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TigerText: The App for Spies and Cheaters – PC World

FOXNewsTigerText: The App for Spies and CheatersPC WorldTigerText is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is coming soon to Blackberry and Android platforms.TigerText app: "This text will self-destruct"TG DailyTigerText: iPhone App Is Cheaper Than Sex RehabExaminer.comTigerText: An iPhone App for Cheating Spouses?TIMEStu...

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US Court Rules NSA Snooping Illegal

nsa If you are a follower of this website, you probably know that I covered the news about Edward Snowden's whistle blowing regarding the illegal NSA spying program which collects data about tens of millions of American citizens since day one. Obviously, the NSA not only spies on domestic affairs and US citizens, it's a world-wide phenomena (...

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Monitoring Instant Messengers Is Now Possible!

Instant Messenger Monitoring App When looking for a good way to monitor someone or find out if a person is lying to you, chances are that the most of the information you need will be in that person’s mobile phone. By reading their text messages, going through call logs, seeing which web pages they visit, and who they communicate with on their social profiles you could find out...

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PRISM Whistle Blower Reveals Himself, 29 Years Old NSA Analyst

PRISM Whistle Blower I hope you are familiar with my latest article, the one about the huge privacy scandal, the NSA, FBI and the PRISM Whistle Blower, which was anonymous at the moment. Just a short reminder, PRISM is a secret project conducted by the National Security Agency, FBI and all the major tech companies, which consists in Big Brother intercepting and stor...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Browser Bug Consumes More Data Than It Should

s3 murtazinWill you still love me with a bug inside? Do you love detective stories, or exploits of spies as they attempt to uncover a mystery for the ages? Researchers over at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst must have felt the same sense of triumph after they uncovered a bug in the Samsung Galaxy S3's stock Internet browser, where this bug in...

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app MotoGP Fans App logo

MotoGP Fans App


Download this Free and Unofficial MotoGP Fans App to get all the TOP NEWS and views as it happens. The continually updated news feed will give up to date information on all of the MotoGP Races.There a...

app Coldplay Lyrics logo

Coldplay Lyrics


Lyrics of Coldplay You can Share lyrics with your friendsYou can search lyrics by keywordYou can sort lyrics by albums You can sort lyrics by titlesavailable songs : Don't PanicShiverSpiesSparksYell...


Rovio confirms Female Angry Bird character

Just a couple of days ago Angry Birds creator Rovio teased Angry fans over the world with an image indicating that a mysterious new character would be entering the world of the Angry Birds franchise. The image showed a pair of cute but slightly angry eyes with luscious long lashes and the accompanying words "who turned out the lights" which le...

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app TMotoSportPlus logo



TMotoSportPlus 2013 aggregates road racing information from multiple sources. Do you like Motor Sports Racing. We do also...Racing stats, Reference, Pictures, Video, Standings, Circuit Information...k...

app Moto Mobile 2012 GP GAME logo

Moto Mobile 2012 GP GAME


Race with your motorbike in real scaled circuits, all the teams. All of the circuits of the real Moto GP championship.Multiplayer available!!Share your best lap with your friends, challenge them and ...

app Kids Videos TV Shows – ISKIDS! logo

Kids Videos TV Shows –...


This is a collection of the popular kids youtube videos.*Search more videos.*Save My lists and view it later.*Simple way to watch Kids Videos.*Easy to use by kids.Application requires internet connect...

app Super Hearing logo

Super Hearing


You must wear headphones for this app to work.This app enhances your hearing. Its great for birdwatchers, students in large classrooms where its hard to hear the professor, and anyone else who needs t...

app The Art of War (Audio) logo

The Art of War (Audio)


The Art of War, written by Sun Tsu in the 6th century BC, is one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy. It has an influence on Eastern military thinking, business tactics, and b...

app Spy Test logo

Spy Test


Do you want to be a spy? Do you have the capabilities needed to be a spy? Try this test for spies.How long do you take to find the numbers from 1 to 50?This is the first entrance exam of the CIA and t...

app We put a person on site logo

We put a person on site


How to win in a verbal duel? Learning how to manipulate the interlocutor and to protect themselves from the psychological impact? As journalists, broadcasters and policy affect us? What techniques are...

app Three Men and a Maid logo

Three Men and a Maid


Three Men and a Maid by P. G. Wodehouse Through the curtained windows of the furnished apartment which Mrs. Horace Hignett had rented for her stay in New York rays of golden sunlight peeped in like th...

app TMotoSport logo



Do you like Motor Sports Racing. We do to...Racing stats, Reference, Pictures, Video, Standings, Circuit Information...motogp, ama, video, racing, motorcycle sports, road racing, pictures, rossi, hayd...

app Tarzan of the Apes logo

Tarzan of the Apes


Tarzan of the Apes is a novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first in a series of books about the title character Tarzan. It was first published in the pulp magazine All-Story Magazine in Octobe...




"If you're looking for a big dose of fun to go along with your romance, look no farther than Inara Lavey's Ripping the Bodice. This story positively sparkles with wit and humor...Along with that ...

app TV Commercials Trivia logo

TV Commercials Trivia


TV Commercials Trivia is a quiz game testing your knowledge of famous television commercials. Many questions focus on commercials from the past few years, but some questions are on older commercials ...

app Mom’s Best Recipes – Volume 1 logo

Mom’s Best Recipes &#...


Moms Best Recipes - Volume IAuthor: Shirley McNevich250 Recipes from momsbest.blogspot.comSampling of some of the recipes...Cakes: Chocolate Cake Shoo Fly Cake Ugly Duckling Cake Banana Cake Watergate...

app Burn Notice Tips logo

Burn Notice Tips


Spies have encountered all sort of situations, which make them experts for giving tips and pieces of advice !This App regroups Michael Westen's tips from the TV Show Burn Notice, classifed files !You ...

app The Art of War Original Edit logo

The Art of War Original Edi...


Sun Tzu s classic the Art of War can perfectly be applied to Modern Strategy and Leadership. Are you a manager in a leading position? This is the book you have to read!Content:- Calculations- Doing Ba...

app Seven Promises Movie logo

Seven Promises Movie


Flamboyant kung fu stylings and arterial blood-spray are let loose when the fantastic jade sword, a weapon that can kill a man without even touching him, is lost by the very person who was supposed to...

app Timer Spycam Pro logo

Timer Spycam Pro


Timer Spycam Pro is a self-timer camera that takes pictures at predefined intervals while the screen is off (to ensure prolong battery usage and stealth). A must have for all those international spies...

app VideoVault (Hide Videos) logo

VideoVault (Hide Videos)


VideoVault keeps your Android videos secure by hiding them behind a password-protected wall. With VideoVault on the job, prying eyes cannot browse through your video gallery. Better yet, they won't kn...


Leaked document reveals Android-running Dell Athens and Sparta netbooks … – ZDNet (blog)

CNETLeaked document reveals Android-running Dell Athens and Sparta netbooks ...ZDNet (blog)Now a timeline has reached the Android Central site that promises two new netbooks and a Pro version of Looking Glass all running Google's OS. ...Leaked Android Roadmap Shows Two Netbooks From Dell In FutureLaptop Computer Planet Blog (blog)Dell Sparta an...

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Dell may be working on convertible netbook tablet, ARM-based netbook – Liliputing

Product Reviews (blog)Dell may be working on convertible netbook tablet, ARM-based netbookLiliputingAnd now Android Central has uncovered a product road map with details for several new machines including a netbook tablet and an ARM based netbook, ...Android-powered Dell Smoke To Be Small, InexpensiveBrighthandDetails emerge on Dell Looking Glass: ...

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