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Acer eDisplay


WiFi Display for your Acer Projector!eDisplay is an easy-to-use app which enables your mobile devices to project the display to another device like projector or TV. You can display your photos/documen...


LG outs world’s thinnest full HD LCD panel, basically confirms display on LG G2

LG Display 1 The LG G2, also known as the LG Optimus G2, is one of the more anticipated smartphones coming out in the second half of 2013. So far the rumors are plentiful but not much has been set in stone yet. This may have changed as LG recently sent out a press release for a full HD smartphone panel. Given that the LG G2 is the next big thing coming out of ...

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Samsung concept video shows off the future of wearables and phone displays

Samsung Logo aa 600px 2Mobile tech has come a long way from the early era of cellphones and massive laptops. Today we have extremely fast yet thin smartphones, powerful tablets and even wearable devices such as Google Glass and the next-gen Sony smart watch. Where are we going next? It’s hard to say for sure, though today Samsung gave us a brief look at their vision o...

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Rumor: LG G2 specs to include 5.2-inch Full HD display and optical image stabilization camera

LG Logo The specs list of the upcoming LG G2 is now rumored to include a bigger screen than initially believed and a better camera. The LG G2 is the expected name of the LG Optimus G’s successor, as the company is said to drop the “Optimus” from its flagship device family. Greek site Techblog has apparently learned that the future LG fla...

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Display Smackdown: LCD vs. AMOLED! Which one is Better for Outside?

Comparacao telas lcd amoledDuring the summer time, many smartphone displays run into a brick wall and offer crummy readability. In shadowy areas outdoors, they are often not-so-great, while in direct sunlight, you can barely see anything. LCD Panels with their back-lighting have a big advantage compared to OLED technology. But how do these two types differ in practical situa...

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And Yet Another Rumor About the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, It Will Feature A Flexible Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Another rumor surfaced about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, this time the leak comes from a South Korean news agency. MT Media, because they are the source, claims that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will boast a huge 5.99 inches wide Super AMOLED touch screen, with a twist : it will be a flexible display. How about that? I hope you remember ...

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LG Will Build Flexible Displays in 2013

flexible displays Yeah, you got that right, LG is currently developing flexible displays this year and it is expected that the first smart phones with flexible displays will be released before the end of 2013. This announcement was made today by a company spokesman interviewed by Korea Times. According to Frank Lee,  the person who gave the interview, LG is curr...

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Not happy with a 5 inch full HD phone, try one with a 6 inch 2560 x 1600 display!

pixelsAt the high end of the Android smartphone market, this year has been about devices with five inch, full HD (1920 x 1080) displays. But display manufacturers are stopping there. According to industry insiders the key Korean and Japanese display makers are working on six inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) mobile LCD panels.To do that the manufacturers are l...

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HTC One Mini is confirmed by UAProf info, will feature Android 4.2.2 and 720p display

HTC One X Logo aa 6 1600At this point, little doubt remains that HTC is planning to release a smaller variant of the HTC One.Not only has the HTC M4 been mentioned in several past rumors and leaks, just yesterday we received new photos and details that further shed light on the device. Still not sure what to think? Here’s some even more evidence that the M4 is the real...

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IHS: Nexus 7 II to come with 1920 x 1200 display, launch “not far”

New Nexus 7Nexus family – Nexus 7 on the rightThe launch of the new Nexus 7 is “not far”, according to a recent CNET report that quote Ricky Park, the man keeping an eye on TV, Tablet, Monitor, and Notebook displays at market researchers IHS.The IHS analyst has provided some more interesting information about the new device, regarding who wi...

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Enjoy your large phone display? You’re not alone.

smartphones sony xperia nexus 4 aa 1600It seems that Android smartphone buyers located in the United States have developed a keen taste for larger screens, especially those at around 4.8-inch. Starting in April of this year, the volume of phones at this size have successfully surpassed more “conventional” devices, like the 4-inch panel mounted on the Samsung Nexus S.This may...

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New Transformer Pad Infinity: Tegra 4, 2,560 x 1,600 display

asus transformer pad infinity 2013 Credit: AnandTech At Computex 2013, Asus’ chairman Jonney Shih took the stage to unveil a series of exciting new Android products, including the latest generation of the Transformer Pad series – the Transformer Pad Infinity.The refresh to last year’s Pad Infinity features a souped spec sheet – boasting the brand new Tegra 4 processor and 2...

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Asus Fonepad Note announced: 6-inch display, dual-core Atom processor, and a stylus

asus fonepad note Credit: Anandtech Asus just threw its hat in the supersized phone ring with the Asus Fonepad Note, a 6-inch device equipped with a stylus that promises to give the Galaxy Note 2 a run for its money.At its event at Computex 2013 in Taiwan, Asus unveiled a series of new Android devices, including a competitor to the Note 2, Optimus G Pro, and other ...

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Samsung thinks outside the box: Tablet with a flexible display

samsung tablet flexible 1As with everything else that they've released recently, Samsung has another hot thing about to come out of the oven, and this time, it's not a smartphone. On a Dutch blog a picture has surfaced showing a tablet with a flexible display. The kink-tablet not only looks really cool, but also the technical data is even more interesting. ...

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Qualcomm Brags With its New Mirasol 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch Display for Smartphones

mirasol We all know about Qualcomm, one of the world's top dogs when it comes to mobile processors, now they are entering  in a completely different  field of battle showing off their latest creation, Mirasol, a 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch display . Massive cool, man, forward Qualcomm! What's up with that, you may ask, what seems to be wrong? Actuall...

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Splay! A New thumb friendly launcher for Android

splay1 ELSE LTD. has recently ported their thumb oriented launcher named Splay to Android. Splay originally was designed for a cancelled product called the First Else that was supposed to “revolutionize” mobile devices back in 2008. Fortunately the Splay portion of that long dead project has survived to make its way to us as a functioning Launcher. ...

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LG set to release a Flexible OLED display this year

LG.Logo-androidWe’ve heard a lot about flexible displays over the past year, and it looks like LG is going to beat everyone to the punch as they’re set to release the first Flexible OLED display later this year. Flexible displays are certainly an exciting prospect, and something phone fanatics have been drooling over since rumors started circulating and tech...

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The Galaxy Note III rumored to come with a Plastic OLED Display We’ve all heard the rumors about smartphones with flexible displays and plastic screens. If the latest rumor is true, Samsung will  introduce the first plastic OLED display on the device known as the Galaxy Note III. Samsung has dropped hints here and there about its next-gen display, and now the folks at SamMobile are reporting that the Gala...

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app Cosplay Beauty, Sexy, 2013 logo

Cosplay Beauty, Sexy, 2013


The ultimate app for cosplay lovers around the world!The world famous Japanese cosplay beauty! Sexy cosplay beauty! Sexy Japanese girls!In addition to the 20 character costumes famous people, and made...

app GEE Display logo

GEE Display


In der GEE Display App werden das Videospielmagazin GEE Display und das Filmmagazin GEE Movie veröffentlicht. GEE Display ist das digitale Magazin für Videospielkultur und berichtet über die besten...

app AOIc Kaz 1st Cosplay Alice logo

AOIc Kaz 1st Cosplay Alice


This cosplay photo album is for the game "Alice Madness Returns" which made by Electronic Arts Inc.For this game fans and those who like dark world views or .The photographs were mainly take...

app Cosplayer Mai PhotobookVol.1 logo

Cosplayer Mai PhotobookVol....


Welcome to “Cosplayer’s Market”!!!This is a photo book application of “Mai” who is an Japanese cosplayer.This is an photo book application for “Cosplayer” which is famous for Japanese cu...

app RamHUD – Display Free Ram logo

RamHUD – Display Free...


%100 FREE as of February 8th 2012. Enjoy!RamHUD allows you to overlay a Heads Up Display over your android device that displays the amount of free RAM(Memory). This can be useful for seeing how much m...

app Display Recorder Preview logo

Display Recorder Preview


***** NO NEED TO ROOT YOUR DEVICE *****Display Recorder records your Android device screen in real time. You can now easily record what...

app Outdoors cosplay girl sprout logo

Outdoors cosplay girl sprou...


"Child, Do you get dressed in a place like this?"Cosplay photo session in the field and the staff is Tsuredashi Head of photos!So that no one would try to shoot the teacher!Actively become m...

app Stand-by Display Mode Selector logo

Stand-by Display Mode Selec...


This simple app allows you to choose if your phone doesn't lock the screen automatically when it is connected to a USB port or an AC charger.Now the standby mode is under your control! No more continu...

app Cosplay Photobook Vol.1 logo

Cosplay Photobook Vol.1


Welcome to “Cosplayer’s Market”!!!This is an photo book application for “Cosplayer” which is famous for Japanese culture.TAG:Cosplayer,Photobook,japanese animation,gravure,...

app BSPlayer logo



This is full, ad-free version of BSPlayer multi media player with added functions.BSPlayer is media player for Android smartphones and tablet PC's, supporting hardware accelerated video decoding, auto...

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