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Save Humanity with your Drumming Skills in Flow a Space Drum Saga for Android

We’ve seen our fair share of tap rhythm games this year, but it’s always nice to see something fresh like Flow – A Space Drum Saga from Spaceware. Flow is a "space drumming game" which is a first, but it’s also a space drumming game with a storyline where you'll get to save some little aliens. The story behind Flow – A Space Drum Saga ...

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app Master Stopwatch logo

Master Stopwatch


This is a slick and easy to use stopwatch, that can handle multiple measures and is looking especially good at it. Choose between race and lap mode, depending on how you want to use it and personalize...

app Space Piano Pro logo

Space Piano Pro


Enjoy this brilliant Piano App fresh from the Spaceware Laboratories. It's main purpose is to look fancy, but it is also an awesome instrument - if your hardware is powerful enough. The universe will ...

app Space Drum Pro logo

Space Drum Pro


Spaceware presents another release, fresh from the labs. Why not turn your phone into some kind of new drumkit, one that does not only play music, but also creates light, depending on what you play? T...

app Master Compass logo

Master Compass


Spaceware presents a very responsive, stylish and fast compass app. Points to the northpole and shows north, east, south, west and the current angle (0-360°). The camera can be used to assist you ...

app Master Spirit Level Pro logo

Master Spirit Level Pro


Enjoy this stylish and professional spirit level! Despite looking totally awesome, it is very resource efficient and especially accurate.The Pro Version supports Spaceware and has no ads....