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Video Conferencing: Open Source Online Chat Software

Remember the days when a business person had to travel if they wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with their partner or client? Thanks to the incredible innovation that is video conferencing, those days are over. Professional software like BlueJeans Video Conferencing App, as well as more casual ones like MyGreenPC, are making it easier to have ...

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Source: HTC Droid Incredible To Receive OTA Software Update

With all the negative press the HTC Droid Incredible has been receiving as of late, mainly because of ridiculous shipping delays, it's nice to finally report some good news about the flagship Android phone on Verizon (until the Droid X launches, anyway). Hung Truong, a lucky HTC Droid Incredible user, happened to receive an interesting OTA updat...

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Wrike – Flexible Software for Project Management

Wrike – Flexible Software for Project Management Wrike is the kind of project management software that can be used by both small to medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility and scalability. There are several plans available to your business, each with various tiers of service, even a free plan for 5 users. Or simply begin a free trial, which is excell...

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Wrike Project Management Software Review

Wrike Project Management Software Review Wrike is that kind of project management software which can be used by both small and big business alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility. There are several options for you as a business, various tiers of service, including a free plan and that's excellent if you want to give it a spin first. Wrike started up ten years ago in 2006 and among it...

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Why Are Android monitoring software better than the iPhone monitoring apps?

Why Are Android monitoring software better than the iPhone monitoring apps? Perhaps a big difference that not many smartphone users would know is that it’s not just the specifications of the two mobile OS (Android and iOS) that differs, it’s also about what these mobile operating systems offer to the third party apps. Apple Inc. is very specific with what developers can do with its iOS, but as android being an OpenSour...

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app Ads Developer Tool+Source Code logo

Ads Developer Tool+Source C...


The Ads Developer Tool is a program that was designed for Android developers. Most of developers are often questioning if the Ads Network is currently available or if there is Ads supported in my loca...

app TMA Resources Connect logo

TMA Resources Connect


The TMA Resources Connect application allows customers and staff to interact with the Personify association management software (AMS) system maintained by TMA Resources for the express purpose of mana...

app RSA SecurID Software Token logo

RSA SecurID Software Token


Make your Android device a convenient, cost-effective RSA SecurID authenticator. Protect your most sensitive networked information and data with RSA SecurID strong authentication. This app, when provi...

app MySoftware Suite SE logo

MySoftware Suite SE


MySoftware Suite SE makes using your smartphone or tablet to conduct research easier for children, teenagers and adults of all ages. Writing business letters, memos and documentation is also less ted...

app Mobile Software Archive Client logo

Mobile Software Archive Cli...


Mobile Software Archives (MSA) are the easy way to manage your private Android app distributions. You control your apps and you control who can access them. For more information on Mobile Software Ar...


B&N announces software update for its Android-based Nook e-reader – TopNews New Zealand

TopNews New ZealandB&N announces software update for its Android-based Nook e-readerTopNews New ZealandOn Friday, April 23, Barnes & Noble (B&N) announced software update version 1.3 for its Android-based Nook e-reader – bringing on for the device new ...Barnes and Noble Nook Now Has Android-Based GameseWeekCan e-readers compete with ...

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25 000 Smartphones Infected With Android Malware From Google Play

android malware Dr. Web, a Russian based internet security company just announced that over 25 000 smartphones got exposed to Android  malware after downloading infected apps from Google Play, and that's pretty sad folks. This is becoming the new trend in hacking, the creation of malware infected Android apps which are then uploaded to Google Play. The sch...

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Picasso: the ''painter'' for Android developers

picassoFor those of you who have been following the latest developments in the Android world you might know that Square Inc. launched some open source projects the week before Google I/O 2013. Since they rely heavily on open source software, it was a way to give back to the community. Today I'll write about one of those Android libraries, Picasso, that...

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app Map Trivandrum logo

Map Trivandrum


Map Trivandrum Application is a local search portal for everything you are looking for, in Trivandrum. Each and every establishment in Trivandrum will be displayed in Map Trivandrum, making it the mos...

app UCS AR logo



This App requires you to print out some markers.UCS AR is a tech demo which uses a free and open source software package called UCS (Unified Coordinate System) to increase the playfield size of an Aug...

app ZShaolin ZSH console terminal logo

ZShaolin ZSH console termin...


ZShaolin installs an interactive and scriptable console terminal on your Android device. It comes with a fully featured and well usable shell (colors, completion etc.) and several command line applica...

app WiFi Barcode logo

WiFi Barcode


WiFiBarcode lets you share your WiFi configuration via Barcodes. Root users are able to share the WiFi password too!This app is open source software build in spare time. Adding bad comments in market ...

app Scientific Calculator 3 logo

Scientific Calculator 3


Based on Arity-2.1.6** (Arithmetic Engine for Java), Scientific Calculator 3 evaluates basic mathematical as well as nested scientific expressions, following the basic algebraic convention "brack...

app Open Android SVN PRO (OASVN) logo

Open Android SVN PRO (OASVN...


The first functional SVN (Subversion) client for Android that correctly uses the SVN protocol! Works for http:// https:// and svn:// repositories! svn+ssh:// (and private key) has been added, please ...

app Green Socialize 4 FB Messenger logo

Green Socialize 4 FB Messen...


Socialize for Android brings you Socialize for Facebook Messenger. This application allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook and chat just like you would through your Facebook account excep...

app Open Subnet Calculator logo

Open Subnet Calculator


This is open source software, you are free to download the source and compile it yourself (because I'm that nice), however please help a starving college student out =( 25$ to push apps to the market ...

app Blobbox Remote logo

Blobbox Remote


Blobbox Remote is an Android application for BLOBbox owners. Find content using your Android device and watch it immediately on the TV screen. You can also have the BLOBbox download content for later...

app Auto-Away logo



Auto-Away is a powerful and customizable SMS Text Messaging and Phone Call auto-response system for your Android device.Auto-Away replies pre-made custom messages via SMS to people that message you. A...

app Donate Announcify / OpenOffice logo

Donate Announcify / OpenOff...


This is the Donation version of Announcify and OpenOffice Document Reader. **It doesn't do anything other than buying me a virtual cookie.** Please leave the other apps installed.By purchasing this ap...

app RateBeer for Android logo

RateBeer for Android


Mobile interface to the world's largest source for information on craft beer: RateBeerSORRY FOR THE LAST BUGGY VERSIONS (1.5.2-1.5.4) which crashed immediately on older non-NFC devices. Sorry!- Search...

app WebUpd8 logo



WebUpd8 ( ) delivers the latest news, tips, tricks and application reviews for Linux / Ubuntu and open source in general.App features:- notifications- star articles- multiple vi...

app Bionic TCP Buffer Tweak logo

Bionic TCP Buffer Tweak


**REQUIRES ROOT**Your DROID BIONIC contains a hidden feature where network buffering parameters within its Linux kernel are modified and managed according to the type of network connection you are usi...

app Christchurch Metro logo

Christchurch Metro


Get real time bus information for the Metro system in Christchurch, New Zealand on your Android.Please note, this application is in no way affiliated with Christchurch Metro or Environment Canterbury....

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