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Amazon announces its new “Login with Amazon” service for Android

login with AmazonTired of remembering dozens of usernames and passwords for each e-commerce website and gaming service? I know that I certainly am, and so does Amazon, as the company has just announced its all new “Login with Amazon” service. The new functionality will be making its way to Android, iOS, and other websites as soon as developers can implement it....

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app File Synchronization Service logo

File Synchronization Servic...


The Shellware File Synchronization Service is an Android stay-resident application that monitors your Camera and Download folders for new files. When new files are detected they are automatically upl...

app Home Based Answering Service logo

Home Based Answering Servic...


Discover How to Start a Home Based Answering Service and Learn How to Earn Extra Hundreds of Dollars Weekly!Have you encountered a phone-answering system that leaves customers talking to computer gene...

app E-Service Training Mobile logo

E-Service Training Mobile


For Cisco Third Party Maintainer Field Engineers (TPM FEs) and Cisco employees who have registered with and E-Service Training!The EST Mobile training content is designed to help TPM FEs lea...

app Diord Service L logo

Diord Service L


Specific library for Diord Service LITE versionFor Pro version check Diord Service F**INSTALL IT ONLY IF ANOTHER APPLICATION REQUEST IT**Otherwise the application will do nothing....

app Diord Service F logo

Diord Service F


Specific library for Diord Service PRO version For lite version check Diord Service L**INSTALL IT ONLY IF ANOTHER APPLICATION REQUEST IT**Otherwise the application will do nothing!...


Qik Announces Additional Details for Premium Video Messaging Service

Almost a week ago, there was a misunderstanding about the Qik video service that would be installed on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G.  Qik came out with a clarifying message that the core service of two way video chat would be free, but premium features would cost $5 a month.  At that time, Qik refused to give any major details on the specific premium ...

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Unlocked HTC ONE: Now Available

htc-one-multiple The unlocked 32GB version of the HTC ONE is now available for $575. An unlocked phone is a cell phone that is not tied to specific service provider and will allow you to use whatever carrier you want. Unlocked phones are an ideal form of mobile device freedom. With the unlocked HTC ONE you can essentially use a carrier without having to lock into ...

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app Česká pošta logo

Česká pošta


The “Czech Post” application offers smartphone users a fast and comfortable access to these services: Track&Trace, Find Post Office, Find Postcode. - Track&Trace - Find Post Office - Find ...

app Find&Go GPS & Guida per tutti logo

Find&Go GPS & Guida...


**Join millions and Enjoy FREE the coolest nav app out there in Italy for all SIM and WIFI (Vodafone, Wind, Telecom Italia etc.). You get the full GPS nav experience with Prezzi-Benzina restaurants Gu...

app Logistrics OnCall logo

Logistrics OnCall


The Logistrics On Call solution is an application that works on any Android Smartphone or Tablet device and provides Service Providers the ability to operate a service call dispatch and vehicle tracki...

app Mobile Car logo

Mobile Car


With Mobil'CarEasily find areas of service.Various types of research are possible;- Around you- Around you but with specific services- Around a position selected on a mapOur database features over 500...

app Network Browser logo

Network Browser


The networkbrowser lets you examine your wifi network and shows you all registered bonjour services. You can browse the instances of those services and finally launch adapters for those instances.Othe...


Mobile Google Search Features Android App Results

Google finally decided to integrate Market searches within Google Search on mobile phones. For instance, if you happen to search for an Android app on Google on your Android phone, the top choice should lead you to the Android Market. Granted, you could just easily search for the app within the Marketplace itself, but if you didn't know an app ...

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Video Conferencing: Open Source Online Chat Software

Remember the days when a business person had to travel if they wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with their partner or client? Thanks to the incredible innovation that is video conferencing, those days are over. Professional software like BlueJeans Video Conferencing App, as well as more casual ones like MyGreenPC, are making it easier to have ...

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Does an Android Tablet Stack Up Better than a Handheld Console for Casual Gaming?

gaming-console-254691_1280If you are someone who likes to game on the go, then you may have considered the possibilities of owning a touch screen Android tablet versus a specifically designed handheld gaming machine like the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita. Both are a lot of fun and can make things like your daily commute or any other boring downtime fly by in a blitz of addict...

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app Sub Machine Gun Shots logo

Sub Machine Gun Shots


A large assortment of Sub Machine Weapons with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular Sub Machine Guns.✓ Real gun sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real ...

app Sniper Rifle Gun Shots logo

Sniper Rifle Gun Shots


A large assortment of Sniper Rifle weapons with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular Sniper Rifles.✓ Real gun sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real we...

app Assault Weapon Gun Shots logo

Assault Weapon Gun Shots


A large assortment of Assault Rifles with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular assault guns.✓ Authentic real sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Shake yo...

app Handgun Weapon Shots logo

Handgun Weapon Shots


A large assortment of Handguns with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular handguns.✓ Real firing sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real reload sounds wh...

app My Vehicles Control MobileLite logo

My Vehicles Control MobileL...


Mobile Version (min resolution 320x480) available in Spanish, Catalonian and English.The purpose of this application is to control the maintenance of your vehicle/s, their costs , and serve as a refer...

app Chennai Local Train Timetable logo

Chennai Local Train Timetab...


This app provides information about Chennai suburban/local train services running between two train stations at or after a given time of day.You can search train services between any two stations whic...

app Deloitte SA iNsight logo

Deloitte SA iNsight


Deloitte South Africa presents the Executive Insight application for Android handsets. Executive Insight provides topical and insightful business-related articles to decision-makers in the private and...


Google Maps for Android update rolling out, brings new design and features

Google Maps for AndroidGoogle is rolling out the Google Maps update for Android devices, one of the Google services that was given a new look, but also new features, As Android Police explains, the update may not be available to download on all devices just yet, but the publications offers links to software-specific APKs.In the Google Play Store, Google says ...

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PSA: Sprint changed their ToS. You have until July 31 to get out of your contract free of charge.

sprint changes tos Sprint is buying Clearwire, and merging with SoftBank. Any time there is a shift in the way a company does business, they often have to change their Terms of Service. While that may seem trivial to you, it also represents a way out of a contract you’re not happy with — free of charge. Free?! No early termination fee? That’s right, friend...

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Why is the NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily?

NSA BuildingEvery call, every day.That is the “metadata” the NSA asks of Verizon. Through a court order, which was obtained by The Guardian, Verizon must turn over all telephony records, in their entirety, to the NSA. There is no discrimination, or noted target. There is no geography the NSA is interested in, nor is there any specific reason given for why ...

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Sony Xperia M announced: a sleek mid-ranger with a dual-SIM version

Sony Xperia M The new Sony Xperia M may not be fabulous in terms of specifications, but it may prove a great option for those looking for an affordable device.Rumored to be working on the high-end Togari and making plans to sell the Xperia Z with a carrier in the U.S., Sony hasn’t forgot about the low and mid-end segments of the market.The Sony Xperia M fa...

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Will Samsung’s SM-C101 be a Camera sequel or a new Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Camera front zoom flashI’m sure that until now you’ve heard us on repeated occasions mentioning a rumored Samsung SM-C101 device. Samsung’s upcoming creation is said to have a camera powerful enough to beat even Nokia’s camera phones, a medium size screen with modest resolutions and, most important, phone capabilities.From how we see it, there are two possib...

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