loss All Star


Are you looking to lose weight or even just tone up? What is stopping you from having the body you want and help you feel great at the same time?The Weight Loss All-Star app is for all those wanting t...

app How To Lower Your Cholesterol logo

How To Lower Your Cholester...


Here is a sneak peak of our How To Lower Your Cholesterol app:-Understanding cholesterol levels -Your heart needs low cholesterol -Things that will give you high cholesterol -Cholesterol readings ex...

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